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  1. koods

    The journey of koods

    Too big not to post. Working on KQ to finish desert diary, quests/MTA for lumby following KQ head Menagerie
  2. koods

    The journey of koods

    Yeah huge spoon, first trip after I finished grinding for falador diary when I was planning to farm it for some gp
  3. koods

    The journey of koods

    126 Combat Base 90s Grind out a PvM pet (all of mine have been spooned) Golden Prospector Outfit Lumbridge Elite (QPC) Base 90s and Golden Prospector Outfit completed. Also knocked out the Varrock, Morytania, and Ardy elites since the last update. This was towards the end of October on the alt, around 12k kc now still at 9 shards. Only slayer bosses, Bandos, nightmare, and a bit of revs on the main. Going to be resuming farm runs and playing on the alt some more. Tempted to get 70 agility and dolo Zilyana due to the ACB price, but might just sit it at vyres. 126 Combat and PvM pet may be next, not sure which boss I will grind. Hopefully making enough for 99 prayer along the way, open to any suggestions. Thinking of starting with 92 agility for floor 5 and 95 slayer for hydra as my next milestones Menagerie
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    Welcome to WG!
  5. koods

    Big Hertzy

    Welcome to WG!
  6. koods

    [Accepted] M4Z0

    Welcome to WG! Any other hobbies you have besides osrs? Favorite food?
  7. koods

    [Accepted] l PORK l

    Welcome to WG!
  8. koods

    [Accepted] Goti

    Welcome to WG!
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