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  1. Wow, that looks sick! I've seen those ALICE type keyboards where the keys are separated and wavy, but I haven't seen this type of ergo keyboard before. I feel like this one is better since you can actually move the two parts around. Typing ergonomics are definitely something that's super important when typing for long periods of time. Like you said, definitely let us know how the overall experience is. Absolutely, I agree that the optical switches beat everything Keychron has to offer, even if you use their keyboards wired or even if you buy the wired only versions of their keyboard. I'm sure the v2 will keep you happy for a while as well. It also makes me excited for the future that just a few years ago, the majority of the mechanical keyboard market wasn't as accessible for newcomers due to the price point and variety. Hopefully that means in a few years, as long as demand keeps increasing, the technology gets better and better. It's a little outside my budget, and I'm not sure how I'd fare without dedicated arrow keys, but the Wooting 60E seems to be getting great reviews for a gaming keyboard because of how you can customize their actuation point and that rapid trigger option with their new analog switch. Maybe if they come out with a version between their 60% and their full size, I might be more interested. It's great to see how the companies are already starting to come up with new ideas to push each other to be better!
  2. Had a super humbling and awesome experience over the past few days regarding the low-profile Keychron K5SE. My version was the RGB backlit one with hot-swappable Keychron optical switches (I chose the mint switches). So I originally got it on Monday, and was super excited to try it out after work. When that time came, I typed on it a little bit, but didn't like how rattly sounding the stabs were, so I took everything apart to lube the stabs (decided to lube the switches as well, because why not?). After lubing everything, I wanted to also throw in a thin layer of PE foam that came with the box, because I figured it would be nice to fill in the space between the bottom case and the PCB. I also figured I'd try out the Tempest tape mod, which is basically applying layers of non-conductive carpenter's/painter's tape on the back of you PCB to make the sound when typing more "poppy". Well, I put everything together, realized there wasn't enough room for both a foam mod and a tape mod, took out the tape mod, and... the keyboard didn't work. The LEDs and RGB lighting all worked, but no keys actually responded to my presses. So, I spent the next few days researching and asking for help on r/BudgetKeebs and was pretty bummed out about the whole ordeal. My very first keyboard that I took apart and modded and I broke it! As I was finishing up work today, I got a response from someone on r/BudgetKeebs who told me to look for a reset switch under the spacebar area on the PCB as Keychron keyboards sometimes have this switch. I reluctantly opened everything back up again and was sad to see that there was no switch. However, there was some weird yellow residue and some tape residue from the tape mod (at this point, I just took out the foam as well because I thought bringing everything back to a stock version might've helped). Without hoping for anything, I used a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol and cleaned the yellow residue along with the PCB overall. Popping the battery connector in, I put a few switches into the PCB to test the keyboard and... IT WORKED! Cleaning the PCB from the residue and whatever grime was on there totally fixed my problem and I was so happy! I learned that sometimes, you have to start from the ground up when troubleshooting and in my case, it was making sure that the PCB was clean. I had thought that I fried my PCB because my painter's tape had some sort of conductive acrylic, but it was just a matter of making sure that the PCB was clean. Anyways, I'm going to put the foam back in there tomorrow and see how everything sounds and feels. The stabs are WAY better after lubing them, and I'm pretty happy with the mint switches (a tactile copy of the holy panda switches). So far, I'm liking the keyboard for a low profile tactile typing experience. I'll be using it interchangeably with my other work keyboard and am looking forward to when my V1 arrives to mod that as well if need be! Pictures were uploaded to my Imgur here.
  3. What a coincidence! I've been trying a K2 aluminum version, and it was really satisfying to type on out of the box without lubing the stabilizers (they pre-lube them) and just using the Gateron reds (also pre-lubed) with their keycaps. I know that typically people tell you to lube your own stabs and switches, or clean off whatever factory lubed things there are and then re-lube them yourself, but it was during the work week and I didn't have time to do so until the weekend and it sounded and felt fine to me (but I don't yet have that acquired ear to know what's "perfectly" lubed or not). If it makes a difference, the aluminum portions of the keyboard are only the outside "rails" of the board on the top, bottom, left and right. They literally screwed in these aluminum rails onto a plastic case, and in my opinion, only makes it slightly slimmer and heavier and doesn't affect the overall keyboard too much. I actually screwed and slid them off just to see what the difference was, and it definitely looks nicer for sure, but the sound seemed the same (maybe slightly more pingy with the aluminum rails on). I saw that ordering from Keychron directly might be cheaper for the keyboard, but the shipping seems super high even though they ship them out of China. I think it ranged from $25 to $30 via DHL, so I just went the Amazon route. I think also if you do decide on returning it if you buy Keychron products on their website, they charge YOU to pay the return shipping, whereas the simple free returns with Amazon. I think Divinikey also sells Keychron products out of California (I think, definitely US though) without needing to pay the crazy shipping from China if you go the non-Amazon route. I'm going to try out the V1, but it won't arrive until Friday. I went with the barebone knob without any switches, but I'm pretty sure you have to order from Keychron themselves as it just came out last week and it hasn't reached Divinikey or Amazon as far as I am aware of. It's basically a budget version of their Q1. Plus the K series are all Bluetooth wireless, which is cool. What did you think of the Q1 after looking at it? edit: grammar
  4. Definitely a great price. They still look brand new and I'm sure will still be the same for another 6+ years. I'm going to try PBT for the first time as I've always used cheap ABS caps, and I hope mine last as long as yours do. Looks like massdrop is an awesome website for keyboards and accessories from all the info that I've read from here and on Reddit. I bought a Sennheiser headset from them many years ago and never realized they sold keyboard stuff! Man, they look freaking amazing. That form factor for the Tab90 seems perfect for office and gaming use. I'm also glad that it seems like there are more and more options for those that do want the numpad even if the smaller layouts seem more popular these days.
