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  1. Gratz and enjoy!! Make sure to insure the damn thing
  2. Congratz! You now unlock the 2K worlds which is so much fun. If a friend or anyone asks for something always say: "Sure, hop to my world"
  3. 1) Agility. 2) Thieving I used to hate hunter too but thans to birdhouses I might hit 99 one day!
  4. Welcome! Pretty impressive app and never thought I'd meet a pastor who'd play OSRS
  5. hey welcome back man! See you often in our CC and was wondering when you'd apply
  6. Let's kick this topic back into 2020 with a very sublime track gentleman.
  7. Welcome! Hope the job switch goes without much hickups See you in the CC
  8. Very nice! And they're big milestones for sure, just ask @Mojo about the Barrow gloves struggle/grind
  9. Very nice app! Welcome
  10. Hi toni, I also like football (not handegg mind you) and cooking!
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