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  1. Welcome back, good luck my dude you got my support!
  2. New England Patriots. But I like English football a lot better.
  3. you best not get grand thumb, haaha. but seriously though you gotta watch out with that gun
  4. here's a fun one no warning Did you hear about the guy, who lost the left half of his body? He's all right now.
  5. I collect wholesome memes I have over 500 downloaded on my phone its madness hahaha but I love it. if you ever want a meme hit me up on discord I have so many it's insane. Most of them are wholesome some are quite spicy though. how about you?
  6. Monkey Madness drove me a bit mad hahaha. After watching number two that quest is also not going to be super fun. I actually haven't done underground pass yet. I think my favourite quest is Goblin diplomacy or Romeo & Juliet.
  7. well, thank you @WG Fargorn ! Your also a handsome man yourself, my dude! beautiful family and cat!
  8. Welcome! Best of Luck!
  9. Welcome mate, best of luck! Had fun chatting with you in cc the other night!
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