  5. Wow, such a clean and solid look with this! You and Koods make me excited for whenever my Vortex Race 3 comes. For the Pok3r, did the colorful keys come in addition with the keyboard itself?
  6. That's awesome. Do you find that having keyboards with different layouts is worth it? I know obviously one keyboard is fine for many uses, and maybe it's just me being excited about learning of a new hobby, but I really feel like having keyboards with different layouts is definitely a goal for me in the future. Again, I just started the hobby, so I'd like to know your thoughts on having all the layouts since it seems like you have a lot of experience with different boards! That looks absolutely sick. Did it take you a while to get used to it? And is it just for macros for various different games, or just for F keys when you use a layout that doesn't have them? I didn't know that, yet another reason why it's so good I guess!
  7. Damn, that's amazing! The bottom keycaps almost look porcelain. What type of keycaps are those? I was looking at the Vortex Race 3, but I've been waiting for months for mechanicalkeyboards.com to restock and they keep pushing the restock date back. How is your experience with the Vortex? I read how they're one of the best you can get. Also, you're a madman for being able to type on legendless keycaps haha. That's really good to know. I'll look into using a low-profile for gaming and overall use then instead of just once in a while and see how it feels. Wow, the GMMK Pro is literally one of the keyboards everyone talks about being the "endgame" keyboard. So much great customization and features with limitless possibilities for switches and keycaps, etc. If you buy it, definitely let us know how it is. All the videos I watch show off just incredible the GMMK looks and sounds!
  8. Holy crap, that looks legit! Have you always used low profile keyboards for gaming? If not, how do they compare with other keyboards? I have smallish hands/fingers, so I may consider actually using a low profile board so I can reach the F keys better
  9. So my old Logitech keyboard has started to die (switches becoming unresponsive), and I started reading more and more about mechanical keyboards. Needless to say, out of the millions of hobbies that have their rabbit holes to spiral downwards into, this one officially has its hooks on me! I'm officially addicted to mechanical keyboards and all the different aspects of them. Over the past month or so, I've learned about mechanical keyboard terms like stabs, switches, PBA, ABS, double-shot, dye-sublimated, gateron, cherry xm, QMK/VIA, the list goes on and on. I've always gamed on membrane keyboards and found out that my old Logitech keyboard had Cherry MX brown switches(apparently, a switch is underneath the keycaps and what registers what key(s) you are pressing on a keyboard). Anyways, what are your current or previous keyboards that you use on a daily basis for work/gaming or that you used to use? Currently, I'm using a quiet Keychron K2 for work, and am waiting for a NuPhy Air60 for traveling, and a Royal Kludge100 for gaming. Keychron K2 Keychron V2. 75% keyboard, double-shot ABS keycaps, Gazzew Bobagum quiet linear switches. NuPhy Air60 NuPhy Air 60. 60% low-profile keyboard with Gateron red switches. Waiting on it to arrive! This is the stock image on their website. Looking forward to my Royal Kludge 100 for gaming to arrive in the mail! Royal Kludge (RK) 100 Compact full-size keyboard. Going to put the same quiet switches as my work keyboard (Gazzew Bobagums) and get a set of botanical keycaps to swap the stock ones with. Again, feel free to post your favorite current or past keyboards, or any that you wish you had!
  10. Haha, I know, right? When making all my socials and stuff, I just googled the letter "H", and thought it also looked like the history channel. Thanks! I will for sure. Thanks for the offer, I definitely will! Just 1911 at the moment, but thanks to good ol' COVID, my work went completely 100% work from home in 2021, so all I do every day is get paid to play OSRS haha. I know it's not "optimal training" to do maniacal monkeys, smithing dart tips, cutting rubies, etc., but I've just been doing the afk ways of training for most skills so I can still focus somewhat on work.
  11. I've always wanted to go to Japan, especially for the food. I'd like to go to Italy. My brother went there and couldn't stop telling me all of the awesome things he saw.
  12. HubertTheMad Tell us about yourself. Hello! My name is Hugh Crowder, and I was browsing through the OSRS clan forums and found this website. I've been playing since 2004 (I think that's right, I have a yo-yo in RS3, so at least 2004!), and only started OSRS at the beginning of the year. I love all sorts of video games, especially MMORPGs and fun "party" steam games like Phasmophobia, Jackbox, etc. I'm originally from Sweden, but moved to the US when I was young. I really love doing everything in OSRS (even when grinding the not-so-fun skills and achievements), but am a big fan of PvP and PvM. I used to PK a lot before the wildy was removed, and enjoyed those huge clan wars in F2P and P2P. I think it's cool that old clans like this one is still around, as sadly I don't really talk to the people I used to play with back in the day, and it's really nostalgic to think about how Runescape used to be. I'm looking forward to joining this clan eventually, I just want to max first before I do so, because I want to enjoy PKing and PvMing without needing to feel like I have to grind skills and achievement diaries. Basically, I want to get to a point where I just log in to hang out and do social events, PK or PvM instead of logging in to skill or grind before I join a clan. Clan history. Damage Inc How did you hear about us? OSRS clan forums Do you plan to join? Eventually Any last comments? Just wanted to say hi at this time, and to say that your website and clan look sweet! Hopefully I'll join by the end of this year or sometime next year when I'm maxed :)
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