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  1. Just a friendly reminder! Rap* is, and never will, be classified as music so please keep refraining from posting such garbage to our forums! Thanks in advance!
  2. Gratz! Make sure to mention it to everyone with 13m+ mining XP or maximum lolz
  3. Stonespine PVP is my main server
  4. Can't see the pic either. I drive a '12 G650 GS for about four months now. Unlike his bigger brothers, this things gets to places without getting stuck and imo it is nicer to filter traffic. Going on a (small) roadtrip in september to France
  5. RP-PVP servers all the way. Everything else is dismissed.
  6. A very impressive account! Good luck with the pets and yea I'm always down to hunt some bosses in hopes they drop good loot or even better a pet!
  7. Cheatclient so no gz fom me just kidding, gratz dude make sure to insure it
  8. Lait Choco

    HCIM Rangers

    Very nice luck indeed! Gratz
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