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  1. Corbula


    Welcome! Glad you're coming clean about previous rwting. Nice to see you're interesting in corp, mass is on thursdays! IDK if it is my pc or not but I can't see your stats on imgur. Got them from in game if you need to replace link
  2. Nice goals! Tempted to make one of my own for you!
  3. Nice app man, welcome! I know you are mainly interested in the pking side of things but we are for sure dragging you to some raids every once in a while
  4. Welcome Josh! We had a clan chess tournemant last night that might interest you in the future
  5. Corp dump. One day I will get the hang of this ball achingly difficult boss.
  6. Yes mate, welcome back! What do you have against eggs though?
  7. Corbula

    [Accepted] Excise

    Welcome! Glad you managed to come to Soul Wars event. Good luck on your app!
  8. Shit that this has happened and my condolences to you man. You've always said that you are available if anyone needs a chat which is great. If you yourself need someone to talk to or vent I'm here as well
  9. Corbula

    [Accepted] 800 ping

    Hey man, good to see you here. Hope you saved some of your task for Kree tomorrow!
  10. Half-Orc chef, name is "Grubz Urp" Exploring the world to develop my palate. If it is in front of me I will cook it. Please include me in your campaign.
  11. Welcome! Hope you stick around here, I'm sure your bossing, pking and english will all improve
  12. Speeds whilst living at my parents... only upgrade would be fibre and that isnt happening if they have to pay for it
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