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  1. staking? green ring place bad!
  2. kodai isnt included but ive gotten sick luck at hitting purples lately, olmet in no time
  3. Gz to krat for playing a female character as well winning a whip for yesterdays pocket item
  4. gz to kiwi on getting 100 super restores and jensen on the verac armor set
  5. I think it should be like a 2 minute run to get to the safespots. Not like a burning amulet teleport to right outside the lair.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/JHxRvyt watermelon seeds and pure essence from corp trip
  7. Misdeal

    [Accepted] CWGame

    Yo nice this guy isnt a sweaty basement virgin. Love it when people understand this shit
  8. Is kbd not considered a wildy boss? Was a great compromise until jagex released the burning amulet.
  9. Hardcore jellin on that scorp pet. One of my favorite in the game
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