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  1. Now another 30+ years without title? Such a shame that they won the title during Corona tbh, feel kinda weird to see footie nowadays.
  2. Hahah wtf, welcome.
  3. Welcome Dylan. Like to camp, fish and offroading myself too. On what vehicle do you go offroad by any chance?
  4. Lait Choco

    [Declined] Ascout

    Welcome Joshua!
  5. Scotland the brave! Welcome
  6. I recently discovered Kingdom Come: Deliverance and finished my very first playtrough. To make a very long story short; Eastern Europe is making hot games that shit on the so called AAA industry in every way you can imagine. Dare I say it, I haven't had so much fun since I started my journey on OSRS (and to think that's just a reboot of an '07 game) I don't think I've seen such a good game in a very long time. It is a relief to play such a gem when the whole market is flooded with MTX filled halfworking and unfinished products that they dare to call games. Even the mighty have fallen in the last few years. So imagine my suprise when I find out it's directed by Daniel Vavra, the man behind the good Mafia games story. And if that all isn't a coincidence then God works in mysterious ways.
  7. That reddit spacing is fucking annoying
  8. You're too lait, mate. Welcome!
  9. Gratz and enjoy!! Make sure to insure the damn thing
  10. Congratz! You now unlock the 2K worlds which is so much fun. If a friend or anyone asks for something always say: "Sure, hop to my world"
  11. 1) Agility. 2) Thieving I used to hate hunter too but thans to birdhouses I might hit 99 one day!
  12. Welcome! Pretty impressive app and never thought I'd meet a pastor who'd play OSRS
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