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  1. Misdeal

    welcome trap, sorry i couldnt come to bandos earlier, i just finished my draft for a raised dog bed im building for my dog so he can see out the front window while he's laying down. On a shitty note, the random Mark and I were going with (OG Triews) got both drops in his name and logged out when we went to split
  2. Misdeal

    Gratz dude, good luck on the interview
  3. Misdeal

    Hap bir
  4. Recently hit 99hp, pushing me onto a total level of 1750. At the time of making this I have 71,422,700 total xp oofed the chart titles, wasnt using matlab
  5. Misdeal

    Save it for tomorrow
  6. Misdeal

    maxed out on upload space on last comment but dks are kind to me
  7. Misdeal

    Got a whip today but was on mobile at work and never took a screenshot 90 slayer
  8. Misdeal

  9. Misdeal

    too late for piouyts massive drop party though
  10. Misdeal

  11. Misdeal

  12. Misdeal

    Worst part was getting 68 mining
  13. Misdeal

    i got 70 recently, might get 75 for fremnik elite
  14. Misdeal