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  1. Lait Choco

    I've never had to contact support because I can secure myself online, to some extend that is. So I don't know how worse it is and I rather not believe certain OSRS communities. But I really hope their planned change actually work decent, as I've read their framework is from around 2000, lmao. Hell, they're even thinking of returning items if you fall for a scam. Serious actions against toxic people? Has the age of enlightenment arrived at Jagex's HQ? Also; " but it would also risk the ire of GDPR compliance." I thought Brexit ment Brexit?
  2. Lait Choco

    Dare I say it, is Zeah ready now? Looks pretty great now! Especially tittie farm looks like something Jagex would design instead of a 14yo with a private server. A job well done by mod West
  3. Lait Choco

    Shit that sucks. Really liked him as he always knew what was best for the game. I will be missing him and his wonderfull data streams. Shame a lot of people give him a hard time, not knowing he was indeed one of the key elements OSRS is the thing we know and love today. Good side about this, now you can rag him without fear of banned
  4. Lait Choco

    too long, voted no.
  5. Lait Choco

  6. Lait Choco

    Shit game, K I N O music
  7. Lait Choco

    HIs sport doen't have HIs sport doesn't have a KINO theme orchestra theme composed purely for this """"""""""""""sport""""""""""""""""". Same Yank who did movie videos and is actually kinda good.
  8. Not sure, might take a while but I really like woodcutting.
  9. Lait Choco

    Ja lep, alweer nen Hollander. Waar trekt men hier de grens? Welkom en succes
  10. Lait Choco

    The master at work. Whoever dislkes this ought to be shot or hanged like in the good old days.
  11. Lait Choco

    Welcome to our forums!
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    Welcome and good luck
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    Welcome Janneman!
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    welcome to our fourms