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  1. MickyLou

    Hello and Welcome! We would love to hear more about you =D!
  2. MickyLou

    Welcome!! im glad you finally applied
  3. MickyLou

    omg im in love with the house i really want some little piggys but my other half said no -__-
  4. MickyLou

    I find that when you play solo. its why I enjoy playing as a team with people as you can become competitive lol when I play it often turns into a game of who can kill more or complete the mission the fastest
  5. MickyLou

    Welcome ^^
  6. MickyLou

    Hello! I look forward to seeing your application ^^
  7. MickyLou

    PS4 is good .... I have one .... but xbox lol
  8. MickyLou

    Awesome! My gamer tag is MickyLOU90 im on most evenings and mornings
  9. MickyLou

    im no noob in destiny. unlike you your name should be sir noob not suffud
  10. Hello All! I am posting this here because i am looking for fellow guardians to play destiny 2 with. I play on the xbox one and am in a clan called Skyknights Arise. Skyknights Arise are also looking for new clan members so if your interested please message me on here or in OSRS. Hope to raid with you all soon
  11. MickyLou

    *Thumbs up*
  12. MickyLou

    They are fantasy adventure types. Eddings has magic Gemmell has swords love and adventure Both have some interesting plots and good character development.
  13. MickyLou

    his wife, bill watches happily as
  14. MickyLou

    apparently i have a PHD LMAO i wish
  15. MickyLou

    heyyy welcome