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  1. in my case its Elder Scrolls Online lol
  2. I like to think im quite minimalistic, even with the old bank spaces id be fine
  3. Hello hello people, back with another update. Level 86 slayer has been reached! Lets take a look at the tab and other stuff like caskets and stats! The main tab: The clue caskets Boss killcounts: Stats: New section; Task streak and points! And now for some highlights/TLDR: That's it! Thank you for reading and hopefully there will be atleast 1 whip and maybe a pair of d boots in the tab, who knows? Happy slaying!
  4. big boi grats! good luck on (/in?) the inferno!
  5. Wb? Didnt realise you left (maybe not offficially?) Ah well, good to have you back
  6. GurtJun

    [Accepted] V8 G8

    hey dude welcome back! i remember you used to go crazy hard on skilling comps haha, good to see you still playing
  7. hey welcome buffing out your application wouldnt hurt! good luck
  8. Normal spellbook just because of its general usefulness
  9. Not an update, but I'll post it here to keep my promise. Provided I ever get a dupe vorki pet ON THE ALT So I really hope I don't get a dupe vorki
  10. GurtJun

    [Accepted] Z e w

    Hey welcome! nice application
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