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  1. Welcome back, missed you buddy. Also reminder to never ask Jared to keep a secret lmao
  2. Well look who came crawling back.. I agree with you VR is shit, WG is king. Welcome back buddy
  3. Anybody have this game on steam? I play from time to time and if some of you guys do as well then we should get a game going.
  4. PLEASE USE SPOILER HIDEAWAYS I will be a day or 2 behind on most episodes
  5. Welcome back. CT is shit tier clan, WG is king. Also mandatory name change to Godington is required to fully process the app, thank you for your cooperation
  6. I'm interested in what other kinds of games you guys play, or maybe you don't play anymore but still love. I'm trying to find something new to play so osrs doesn't suck the life out of me. There are a lot of gems in the gaming community that I might have never gotten exposed to. For example, right now I'm playing a game called Risen that was made in 2009. I had never heard of it, and even though its old it was very well made and lots of fun. Maybe list the game title, the year it was made, a genre, and a short description? I'll start with some of my favorites... All 10/10
  7. I'm not an accountant, but my dad is. Because of that I know a lot of things about personal finances, such as stocks, taxes, 401k's/IRA's, etc.. Any specific questions?
  8. ***WARNING YOU MAY BE OFFENDED*** ***PROCEED WITH CAUTION*** Not everyone's humor is the same Adult jokes are fine, however being blatantly racist/sexist/homophobic/etc is not funny and you will be met with a swift boot to the ass I'll start POSSIBLY OFFENSIVE JOKE WARNING What do an orgasm and a pulse have in common? MILDER SAFE SPACE JOKE What did the fish say when he ran into the wall?
  9. 1992 Geo Tracker 4x4 3-speed auto with a little 1.6L lawn mower engine, couldn't go faster than 65 on the highways or the entire car would rattle. Probably topped at 65 anyway. But this thing was a beast off road and in the mud and snow, never got stuck once With the top off
  10. I'm confused as to why you wanted to leave us to join a "clan that pk's in multi" when thats exactly what we do. Either I don't think you are being honest, or I'm not sure what your intentions were for leaving in the first place
  11. The grandpa died in the story and the kids weren't phased by it. Must be Soviet Russia
  12. Please address me as Dr Husky now Thank you
  13. Just got back from Minnesota and only have one more interview to go! Unfortunately I wasn't accepted, but I was put as #5 on the wait list out of 200 students, so it is very likely I get offered a seat at UM for vet school! Here's to staying optimistic
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