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  1. Lait Choco

    Did you taste it?
  2. Lait Choco

    Ya Soshla S Uma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB9YIsKIEbA
  3. Lait Choco

    Glad the premier is back, got only 20 days of membership remaining so time to pick up membership for a cheaper price. Got to maintain my level as a bronze premier member Highly recommend it to anyone who's playing RS! Also another tournament for streamers only because they would be BTFO, on levels science even didn't thought was possible, if anyone else was allowed to participate? Great.
  4. Lait Choco

    I thought it was common knowledge that Russian could get away with everything?
  5. Lait Choco

    Well done! Now time for the inferno?
  6. Lait Choco

    Lots of Swedes joining lately Welcome mate!
  7. Lait Choco

    Welcome Pontus!
  8. Lait Choco

    Welcome to our forums Michael
  9. Lait Choco

    Welcome Clyde!
  10. Lait Choco

    Welcome back once again
  11. Lait Choco

    So you don't read the official posts? Glad it is out, time to buy a phone that can run it!
  12. Lait Choco

    GRRRRRRR ALL THOSE F2P NOOBS STEALING MY IRON ON MY F2P ONLY HCIM!!!!1!!!!!!!! No really love it to see so many players online. Work productivity will decrease in a lot of companies I guess
  13. Lait Choco

    Welcome Bryan! Nice app
  14. Very good, always loved the holiday events of RS and glad my pure can finally get that nice skin. but: Shame, hope new players discover the gems that are listed in the music player. RS really has the best soundtracks I've ever heard. ALSO 5 MORE DAYS TILL MOBILE HOLY FUCK
  15. Lait Choco

    Very nice, congratulations Is it your first pet?