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  1. afking some skill on mobile at work is pretty nice, karambwans dont move so you can get full inventories easily
  2. you can prolly get some quick levels at wt if you wanted
  3. nice man, good luck with it
  4. doesnt it spawn on the first fat split guy?
  5. 4 pets now Supreme - 63 kc Prime - 719 kc Rex - 1008 kc Skotos - 25 kc Gf ez. Gl all in 2019.
  6. jesus in his ama he said he was doing around 17 hour days
  7. hey i remember this person. WB friend
  8. I'll add you later tonight if i remember my name is legal_age_bear also plat 3 in duos, diam 1 in standard
  9. Misdeal

    [Accepted] trap irl

    welcome trap, sorry i couldnt come to bandos earlier, i just finished my draft for a raised dog bed im building for my dog so he can see out the front window while he's laying down. On a shitty note, the random Mark and I were going with (OG Triews) got both drops in his name and logged out when we went to split
  10. Gratz dude, good luck on the interview
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