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  1. Pen Fifteen

    @Bonegnasher only bought online once - online ammo sales are banned in NY. I really want a Garand too, but the ammo is quite rare from what I hear. I was trying to buy a Polish-milled AK too but I cannot seem to get my hands on a pre-1970 one (the requirements for semi-autos with "assault" features in NY)
  2. Pen Fifteen

    "favorite skill is runecrafting" - we have a psychopath in our midst
  3. Pen Fifteen

    yea that is a really cool major. future airforce operator?
  4. Pen Fifteen

  5. Pen Fifteen

    welcome! if you wrote your own bot scripts as a kid, bravo my friend
  6. Pen Fifteen

    Welcome! Biggest fish you've ever caught?
  7. Pen Fifteen

    welcome! thats cool that your dad plays too
  8. Pen Fifteen

  9. Pen Fifteen

    Me: Wow that was the best ice-cold milk I've ever tasted Everyone else at the sperm bank: ...
  10. Pen Fifteen

    Starting a (legal) firearm collection. Have 3 as of now but hoping to get a hand on some machine guns when I move out of my current state (bans machine guns). Some serious value in those things and they go up year after year.
  11. Pen Fifteen

  12. Pen Fifteen

    good skulltricking accounts
  13. Pen Fifteen

    I'm assuming he means he will leave that one to join WG, since he said it was too small. But if not then ditto
  14. Pen Fifteen

    Ramses was my mascot's name. Welcome
  15. Pen Fifteen

    AWRMBNTTFS, TROTPTKABASNBI. A firearms guy must know this one. Welcome!