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  1. suffud

    You've not gone and lost another have you?
  2. suffud

    Soon be the lord of the rings!
  3. suffud

    1610 kill count is damn nice. Its one in 2k usually for pet right?
  4. suffud

    Come back rut! Congratulations on the pet, hope everything is going well.
  5. suffud

    Needs more dugger with birthday cakes.
  6. suffud

    Nice to meet you dude.
  7. suffud

    Well written app, a pleasure to see. If you want any advise don't hesitate to ask.
  8. suffud

    Congrats dude! Your wee frozen scottish arse will now be nice and toasty! Gotta get mine now.
  9. suffud

    Honestly I think on this we should instantly decline you. Add more in bro detailwise like the others said, lookin forward to hearing you pking with us again, will be good to have you back.
  10. 95 Magic - Fire Surge + Tomb of Fire = MEGA hits. I'm going to be making a Sotd Furge soon, theres also options for Gmaul Furge which is probs your best bet. Mine will be very different built compared to above but between the Toxicstaff Venom and staff's specail to help stop Gmaul Derp,
  11. Obby mauler into a Obby Maul Tank. Very different pking account thats pretty powerful too. Turn the splashing mage into just a general high cb pure. I would of said make it a Furge pure, but you want to get HP exp when doing that really.
  12. suffud

    Nice to see the application. I'm sure your fit in.
  13. suffud

    Good to see you applied bro! Still find it amusing the way we dropped the guy! Look forward to seeing you at events.
  14. suffud

    This might help a little. Might improve it more soon for members areas.