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  1. I play alot of runescape cause of covid19, thats about it
  2. Hello, nice to meet yah, Goodluck!
  3. You're about to be the star in Sir Pugger's next video pal
  4. Dang, now I feel lame for saying "ok boomer" at work when anyone slightly older, who isn't my boss, tries to get me to do something
  5. Hey welcome man, I was in MM from 2010 to 2012, always fun fighting FOE, way less lame than EOP.
  6. Welcome to the clan man, I I saw you that you have a infernal cape when you were at our shield painting event, that's awesome.
  7. welcome welcome. Your cat looks amazzzzinngggg, I want to pet it.
  8. Welcome Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. Hmmm 6,000 coins to buy the beacon ring from Perdu and possibly save 5-10 secs vs tele tabing to buying it in varrock. Im in.
  10. Definitely excited for this. The current ways of training construction, while fast are extremely boring and repetitive.
  11. grats you two, that's the golden ticket drop right there
  12. Welcome Welcome, I also am a dude. I think your totally fine buying bonds my man. You should defintely join us on our pvm and pvp trips!
  13. Welcome man. I spent most of my past in rs as a pure too. I also switched because of the pvm raid additions, they are just to much fun!
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