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  1. Huskington

    Just got back from Minnesota and only have one more interview to go! Unfortunately I wasn't accepted, but I was put as #5 on the wait list out of 200 students, so it is very likely I get offered a seat at UM for vet school! Here's to staying optimistic
  2. Huskington

    A Day to Remember is my favorite band hands down If you like EDM/Metal then Asking Alexandria, Enter Shikari, Attack Attack! (lead singer of attack attack is now leader singer of beartooth) If you like upbeat metal (happycore) try Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! If you like death metal shit then Job For a Cowboy, Parkway Drive Metalcore bands (kind of like ADTR) - Bring Me The Horizon, For All Those Sleeping, We Came As Romans, Silverstein, A Skylit Drive, Dance Gavin Dance, Hopes Die Last, I Set My Friends On Fire, Oh Sleeper GurtJun listed rock bands and System NZ listed heavy metal
  3. Huskington

    Unlocks: Bearhead Varrock Armor Climbing Boots God Books Mithril Gloves Ancient Mace Salve Amulet DDS Dragon Scimitar Ancient Magic Barrelchest Anchor Crystal Bow Quests left: Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Zogre Flesh Eaters Creature of Fenkenstein Rum Deal Cabin Fever Great Brain Robbery Biohazard Underground Pass Regicide Roving Elves
  4. Huskington

    He left a little remnant to let us know what he is capable of
  5. Huskington

    I liked the first app better Wouldve loled so hard if you copy pastad
  6. Huskington

    LOOOOOOL str8 savage
  7. Huskington

    Will probably just be through my Venmo, just send me whatever you can afford. And as for end goal, no idea. Like I said, haven't played in years.
  8. Huskington

    So as long as you don't have Java edition, it sounds like you can play.
  9. Huskington

    Seems like we have quite a few members who play or have played Minecraft at one point. I've seen the suggestion multiple times that we should have a WG server. I personally haven't played the game in years, but would be willing to open up a Realm just for the lols. Minecraft now has servers for sale called 'Realms' that allow 10 people to play at once. The cost is a $10 per month subscription. I would only be interested in a vanilla survival server. So my question is, who would be interested in playing and who would be willing to chip a few bucks in? This obviously wouldn't have to be a monthly thing, we could do it til we got bored. And we always have the option of bringing it back for a month.
  10. IRL Goals Nail these interviews so I can be a veterinarian OSRS Goals Don't get bored of OSRS
  11. Huskington

    Buying gf
  12. Huskington

    @Butcher baby
  13. Huskington

    Fantastic mustache @Vio please tell me its real
  14. Huskington

    Me and Wife
  15. Huskington

    Welcome back Little Husky