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  1. Huskington

    Welcome back Little Husky
  2. Huskington

    Just spray him in the face with water
  3. Since sending out my DVM applications in September I've been patiently awaiting a response from several universities. Found this in my email when I got back from work this morning. Hopefully many more offers to come
  4. Huskington

  5. Huskington

    So this is what you've been doing instead of PKing? I'm disappointed.
  6. Huskington

    Well war wagon pierce armor is insanely high, those cav archers aren’t doing shit. Mass heavy camels and support with BBT and he would mow them down
  7. Huskington

    Bad unit choice Suffud. Turks are a real mismatch vs Korean, but camels would've been 100x better than cav archer
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  11. Huskington

    Crab legs. $30 all you can eat buffet and I'll go through 10-15 clusters (5-6 pounds)
  12. Huskington

    SKOL Vikings
  13. Huskington

    Mine is garbage compared to yall