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  1. GurtJun

    Fire cape

    H E L L Y E A H D U D E big grats!
  2. holy shit, welcome back dude
  3. GurtJun

    KBD PET!

    Sick! grats man whats the total loot?
  4. sounds decent here's mine! Kind of sad the band doesnt make music anymore, atleast not on their spotify
  5. ayy good to see you apply welcome adding a bit more info wouldnt hurt
  6. @Crazyooga you win, all of it 70
  7. Extended fov is in the base game for like a year now, its the different angles you can see now For example you can see the game from the top down, whereas in the base client youre still slightly angled Also, runelite gpu feature works really well with the larger fov
  8. Of Allies 80k listeners on spotify heres a few faves of me from them: - in the air tonight (cover from Phil Collins) - the hierophant - beyond the wave
  9. i mean... you can join us if you want, 3 ppl in it so far (inc me) all dutchies or was it about me mentioning that it still needs to come out?
  10. Ive got a group going now all i need is for GIM to come out XD
  11. wg_cc is an open cc in itself, you just have to have a rank to attend events and do stuff like bossing or skilling with other ranked members
  12. GurtJun

    [Accepted] Semb

    another dutchie welkom man echt goede application
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