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  1. Aedster12

    New England Patriots. But I like English football a lot better.
  2. Aedster12

  3. Aedster12

    you best not get grand thumb, haaha. but seriously though you gotta watch out with that gun
  4. Aedster12

    here's a fun one no warning Did you hear about the guy, who lost the left half of his body? He's all right now.
  5. Aedster12

    I collect wholesome memes I have over 500 downloaded on my phone its madness hahaha but I love it. if you ever want a meme hit me up on discord I have so many it's insane. Most of them are wholesome some are quite spicy though. how about you?
  6. Aedster12

    Monkey Madness drove me a bit mad hahaha. After watching number two that quest is also not going to be super fun. I actually haven't done underground pass yet. I think my favourite quest is Goblin diplomacy or Romeo & Juliet.
  7. Aedster12

    well, thank you @WG Fargorn ! Your also a handsome man yourself, my dude! beautiful family and cat!
  8. Aedster12

    Welcome! Best of Luck!
  9. Aedster12

    Welcome mate, best of luck! Had fun chatting with you in cc the other night!
  10. Aedster12

    Welcome!!! Best of Luck!
  11. Aedster12

    I never had a car, I had a nice mountain bike tho, haha. That thing never got a flat tire and got me to work.
  12. Aedster12

    Heya there I mainly do bodyweight exercises try and get at least 5 days a week. Usually, mix it up a lot but. Always pull ups and push ups different handholds depending on soreness level. Rows and dips as much weight as necessary usually 20 pounds with dips do 3 sets of 10 with everything. Forget how much for rows but a good amount. Add in some core workouts, sit up and ext. don't know there names really. Then end it with legs or cardio usually 2 days heavy lifting usually deadlifts or squats barbell or bar. Then on the other days light weight lifting and or sprints. I always have one long distance run day usually a 10k or 6.2miles as fast as you'd like no rush tho. My favourite is having a long run usually with a nice gradual hill makes it nice near the end when your dying. Pr for the run is 45min on my favourite hill run by the military base Accidentally broke my dead lifting PR with 199pounds upon coming to Ireland. Cause I didn't convert the kg to pound 95kg THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS FORM!! Having proper form especially with deadlifting and squats is very important. Can save you from injury I like to listen to hard rap or metal. Got some Marilyn Manson(Say10) on there haha, ahh some grime too and rage. Will have to look into palisades! Would love more recommendations anything that goes hard!
  13. Aedster12

    I know it maybe a little early but here I am Last picture, I don't remember taking. Just had my wisdom teeth out hahah I'm one of the younger ones here I guess I'm 21.