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  1. koods

    First Pet!

    Got the Baby Mole today on my first trip to Giant Mole. Grinded out mlm over the last week for the Falador hard diaries so this was awesome to see on a tiny kc.
  2. I don't usually play with music enabled but Arabian is my jam. Learning how to fight zulrah with Coil in the background is intense, definitely my favorite boss track I've heard so far.
  3. koods

    99 Fishing

    Nice, somehow I can't stand fishing even though I would just cut trees all day when I was 13.
  4. I''ve been playing Forager (PC) and Rocket League lately (name is koods__ if anyone wants to play). I used to play a lot of Magic the Gathering irl but my work schedule hasn't been great nowadays.
  5. Welcome to my progression blog! I am currently working toward 76 agility, 77 runecrafting, MM2, and DS2. I joined this clan on November 13th 2018. These were my stats... Following joining I reached 99 crafting, completed RFD, and killed some bosses. These are my stats as of the day of this post, Bank- -koods
  6. Rocket League has been my game outside of runescape for a while now, I play on ps4 if anyone wants to team up add me: z_Ebras_z
  7. OSRS: Barrows gloves (almost there) 77 RC (or 99 in a different skill) and 99 in a combat skill RL: Keep going to the gym Put together a new band
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