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  1. The Expanse, The Boys and then The Mandalorian.
  2. Hey glad to see a pker with clan/team experience showing interest in joining WG!
  3. Hey, glad to see another pker is interested in joining WG!
  4. Welcome, Glad you found us. I hope you come pk with us very soon!
  5. atheistvegan

    2b 1w

    Welcome, Welcome always glad to have another pker!
  6. Nice to meet you, I also am a Alpha Male.
  7. atheistvegan


    Welcome, glad you decided to come back!
  8. Welcome Karaja, friend of Tittles420/69.
  9. Hey man, welcome back. I was in MM from late 2010 to EOC release.
  10. Yah I mean I really didn't get into until about halfway through season 1. Seasons 2-5 were amazing. Season 6 is good. Just stop at season 6 honestly.
  11. I play alot of runescape cause of covid19, thats about it
  12. Hello, nice to meet yah, Goodluck!
  13. You're about to be the star in Sir Pugger's next video pal
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