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  1. GurtJun

    Happy Purge

    Glad you finally decided to apply! Welcome!
  2. GurtJun

    [Accepted] Zebe 69

    can confirm what Why Try Guy said, i can see this guy being a nice addition to wg so, welcome
  3. Id like to add that Ire and I are racing to base 90s, to see who can get it first here are my stats currently (I know that im ahead currently, but as Ire said himself, hes way more consistent compared to me) im starting off with the slow ones, meaning agility, mining fishing and rc ill probably move on to the somewhat faster skills like hunter, thieving and wc and lastly buyables, aka prayer, construction, sminthing, crafting and herblore best of luck ire!
  4. Agreed with Ire, add some more detail to your application. aside from that, welcome!
  5. GurtJun


    hey welcome your application could do with a little bit more effort, as this would get it declined good luck
  6. Another dutchie wants to join the WG force Welcome
  7. oooofff i dont see farming on the skill goal list, better get that base 80s! looking good so far! good luck
  8. Not a big fan of mr Bob mumford and sons ill definitely listen more of! nice chill songs from what ive heard so far edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros: i know Home, its been played sooooooo many damn times here on the radio, i cant listen to it anymore personally not a fan coldplay is solid white stripes not really my style i dont think im in the right mood to listen to explosions in the sky (also because its not newye- hahaha jk) no but seriously, ill revisit them thank you for the recommendations!
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