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  1. WG Jester


    i appreciate leadership that can shitpost
  2. hopefully jared can find a way to make pvp entirely irrelevant or something everyone can get into
  3. WG Jester

    [Accepted] Bry4n

    holy shit, bry4n actually applying? who can we give shit to for being unranked now?
  4. welcome back choco. approved asap, ez
  5. Here's a clan war video i was in like 12 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTpOM8ulvkA
  6. WG Jester

    [Accepted] Hecs

    bring this man back, we need his ely rng
  7. welcome back. hope to see you at an event besides a corp run, eh?
  8. Welcome to the board. Your application looks good, but skull tricking goes against the honour code. i'd hope you don't do this if you ever represent WG. either way, good luck on your app!
  9. welcome to the forums and good luck on your app
  10. We just call that good merch. Good application. Welcome to the clan and good luck.
  11. WG Jester

    [Declined] koip

    add some meat to this application. one or two sentence answers make it seem like low-effort. good luck and welcome.
  12. Yooo that was me and Mojo! Hey @Mojo can this one count as a recruit for me so I can get honored? lol. Anyway, welcome fella. Sorry we killed you. Good luck.
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