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  1. The issue is, Death had a consequence. People can go in max gear to any boss without fear of losing items. Whilst before you had to have either trust worthy team mates to grab your stuff, or your make a loss/have to run non max gear. This has made the game a lot easier as its taken away any fear. Otherwise somebody would either be grabbing your gear to keep/or your have to dash back in 90seconds before somebody can loot, or if somebody/you couldn't get there it would de-spawn and be removed from the game. No items get removed currently after the added in Graves due to the DDOS attacks the game suffered with the mass disconnects causing deaths. The Wilderness bosses have Risk Vs Reward. With so many on Reddit people complaining about having to losing stuff to death, it's completely warped the attitude to death and risk vs reward over the past few years. Nothing ever leaves the game any more. It's too safe and the Economy is suffering due to the oversupply of all the high end items which just stay in circulation.
  2. Lovely post mate. Pretty much exactly the same reasons for me, even after I took a break and most the people I knew had left. I come back and it still feels like home and I've never been gone. Best clan in RS hands down I've seen nothing replicated at all community wise.
  3. suffud

    [Accepted] Batfire

    Oh god not again! Everybody best start attending Barrows Wednesdays! Or was it Tuesday? Glad to have another Vet back!
  4. Nice to meet you Ross. Very detailed application I'm sure your fit right in with our PvM crowd.
  5. Yeah getting that pet drop too surprises me still to this day!
  6. LMFAO I never noticed that, edited wth I really don't remember typing that. Not even joking That's the plan, although I'll really need to up my bank value and get unrusty. Also time contraints are gonna be a thing as I start work at 3am. I will miss the Rev Caves though, for all the positives and negatives there. It was a fun place to PK. More thrills than Spider ect I never competed on high end, mostly due to my internet for most of its popularity being garbage. 2 days to update sometimes... Loads better now But IBit'd be trying to use more niche weapons with dropshots ect. Bit of a fast one with a quick throwing knife and melee kills too. Never really got to grips with Warzone due to the internet speed, also Coldwar is garbage so instantly put me off with the forced integration. I'm unsure if your joking here, or confusing me with somebody else. I'm no PRO at BA. I think Imi used to do runs for people though. I've got Torso/Fighter hat though.
  7. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. WG Suffud What is your current RS name? WG Suffud List any previous RS names: Suffud WG Sufffud Others I need to remember there's too many... What is your total level and combat level? 1863 Total 120 Combat Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Long time player for over a decade, had a bit of a break in recent years due to IRL stuff. Coming back into the game as I've missed it and the community but a lot has changed. So lots to relearn. Tell us about your clan history. Clan history that matters is The Wilderness Guardians, old member from, I don't even know what year since the old forums are gone now. I firmly believe its the best community I've been in on a global game. If I remember rightly I've held almost every staff role in my previous time, except for app manager/Leader for the clan. Tell us about your yourself. I'm in my late twenties Brit. Bit of a bookworm and nerd. Love my Pokemon,Marvel, LOTR, and Starwars. Lot of my recent time has been taken up by Ark Survival Evolved, and before that I was a sweaty cod mw2 player. I've started up the Yugioh TCG again which I may regret. I work retail, so have an hatred for most Karen's, some are nice though! I've had a rough patch in my early/mid twenties with Anxiety and Depression which I had from bullying from my teenage years. Stress and other such ll caught up with me and overwhelmed me. Anybody needs a chat there's always a ear there for you, don't worry about asking! Your not alone. How did you hear about us? Was either on forums originally, or somebody tapped me up in Edgeville. What makes you want to join us? I've grown bored of these games recently due to the group I played with drifting away to other games. I've lurked our forums whenever I'm on my laptop to try and stay aware of the clan. I've missed the banter that the group had, the pking and boss trips. Plus the game itself. If i'm playing Runescape I want to be in WG. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes. Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
  8. Rat Catchers quest is pretty bad too. Olafs quest bridge is another nasty bit of torture.
  9. A couple years back I struggled quiet badly with Depression and Anxiety. The key to getting through the dark patches is having people look out for you knowing whats wrong. Going at it alone and your going to struggle more. Like you said even the smallest acts of kindness can mean so much more than people realize. I still get down patches now but I know methods for getting through it. Plus found a wonderful woman to share my life with which helps a ton! If anybody needs to talk, feel free to DM me on Disc or here.
  10. Can always have a game on it sometime. I brought it a few weeks ago but installed it yesterday. Grew up on AOK and Starwars galatic battlegrounds so Age is my first love, then runescape after alongwith LOTR ROTK on Ps2. I might deliberately not get one, just to trigger an old clan member who left and might one day return. I will get it just waiting on a Jad task and when i CBA tbh.
  11. I've always gotta do something different. I think most people should get what its based on. Must admit it took a while like 20 minutes or so. Won't be on all the time like the old days, my work shifts SHOULD allow me to do some Pk trips without feeling like I'm gonna pass out due to 5am start. Gotta relearn the game and dust off the rust.
  12. Now this is the story all about, How my life got twisted turned upside down, And I'd like to take a minute and sit right there, And tell you how I became Suffud, of the Wilderness Guardians. In the town of Edgeville born and raised In the Wilderness is where I spent most of my days Ice Blitz-Dds specing out some fool Pking some kids just after school, When a group of guys up to no good, Tried to take my loot and I ate all my food. I hit my tele tab as I got scared, Screw this I need to PK with some friends, I went onto forums and searched for a while, Then this one post made me smile, If anything this clan was rare So I'll send in my app to them as they seem to care, I got accepted and fit in real quick, Finding a place where ideals are not a gimmick, I looked at my clan members, I was finally there. Playing with the best, The Wilderness Gaurdians. _____________________ It's been a long time my friends. After taking a break from the game due to being thoroughly burnout. Both due to the grind and IRL issues I have decided to make my comeback to the Wilderness Guardians. I've been around here a while but a lot has changed. Many of you won't know of me. I joined on OSRS as a Berserker and after a lot of gentle bullying by the defence noobs I leveled up after making a pure to replace it in time. Partly to shut them up, mostly to avoid the maundering mobs of 1 defense pures who most of us couldn't help me against. Still got my share of the loot though as a Berserker! I've still yet to max or own a Fire Cape. I do have 99 Untrimmed HP though its close to trimming. I have held almost every staff rank at one time or the other. As well as owning several types of pure. Interests outside the clan are gaming, I have every console this gen, currently on Pokemon Sword, Ark Survival Evolved and Modern Warfare. Although I do love Age of Empires. Apart from that the usual netflix style shows, films, books ect. Got any questions feel free to ask.
  13. Just wondering if any of you lot play this on the Xbox? I currently play a non official RP server that's got almost as good a community as here. Aside a few rotten eggs. With the future DLC on the horizon the game is gonna be getting even more interesting if they can fix bugs too!
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