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  1. welcome back. hope to see you at an event besides a corp run, eh?
  2. Welcome to the board. Your application looks good, but skull tricking goes against the honour code. i'd hope you don't do this if you ever represent WG. either way, good luck on your app!
  3. welcome to the forums and good luck on your app
  4. We just call that good merch. Good application. Welcome to the clan and good luck.
  5. WG Jester

    [Declined] koip

    add some meat to this application. one or two sentence answers make it seem like low-effort. good luck and welcome.
  6. Yooo that was me and Mojo! Hey @Mojo can this one count as a recruit for me so I can get honored? lol. Anyway, welcome fella. Sorry we killed you. Good luck.
  7. Good luck, fella. Looking forward to seeing you level up with us.
  8. I'm happy to see a company pose an actual threat to Twitch. Hope they do well and don't flop immediately. I hope to see a similar website provide an actual alternative to YouTube.
  9. The current raids 1 is a very abstract version of Dungeoneering with a narrower scope of theme and less of an emphasis on skill use and puzzle solving. Dungeoneering, as it stands, lets you explore separate levels of dungeons, each one uniquely generated with skill checks, puzzle rooms, battle rooms, resource rooms and boss rooms. You get experience based on your clear speed, your dungeon completion and your deaths. There are several different sets of dungeons which change based on how far you get. Dungeons are generated based on your combat and your skills, with some challenges you can complete and some you cannot. Similarities between Raids 1 and Dungeoneering include randomized levels (raids 1 being way less random than dungeoneering though), gauntlets of bosses (with dungeoeering having a boss fight at the end of every dungeon), a rewards system based on points earned and points earned based on performance (raids 1 gives better chance at a reward as your points go up, dungeoneering gives you 10% of exp gained as tokens, which can buy permanent or temporary rewards), and the ability to run solo or run dungeons with a team. If you were to ever going to log in to RS3 again to do anything, I would suggest doing dungeoneering. Its definitely a skill in minigame form but holy shit is it fun.
  10. Aw man, dungeoneering was super fun. You missed out.
  11. > 'more skills better game' mentality was the fall of rs3. RS3 only added Summoning, Dungeoneering, Divination and Invention, only one of which being a pretty big deal. Even then, summoning and dungeoneering were part of rs2.
  12. Yeah I think most people are in agreement that pados set, the skilling rings and certain rune pouch options are things that shouldn’t pass.
  13. Voted yes. I understand arguments for and against warding and I still think its all around going to be very good for the game. if you don't want a grind you're playing the wrong game kiddos
  14. the balls on this guy, sticking WG in his name before hes accepted. i like it. good luck and welcome, fella. i hope you make it.
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