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  1. Not an update, but I'll post it here to keep my promise. Provided I ever get a dupe vorki pet ON THE ALT So I really hope I don't get a dupe vorki
  2. GurtJun

    [Accepted] Z e w

    Hey welcome! nice application
  3. ayyyyyyyyyy welcome back dude
  4. Ooooh i could include that next time actually! Task streak is at 271 and points are up in the 1800s. Basically only skip tasks if i really cant be bothered doing them, like 46 iron dragons, fuck that haha
  5. Hello everyone, it's that time again. Slayer level 85 has been achieved which means we get to look at 84 levels worth of loot! Let's get into it: The casket stacks: Boss kill counts: Stats: Trained some farming and crafting (farming passively for Kourend hard diary, for the ability to use slayer helm with shayzien armor. Crafting because I had some time to afk glassblow at work) Notable highlights: -new runes from spiritual mages -7 additional ancient shards -over 1000 grimy guams! -over 50 snapdragon seeds -approaching 500 sapphires -3 new shield left halves -over 7000 big bones, over 2000 dragon bones and over 1000 wyvern bones -2 additional long bones -over 1000 magic and teak logs -new items in the form of: lizardman fangs, xerician fabric and antipoison(3) -3 addional black masks (3 masks from 1 task hehehe) -the first KBD heads and first Vorkaths head Another good update in my opinion! Although I'm a bit sad we did not get some dragon boots, I'm sure we'll get some at a later time. For now, I will keep slaying and as I just hit 85, let's hope for some whip drops! Thank you for reading, see you at the next one!
  6. Hey, seen you in chat a few times glad you applied, welcome!
  7. Opening any casket in the wilderness has a chance to give better rewards, the deeper the better
  8. Ah shit, here we go again. It is time for yet another update and trust me when I say its even better than the last update, I can promise you that. I've been grinding quite a bit lately, as this update was achieved in record time (relatively to how much experience was gained of course) Without further a do, lets take a look at the main tab! As you can see by the RuneLite Bank Value plugin, the value of the tab is making big leaps! But that is not all for the main tab! Get your PogChamps and patricknuts ready: Continuing with the regular pictures, we got the casket stacks: Boss killcounts: (Vorkath killcount is at 60, as shown by the bones in the loottab but for some reason it doenst show properly) And the stats: Noteable highlights: -over 100k fire runes! heres to 100k more -mostly due to Vorkath, the chaos runes stack has doubled since the last time -a few new items: wrath runes, rune dart tips, rune boots, unfinished dragon bolts, dragon platelegs, dragon battleaxe -5 dragon spears and shield halfs -nearing 9k regular bones, 7k big bones, 2k dragon bones and 1k wyvern bones! -and of course: Thank you for reading, see you at the next update!
  9. Welcome back! even though you never left
  10. 83 Slayer! Only took 11 days since last update! Getting on quite nicely, soon we will hopefully see some whips and possibly by the end of this year some tridents too! Lets go take a loot at this update: The main tab: The clue stack: !! NEW !! Boss killcounts! (doing 5 boss kill per task where I feel comfortable doing the boss, dont think im ready for, lets say, solo DKs. though I will probably do my whole Kraken task at the boss since its so easy anyway, perhaps for Thermy too but thats a ways away. I have yet to decide on how I want to do future tasks in regards to bosses) And lastly, the stats: Notable highlights: -Getting VERY close to a 100k fire rune stack now! I imagine next update we'll hit the 100k! -10k blood runes -11 dark totems -over 250 ranarr weeds -first onyx bolt tips (ancient wyverns) -dragon harpoon drop!! spooned at 342 kill count at wyrms -a few new rune items: rune javelin heads, darts, hasta and mace -passed 100 battlestaves -over 1000 granite dust -1 additional long and curve bone -first full crystal key -and yes, your eyes do not deceive you, at the bottom of the main tab you can see a GIANT CHAMPION SCROLL! This level has been a juicy one with a few new items that will surely grow into nice stacks. In regards to boss tasks, I shall ask around in discord on what you guys think I should do. Do I do all black dragon tasks fully at KBD? Is 5 per task too low? If you have any suggestions, PM me on discord! Anyway, thank you for reading and hopefully next update will be even better! Looking forward to some dragon boots as spiritual mages are now unlocked!
  11. ayyyyyy WB man, good to see you back in action
  12. 575 69th post in this thread, cant post anymore
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