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  1. koods

    Nice, somehow I can't stand fishing even though I would just cut trees all day when I was 13.
  2. koods

    I''ve been playing Forager (PC) and Rocket League lately (name is koods__ if anyone wants to play). I used to play a lot of Magic the Gathering irl but my work schedule hasn't been great nowadays.
  3. koods

    Welcome to my progression blog! I am currently working toward 76 agility, 77 runecrafting, MM2, and DS2. I joined this clan on November 13th 2018. These were my stats... Following joining I reached 99 crafting, completed RFD, and killed some bosses. These are my stats as of the day of this post, Bank- -koods
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    Welcome to the forums!
  5. Rocket League has been my game outside of runescape for a while now, I play on ps4 if anyone wants to team up add me: z_Ebras_z
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  10. OSRS: Barrows gloves (almost there) 77 RC (or 99 in a different skill) and 99 in a combat skill RL: Keep going to the gym Put together a new band
  11. koods

    With my brother, I'm holding the phone.
  12. koods

    No pets right now but I want to get some hermit crabs
  13. koods

    I've been interested in starting a HCIM or UIM recently so I'd be down. Message me on discord when you plan on starting.
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