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  1. that is a COMBO food right there I am thankful for my limbs and that I am strong enough and coherent enough to ignore the voices in my head.
  2. Welcome back again mate!
  3. WADDUP! Great to see you've made another application, stories are always preferred over bullet points or a list. Don't think I noticed in your previous app but I am also studying Accountancy right now. please join me in voice when I have to take my exams
  4. Congratulations! You've done the bare minimum! Jk, great to see that you've re-applied man
  5. I did Wado Ryu to brown belt but stopped when I was 20/21. Played rugby and field hockey from about 9 years old until couple of years ago. Have an issue with my bones so I can't play impact or contact sports but I still enjoy cycling, rowing, and walking. Live next to what would be called a national park in the US so that's alright.
  6. Nice! Zerg were my fav! I would be on EU west right now though.
  7. oh hell yeah, ill brush off the rust but I was plat random in sc2 like 5 years ago haha. Haven't played since, hopefully my internet can take it! Right now I play OSRS , a tiny bit of casual CSGO, and any single player game that I either remember or seems interesting. Right now I'm playing ChronoTrigger and Bioshock remastered
  8. Hey man, welcome!
  9. Corbula

    [Declined] Nott

    Welcome! Glad to see you have applied again
  10. 17 attempts! GOOOOOD luck!
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