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  1. Corbula

    Mr Fart Shat

    Good, strong, name you got there.
  2. Corbula


    Yeah dude your app could do with a bit more to it.
  3. nice one, good luck dude!
  4. I'm currently on a year out of university to intern at a financial advisory firm.
  5. Real nice application! Welcome and good luck Jake
  6. Welcome! Great to see more Dutch player here
  7. Nice app! I also like mechanical keyboards and own a couple. Use to be mad into 40K as well but sold everything apart from a couple of books. Good luck with the application and see you in game
  8. I voted yes for all of it except for the skilling rings. Wasn't happy with what they looked like... Quite interested in the elemental tomes!
  9. Damn, didn't realise you haven't a banana yet... Either way good fun at Corp event and hope app goes well!
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