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  1. I’d like to make a progress blog on here but I may also make some videos for it. Could be fun to practice video editing and jump on the content creation wagon.
  2. I was thinking about what areas I’d be okay with letting the account have access to and what I think I’ve decided is this: if I can access it from a F2P area , then it’s fair game. This means Entrana from port sarim, the tzhaar city from karamja, the cave goblin city and swamp dungeon from lumbridge, the mlm and extended mining guild in falador and things like that. I realize that’s not super consistent (for example, why any of these areas but why not burthorpe or the dig site?) but I think the nature of access to these areas (mostly teleports, cavern areas or a small area separate by a door or gate) permits them an exception over going to a whole city, an extensive overworld section like the dig site. I suppose this also means access to pest control, since I can sail there from port sarim. I’m also considering permission for quests that can be started within F2P borders, as long as the levels and items can be achieved while in the region. Which would mean I could do lost city but still not do animal magnetism, since I’d need priest in peril for morytania.
  3. So I'm shaping up how this account will be limited and I've been updating the list of areas that may be reasonable exceptions based on their locations in or near the F2P area, as well as possible exceptions for performing certain tasks to complete achievement diaries for F2P cities/regions. Here is also a rough draft of my skilling, let me know if I can make additions to it; Combat (Melee); Spiders in Stronghold of Security, Chainmace in Wild Combat (Ranged); Ogresses, Black Chins somewhere, Craws Bow in Wild Magic; High Alch, Superheat Item, Lava Dragons Prayer; Lava Dragon Bones, Dragon Bones, Mahogany Altar Runecrafting; Lavas maybe Construction; seems pretty straightforward actually Agility; Rooftops Herblore; Herb patches at Falador, herb sources from various kills Thieving; any NPC Crafting; Daily battlestaffs maybe? is molten glass possible? Fletching; pretty straightforward tbh, no bow string unless from bee man random tho Slayer; Krystillia, Vannaka, girl Turael Hunter; lul Mining; iron and various necessary ores/mining guild? MLM possibly? Smithing; just smith it wym Fishing; barbarian village baby Cooking; just all the food I need Woodcutting/Firemaking; we camping in draynor Farming; tree plots in Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, patches in Falador, a couple in Lumbridge/Varrock area, Rimmington
  4. i'd feel pretty guilty about it. places like the edgeville dungeon and the kbd lair, i can easily make an exception for because, to me, they just look like p2p content that is stranded within f2p areas. taking a trip to any place that you wouldn't even be able to see a f2p area is a hard sell. it'll definitely be sort of a struggle but i'm looking for that to be part of the charm.
  5. Animal magnetism requires Burthorpe, I wouldnt make the exception to go there I think. Druidic Ritual makes sense. Abyss RC is a toss up; the guy who takes you there is technically in the Wild, but teleporting to another area that isn't technically within or even close to F2P seems like it might be against the spirit of the account.
  6. If i were to permit Wilderness GWD I could get dragon boots from the spiritual mages there
  7. Hello everyone. I've been entertaining the idea to create a snowflake ironman locked to the F2P areas of the game, but with access to all P2P content therein. I'd like feedback from everyone on how to best set restriction and exceptions to the account's gameplay and maybe develop a list of early/mid/late game goals and achievements for myself. To begin, here's an outline of the area I will permit access to for sure. Lumbridge Al Kharid Varrock Draynor Village Falador Musa Point on Karamja Crandor The Wilderness Here are some areas that I was considering as an exception, as these areas are within the spaces listed above or are accessible within reason. If there are any I may have missed that you think might be okay, please suggest them. Varrock Lumber Yard Deep Wilderness? KBD Lair Lava Dragon Isle The various Wilderness caverns, including the slayer caves and Revenant caves and Wilderness GWD Varrock Museum lower floor areas Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon and Air Obelisk Giant Mole's Lair Extended section of the Mining Guild and Motherlode Mine Mage Training Arena Wyvern area of the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon TzHaar area Cave Goblin area Some big goals I have for myself would be the following; All skillcapes obtainable within the F2P area Diaries completed (perhaps an exception to complete tasks in f2p areas) Max gear as suggested by Logout: Weapons: Rune Scim, MSB/Rune X-bow (Mage logs @ MTA/Farming, RCB from Deranged Archaeologist or whatever his name is) Master Wand. Armor: DFS, Full Rune for Melee, Black Dhide for range, Splitbark for mage, mystic boots from implings as well. Leather boots the Wilderness Wards and the Wildy Weapons, Dragon Boots from spiritual mages in the wilderness GWD Skilling Gear: Dragon pIckaxe, rune axe by smithing or lava dragons I will edit and update this as commentary comes in. Thanks for any and all feedback.
  8. LOW EFFORT APP GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE welcome back slump good to see you again
  9. >dont like toxic people sorry fella, one of our weekly events is roasting staff in the CC welcome!
  10. WG Jester

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    What a coincidence, cost to join is EXACTLY one AGS! Welcome aboard.
  11. I did pretty well in the last league, I'm really looking forward to this one. More area means more quests and I fuckin love quests
  12. Welcome back mr weed number
  13. Welcome. Good luck on the app. we’re gonna get that total level beefed up real good once you’re in
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