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  1. Lait Choco


    Welcome! Lots of female recruits these days.
  2. Lots, but welcoming new members is pretty important. Also lots of other things. Welcome by the way
  3. Welcome, but as said before app is a bit short
  4. Welcome! If you need inspiration to improve your app, take a look at accepted once
  5. Welcome Jacob! Impressive app and a very nice account for being mobile only
  6. Welcome, impressive account His dogs are named roscoe and coco.
  7. Welcome and good luck Tim
  8. Welcome back mate! Glad you reapplied after all this time
  9. Tbh the clan NL sooner or later will change their name after thousand of Dutchies start talking Dutch to them ingame. I found it pretty funny when they named themselves NL, asking myself how long it would take before they realize their name is actually a country. Lots of Dutchies have NL in their name, not only on OSRS but pretty much every online game. Maybe the clan NL did it on purpose so they can dream of being a big clan. We will never know... Anyway welcome back mate!
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