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  1. Funny thing for me is that I managed to train 79 to 84 (almost 85) magic so far, using superglass make. My initial thought would be that some of the lunar spells could be good for both exp and moneymaking, though they're generally click-intensive. My initial thought was that I wanted to train my magic to 80 to get past the tipping point of a trident getting more damage per hit than Iban blast (more damage per death rune), and I went kind of overboard once I realised each batch of 1.000 casts can net me up to a mil depending on the margins. I also welcome the healthy amount of crafting exp.
  2. I've personally found myself doing a lot more grindy content than I care to admit. Before the quarantine, my runecrafting was my lowest skill at about 45 ish. I hadn't even done monkey madness II, because I was too scared of the bossfight, and I was content doing simple slayer tasks that I could afk, and that gave me a little bit of cash. Since that time, I've gotten everything to base level 65, my range has gotten even higher, and I grinded out thieving to 74 now. I've also done well over 10 thousand casts of superglass make, utilizing bank fillers and screen markers for somewhat efficient
  3. Well, for me the real only thing I've been doing the last few times I actually managed to get online, would be the daily stuff, and doing slayer tasks. I've already done a crap ton of question. Perhaps I'll do some more when I get two weeks off after this one. After that, I don't know, really. I used to like skilling back when I was new to the game and didn't do a lot of quests or combat training. Other than that I mostly went to the places I all remembered as a kid. I think I spent a fair share of my first few hours in osrs back there with the hill giants in the cave under the G.E.
  4. How do you guys manage it? Lately, even during the holidays I've still been kind of busy in real life, and half the time when I'm gaming I have multiple communities and/or games I need to try and balance. It kinda seems like Runescape has been on the back burner for a while for me now, and I wonder how other people on here try to balance things. I know that oldschool runescape has a special place for me, and it's a great source of nostalgia, but sometimes I find it hard to even think about the game. When there are other games that are grindy-heavy, but in a completely different setting, I
  5. What games do you guys play besides OSRS/Runescape3? I have a library of ps4 games that I play because I don't have a decent computer. I also play a lot of Hearthstone, mainly because it's on mobile as well, so that allows me to play anywhere I want.
  6. Yeah, I've never changed this name. I was 'BackFiredNL' back in 2018 as well, when I created this account. the 'NL' in my name, is completely unrelated to whatever the 'other NL', some people might associate my name with. Don't know if you can even check nickname history, but I'm clean.
  7. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. BackFiredNL What is your current RS name? BackFiredNL List any previous RS names: None. What is your total level and combat level? My current total level is 1444, and my current combat level is exactly 94,5 at the time of writing this. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I played the game a very long time ago, when I was still a kid, and never really got to see most of the content in Osrs. Somewhere in 2018, I started an account
  8. My favourite moneymaking method is basically just slayer, skilling, or pvming. Barrows are also a fun way to make money imo.
  9. Well, I guess I'm well on my way to get the right combat level in order to do pvp. Right now I've reached around 85 cb level, so I can work on slayer tasks (I'm tasking with nieve as we speak doing task like aberrant spectres.) I guess I'll look at some guides later on...when I'm a bit deeper in the combat levels.
  10. So, I've been playing for nearly a month now...and I think I've gotten pretty far... I'm not sure if I ever really want to do a lot of Pking in osrs. I'm more of an item collector / pvm kind of player. How did you guys get into Pking in the first place? And in case I want to give Pking a shot...any tips on how to start out as a Pker? Should I make a new account in order to make a 'pure' account or something? Anyway, I'll stop before I start rambling about the things I don't understand yet, and probably won't really understand for a bit. Any suggestions and/or t
  11. I only have a regular ol' laptop that I play Osrs on, but I also have a phone, and that counts as a screen for osrs ever since mobile came out. But yeah, I'm a bit more simple.
  12. I'm BackFiredNL on Twitch / Steam, and AtomicQuaresNL on PSN. I used to play games like League of legends, but nowadays I focus on Osrs, Tibia and games like Dead by Daylight on ps4.
  13. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. BackFiredNL What is your current RS name? BackFiredNL List any previous RS names: None. I started playing a week ago. What is your total level and combat level? My combat level at the moment is 68(.7?) I started playing exactly a week ago. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. In my seven days so far, I started by getting premium membership. So far my favourite thing have been mildly afk forms of skilling and doing
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