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  1. Cheed

    [Accepted] T beed

    Look forward to meeting you, welcome to the forums! purple: grow up without a father? ours left too - join wg cc
  2. sick of these TT scrubs grinding pets so I had to do it to em. Hatred and I fought off NL, pures, other PvMers and teamed up with the Ratlord himself to make sure that this happened. #TTsucks #allmyhomieshateTT #WHAT #WHATDIDHESAY
  3. I hate this site. It suggests items, but following it directly has made me lose money on everything of over 1m in value. Pic related.
  4. Cheed

    [Accepted] Mr Sed

    For the record, the blowjob was Ray's idea. Glad to see that you applied. I think that you would make a good addition to the PvM team
  5. Welcome brother, hope you enjoy your time with us.
  6. Cheed

    [Accepted] Shleemy

    Welcome, don't be a stranger!
  7. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time with us.
  8. Welcome, you've come to the right place.
  9. Welcome, your honesty is appreciated. Look forward to seeing you in the CC.
  10. Cheed

    [Accepted] HassLived

    Welcome, look forward to seeing you around.
  11. Cheed

    [Accepted] Joyfool

    Welcome brother, this is certainly a good place to grow as a player.
  12. Welcome brother, hope you enjoy your time here.
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