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  1. i got a monkey tail on 1 kc... FeelsBadMan
  2. i play CoDWaW zombies with friends from time to time, same with CSGO. i rarely play Terraria and Rimworld aswell Have played league of legends for like 3 years, then quit... now mostly runescape
  3. Awesome video! nice to learn about the clan history Well done to everyone who contributed to the video Im glad to be part of this clan i also like that my quest cape event is in there! ( 19:58 ) was not expecting that!
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    some of these pk tabs are more than my bank's total worth LOL!
  6. GurtJun

    laptop with an additional screen next to it
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    YEEETT Nope Seer
  10. GurtJun

    Welcome nice app, gl
  11. GurtJun

    im jealous of all that loot XD
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  13. GurtJun

    WHY would you trade it over to rs3 : / like, rs3 is ded