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  1. Hey Mojo, very long time no see. How you've been doing? I let you know I've been dreaming of a Bel-Eng final for a while... :D


  2. Welcome! Drop your soundclound so we can enjoy
  3. Back to the time when rap was rap instead of canadian manlets coping on MTV
  4. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.... oh yea and good luck
  5. Fresh French fries (made from the bintje potato everything else can fuck off) together with fresh mayonaise. Delicious, easy to make yet hard to master.
  6. Sorry i'm lait but congratulations on becoming a dad Mask! Enjoy all the ups and see through the downs of having a small one around
  7. First time is always special! Even more special because it is a cute little mole. Enjoy!
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