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  1. Would love to get a snapshot from here to be like a 20x40 vertical mouse pad
  2. Gzgzgzgzgzgz fucking massive grind mate, I would've given up and stuck with my yew longbow after KC 46
  3. Bryophyta then account complete, i did wildy as my starting area in leagues, so id rather do something new
  4. https://imgur.com/a/0pS8KCJ Stats after the weekend of low/moderate playing ended up killing giant rats in the varrock sewer to cook the meat for 32 cooking. Mithril sword and chef's hat/ cooking guild achieved
  5. Going trying something new here, doing a limited area ironman like all the cool youtubers. In this case I will be locking myself to Varrock with the goal of beating Bryophyta. But I will be updating the forum with my progress here. Current goal is to enter cooking guild and I will redeem membership on this account
  6. Wow if I didn't already have my membership cancelled I would cancel that over this, the dev 117 spent 2000 hours getting this ready, only to be shot down on release day
  7. Why don't we ever black salamander rag with a full invent of brews?
  8. Misdeal

    [Accepted] UCP

    Oh shit WB dude
  9. (12:05 BST) The Theatre of Blood Rewards Chest is not showing up in it's usual spot.(12:10 BST) [FIXED] The chest has returned and been told to book official time off before disappearing again. Lmao
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