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  1. Corbula

    Boss Only Slayer

    Love this, if you every want company on kalphite tasks just ask please!
  2. Corbula

    2k Total!

    Congratz! on to the zalcano grind?
  3. Welcome! Hope to see you around
  4. Corbula

    [Accepted] qva

    Welcome! Corp is so hot right now but I swear we do other pvm, honest. Hopefully see you on some trips soon
  5. Welcome back! Appreciate the love for Age of Empires; heard the recent re-release is kinda buggy though. Still need to pick it up.
  6. Welcome! good luck on your app
  7. Hey man, welcome and good luck!
  8. Corbula

    [Accepted] Zavanus

    Nice app dude; Welcome!
  9. I'm like blue dragon as there are so many options and also spiritual mages as I'm getting a fair few dragon boots recently
  10. Corbula

    [Declined] Ruuegs

    Welcome! nice to see you at K'ril, hopefully more pvm in the future!
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