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Found 2 results

  1. How do you guys manage it? Lately, even during the holidays I've still been kind of busy in real life, and half the time when I'm gaming I have multiple communities and/or games I need to try and balance. It kinda seems like Runescape has been on the back burner for a while for me now, and I wonder how other people on here try to balance things. I know that oldschool runescape has a special place for me, and it's a great source of nostalgia, but sometimes I find it hard to even think about the game. When there are other games that are grindy-heavy, but in a completely different setting, I just find it hard to make time for Runescape anymore sometimes.
  2. So I got my firecape yesterday and what a tale that is! I tried 4 times in total : -The first one i got to wave 40 and didn't focus the ranger over the mager. -The second I got to jad but freaked out and missed some switches when the healers came. -The third I think the healers killed me And finally I got it but it was super scuffed as my blowpipe ran out of scaled mid jad and i had to take off the blowpipe and unload it and kill jad using throwing darts XD. Anyway how many attempts did it take you guys to get your first cape? What did you use? Did you have any bad experiences? and if you don't have one - What's stopping you?
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