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  1. GurtJun

  2. GurtJun

    jesus, you made some b0nk there very nice
  3. GurtJun

    very nice, grats
  4. GurtJun

    gz belguim boi
  5. GurtJun

    youre doing dks on mobile and youre chill about it.... im doing dks on pc and sometimes i stress out LOL i dont find mobile comfortable enough to do anything somewhat intense XD
  6. GurtJun

    Weird flax, but ok
  7. GurtJun

    Shoord i guess Like the tone of shoe, not sho
  8. GurtJun

    Ahahaah i see youre really comitting! Good luck
  9. GurtJun

    welcome I see a cheeky eurobeat in there, listen to that sometimes too
  10. GurtJun

  11. GurtJun

    i cant draw it but i can tell you: age 16: Hardstyle, happy age 18: soft rock, less happy age 20: hard rock/metal, depression currrent age(21): hard rock/metal, happy
  12. GurtJun

  13. GurtJun

    hey welcome its not my job to say this, but maybe put a bit more effort in the app you can have a look at others