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  1. Wait how does a vegan butchers shop work lol
  2. How tf people get an all-in-one screenshot of their bank like this?
  3. Nextlander (general games podcast) Lots of OSRS youtube Can't stand JRE sorry lol
  4. Game developer - specifically lead programmer. Blame me for the bugs Last few years have worked on: - MediEvil remake on PS4 https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/medievil/ - Rick & Morty VR on PS4/PC https://store.steampowered.com/app/469610/Rick_and_Morty_Virtual_Rickality/ - Project Winter on PS4/Xbox One/PC/Switch https://store.steampowered.com/app/774861/Project_Winter/ Currently working on the spiritual successor to Project Winter, another social deception game, planned for PS4/PS5, Xbone/XSX, Switch, PC I do not dream of working for Jamflex because I know they can't afford me
  5. RIP I hadn't considered the task implications on my hardcore. Almost @ 200 quest points now and only lv22 slayer...
  6. I quit energy drinks and all caffeine 6 months ago and I don't regret it. I got tired of my dependence and having headaches on days where I slept in late (past when I'd normally down an energy drink). Also I had kidney stones which were definitely as a result of the energy drink consumption. Most painful thing ever, some say more painful than childbirth
  7. I got pretty frustrated after spending like 50 hours at CoX and not seeing a single purple in my name, so I figured I'd take a break from playing the main heavily in order to jump on this hardcore ironman train (shout-out to HC Stilerion - just hit 500 Total today). While I did stuff on the HC, I did agility on the main. Why agility? - I hate agility - It is necessary for a lot of good unlocks, shortcuts, graceful, etc - In particular I was loving Zulrah, but hating that I was eating into my profits massively by using the teleports. Now I can use the agility shortcut. - Also I wanted to get 89 for Alchemical Hydra (the last huge PvM gating/helping thing from Agility?) - I procrastinated it forever (prior to this grind I was at like 62 Agi I think? I forget exactly) So, after like 4 weeks and over 100 hours.... I'm not someone who wants to max stats necessarily (at least not yet), I just want to have the stats necessary to do all the content, in particular the PvM content. But after 3 weeks of going at it on the hardcore, I'm even starting to get bored of that, and I'm itching to raid again, especially to jump into ToB. Back to raiding and PvMing on the main tonight! So excited. Now I have that goal completed and can say "agility grind is done on the main" (as far as content unlocks go) until I get closer to maxing and consider getting it to 99.
  8. Ay fellas, stick with this my guys. quitting smoking 10 yrs ago was the best thing i ever did for me. it snowballed into other health improvements and now im in the best shape of my life. seriously stick with it, this is just step 1, so many good things can follow
  9. I'll only support this man if his DCB goes to me
  10. Daaammmnnn Gotta ask tho, why keep all the defenders, and on the top row no less? That's prime real estate!
  11. Thought I'd post this for some people to have a laugh at my expense. Thanks to @Why Try Guy motivating me in competition, and @Corbula's magic skilling competition, I finally got 90->99 magic! I'm currently sitting pretty @ 3rd place in the competition ( @koods also got 90->99 this comp, and he took my 2nd place spot!). Once I got 99 Magic, I couldn't bring myself to keep grinding magic XP while my ranged was also sitting @ 90. I figured if I was gonna keep spending time at monkeys, I should be chinning instead of doing magic, for best account progress. So I did! Big disclaimer: I did this extremely inefficiently. For me AFKness is the real value, so that means as few clicks as possible. That meant that rather than standing in the corner of the room and doing the walk thingy to stack the monkeys, I just stood with auto retaliate and let the monkeys come to me. This dramatically reduces XP rates by like 20-30% (and thus increases costs by that amount), but that's super worth it if you're someone who only wants to click on their client ~once every 6-10 mins or so (rather than having to click multiple times per minute). So anyway here's the supplies use for 90->99 Magic, and 90->99 ranged...
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