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  1. @Metalicm4g3 Sorry mate, the code can't be copied in like that. For barrows I suggest typing in before opening the chest. I'll be hiding your comment from this thread. Same for you Logout.
  2. Great to see new people interested in joining WG! Feel like your app is a little light though, worth checking last app's that have been accepted to get an idea of what is expected. Good luck and I hope to see you in the CC!
  3. Welcome! Glad to see you've applied
  4. Coz I boosted twice innit
  5. Yep that all seems fine, thank you. Now I can't seem to click and drag images in to the recap form though Edit: I can edit the post and then insert images
  6. Hmm, I was looking to do a cumulative kc and drops rather than a weekly thing. I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to add in a weekly thing, I'll have a mess around when I have a free moment. No.
  7. Event title, time selection, and tags remain white. Have to drag/highlight to view what is in the boxes. You guys are seeing a banner?
  8. From last week's Corp Mass I have started keeping track of who got the kill and what the drop is. Even though the drop rates are quite clear on the wiki I thought it would still be interesting to see how things pan out over time. As I do not know if it is possible to embed external active graphs and tables in to a forum post, here is a link! https://tinyurl.com/y3dc7tcs Will only update this with info from mass trips so that the KC data doesn't get skewed from a tonne of solo trips. Enjoy!
  9. Link to Calendar event: TBC MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE CODE: WG VS TN 328 IN YOUR DROP PICS LIKE SO: Link to current scores: https://tinyurl.com/y3628m3s GODWARS DUNGEON Bandos: Chestplate - 4.5 pts Tassets - 4.5 pts Boots - 4.5 pts Hilt - 7 pts Pet (1:5k) - 15 pts Saradomin: SS - 1.5 pts Sara Light - 2 pts ACB - 7 pts Hilt -7 pts Pet (1:5k) - 15 pts Armadyl: Helm - 4.5 pts Chest - 4.5 pts Skirt - 4.5 pts Hilt - 7 pts Pet (1:5k) - 15 pts Z
  10. Corbula


    Welcome Patrick, nice app!
  11. "The Shaggers prefer a slow start to the evening to then come first, from behind. They prefer to come from behind. They are experts and know this field, hence the name." Kieran Walker - Manager
  12. Yooo Skets, welcome back! You still owe me 200 Addy darts
  13. Corbula


    Glad you re-applied! Thottiemon is an amazing name
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