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  1. GurtJun

    he be dabbin
  2. GurtJun

    welcome back man
  3. GurtJun

    nope Zutheris
  4. GurtJun

    I like to play it, but i suck sooo bad at it highest round was Der Riese round 21 solo highest round with friends (3 man) was 24 on Nacht der Untoten
  5. GurtJun

    guess again cat
  6. was a fun journey, hosted some events along the way Now lets hope for some rangers with the medium clue grind
  7. GurtJun

    NOPE i0wn
  8. GurtJun

    my most played games on steam are: -RimWorld (topdown colony management game) -Call of Duty: World at War (mainly for the zombies gamemode) -Skyrim -Terraria Ive also played a fuuuuccckkk ton of Minecraft lol (if i had to guess: 6000+ hours)
  9. GurtJun

    this actually looks like my cat, though this ones fatter and cries lmao
  10. GurtJun

  11. GurtJun

    And that no one being you? I think people can speak for themselves
  12. GurtJun

    That'd mean i look better than you
  13. GurtJun

    FARG, YOU NEED TO GIVE THAT TO ME! RIGHT NOW! one of my fav pets also: ew, rc
  14. GurtJun

    dont feel like leaving it here lol and atleast some people got to see it
  15. GurtJun

    A clown held the door open for me today, I thought it was a very nice jester. What said the buffalo to his son? Bi son