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  1. It’s for dt, which gets you to 11 pray some people get 13 for the strength boost, ava’s will get you 15
  2. Wilderness

    Obby Mauler

    fine 2m potomu chto ya govoru po russki
  3. Wilderness

    Obby Mauler

    ill buy t10 2m ea
  4. Best way to learn is through experience, don't be afraid to join in on the fun, everybody starts somewhere. Do not get discouraged from dying because it's bound to happen to everyone, especially if you're new to pvp.
  5. I'll be honest and say it doesn't look any good, but since you like the name mager I looked up "M AGE R" and that's available, looks better imo.
  6. Pretty sure there are better things you can use instead of that sara book.
  7. I’ve done Jad 9 times and did 7 fire cape gambles total.
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