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  1. Just wondering if any of you lot play this on the Xbox? I currently play a non official RP server that's got almost as good a community as here. Aside a few rotten eggs. With the future DLC on the horizon the game is gonna be getting even more interesting if they can fix bugs too!
  2. Needed a break to freshen up. Hard to keep up the grind for so long tbh. WIll be on more often now for sure. Should have a new recruit from work too.
  3. Hello everybody. After a my longest break from RS for over 15 years I intend on playing again. It was a nice break away and I'll still be playing other games but will now be on RS too. Looking forward to catching up with all our old loyal members and meeting and getting to know all the new ones. Some information for any of the new members. I'm a Englishman hailing from the Midlands. I've been in the Wilderness Guardians for almost as long as I can remember on OSRS. Starting of as a Berserker pure and then deciding to get defense after a fair few months. I've had a love for pking since the original game but this clan is my first and only stint into group pking aside from low level Varrock teams back in the day. I used to love quests but I hate grinding. I do not own a fire cape as I'm sure @Lait Choco will mention but that will be rectified in the near future. Over holding various staff roles and I am a Silver Star rank in the clanchat. I've seen a lot of good times in WG, some bad but we have always got through them. Hoping that it will be all good for the foreseeable now. RL interests include: Gaming - Age of Empires 2, Assassins Creed, The Last of Us, Uncharted and a bunch of others, my current game other than RS is Ark Survival evolved. I'm a Ps4 favorite but play Ark on XB1 due to IRL friends. Reading - Big love for historic fiction and fantasy. Have MANY a Historic Roman series so if your after reading materail message me. The works of J.R.R Tolkien are a bible to me. Sports - I support the consistantly inconsistant Coventry City Football Club, Intend on playing football soon and I've a major love for Airsofting. If you have never done it its a little like Paintball but with BB guns and FAR better. Anyway its good to be back and I hope to see you all soon. PS: @Lait Choco is a noob.
  4. suffud

    [Accepted] Stoor Worm

    Glad to have you back buddy!
  5. Congrats on the cape! @Lait Choco I've got a jad task! I'm just not finding time to play with Ark, GF and other RL stuff taking up time!
  6. I had 1m Raw, Cooked Shrimps on the old runescape, and i think i hit 134k Bronze 2h, that was a great earner since they could rise silly amounts out of nowhere. Had my bank value increase 2m once from just a 2h rise in price. My total random item collection was something around 35m before EOC. Gl on your Pastry quest, you should get a rename due to it
  7. Happy birthday our resident drunkard. Don't get too smashed.
  8. Nice to meet you mate, feel free to PM me if you want any training advise.
  9. Welcome back dude, this reminds me I still need to download that age of empires taunt pack... OSRS is a very different thing to the old game, everybody is much more efficient now. Its a different scene pking with a lot less casual people doing it for a laugh. If you need any help on training advise starting up let me know.
  10. How did you guys not kill him?! He was quick on the log out first time round. Unlucky lads, whoever speared south too next time run under them and push north. Another option is dropping the spear so Ross maybe could if he had specs speared him to multi. Shame you didnt drop him but nice job regardless. His good at switching so would of been tough to drop him either way.
  11. suffud


    You've not gone and lost another have you?
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