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  1. Thank you nujagex for reworking the game and removing seriously offending jokes such as a the reference "that no man can defeat me". I'm pretty sure this 100% what the Gower brothers wanted. Atleast my savagebros are safe for now.
  2. Nooooo think about the poor investors! How are they ever going to buy (taxes not included) their second super yacht?!
  3. Welcome! Appreciate you being honest about your past!
  4. Patrician choice of hobbies. Welcome!
  5. Lait Choco

    [Accepted] 3MT

    Welcome, another one into /turnleft/!
  6. Nice. Flower gambling is now the meta lads.
  7. A little too late. They should've kept the 2 min. death timer. Now you can do literally everything PvM and don't lose any shit. Makes no sense if you kill vorkie in 40m+ gear and have to pay 100K whenever you die. They should at least scale the cost of death according to the value of your gear(or bank) to make it a bit fair. There's no risk anymore besides PvP in this game. Only if you're really dumb and somehow die again while retrieving your items from the safety of the IRS.
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