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  1. GurtJun

    I am stuck

    Thank you captain obvious Kappa
  2. Arthur: Legend of the sword Any Marvel movie XD Spectral All of the LOTR and Hobbit movies ( i believe theres 6 now ) Extinction As you can maybe already tell, its all Sci-Fi meanwhile, ive been thinking of some good shows The 100 (like Darq Laydee and Wessox mentioned) Breaking Bad (old but still very good!) Prison Break (also somewhat old but i quite enjoyed it)
  3. Can i recommend some movies? (netflix) you asked for shows, but theres no (uncanceled) show i can think of right now
  4. GurtJun

    Dorky Witch

    Youre in the right cc for that Welcome
  5. GurtJun


    Hey man, good app Glad you applied and put a good effort in! Im sure youll get accepted
  6. Upon clicking "mark site read", the page for it(https://www.wildernessguardians.com/forums/discover/unread/) doesnt refresh. whereas before the update it did bug, feature or both?
  7. killing any iconic monster: (hob)goblins, hill giants, flesh crawlers etc telegrabbing zammy wines chopping willow logs in draynor fly fishing in lumbridge the list goes on and on and on.....
  8. GurtJun

    [Accepted] Lohow

    Oh shit, haha Wb man
  9. Bank made! Didnt even know that item existed lmao
  10. i just buy 1 of everything i need, all excess belongs to the loot some of the tools i have (hammer, tinderbox, lobster pot etc.) are in the loot tab aswell also, i dont have a pk tab, so thats a bonus i guess i think the loot tab is turning out great i have no idea how long this took, thats the one thing i dont keep track of LOL
  11. very nice app man welcome
  12. no, thanks for hosting!
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