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  1. Ive got a group going now all i need is for GIM to come out XD
  2. wg_cc is an open cc in itself, you just have to have a rank to attend events and do stuff like bossing or skilling with other ranked members
  3. GurtJun

    [Accepted] Semb

    another dutchie welkom man echt goede application
  4. oooff grats! quite lucky at 79
  5. youll learn more before going to bed 1h before bed you study and rest on the info see it as casting something out of iron in that 1h and see your sleep as the solidifying process dont just read ALOT and hope it sticks
  6. afk gargs for your combat exp, use the gp gained for gear for the eventual stage of the rune dragon killing thats what i'd do good luck!
  7. id love to.... but uhhhhh: BIG yikes also, this way, you show KC AND the log showing the items collection log ftw! sign me up i guess
  8. I upgraded today! VERY happy with it! From: Fiat Seicento Abarth Sporting (2001) 56HP 138500KM ( around 86059 Miles ) no power steering crappy radio all around wear and tear no big boi exhaust To: Suzuki Swift 1.2 X-ITE (2012)(special version, apparently only manufactured in germany) 94HP 104000KM ( around 64622 Miles ) power steering decent radio pretty much factory state big boi exhaust Ive been driving the little Fiat for over 4 year, it was due for an upgrade
  9. GurtJun

    99 Slayer xd

    Imagine flexing 99 slayer on zuk, pfffff Jokes aside tho, grats!
  10. I meam, id like to say yes, but im a mere mortal Mojo
  11. welcome man, seen you in the cc alot actually by the time you go for triple bananas you should easily be 115 cmb
  12. JESUS 14m per week PER ACCOUNT?! How long do you play per day and how long did it take for the account to reach that stage?
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