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  1. Come back when u can! Good luck with life
  2. application looks good, good luck
  3. Oh my god, a legend he was. Unfortunately ended so abruptly.
  4. Wow the weather is weird this year lol, usually I get 100+ degrees weather down here in Texas, but this year is cooler somehow. Y'all better stay hydrated and avoid going outside during noon-6pm.
  5. My summer classes are almost over and I'm gonna take final exams soon... Good thing is that once classes r over, I get to play more osrs However... I have not studied at all, and I am barely scrapping by. I have a week and half to review. Can you guys share some good methods to cram material, thanks!
  6. Most people made bank from staking. As for me, I kill dragons and do slayer for combat, do herb runs, and flip on ge.
  7. Welcome and good luck!
  8. How bout em cowboys? 5 win hot streak 1 more win for guaranteed playoffs!
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