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  1. Fun debate here that the poll started. Some well thought out points - some education for our friends across the pond. @VapeRSRepeat makes a great point. Women are at such a disadvantage in any physical altercation with a larger man, and rape with a knife is not that uncommon an occurrence. If a woman had a firearm, she can resist any sort of attack with a knife. The arbitrariness of these bans that they try to implement in the USA is an issue in that anyone with a brain knows banning "assault weapons" will do nothing to change the rate of deaths from these killings, but it will have a spillover effect into lawful self defense use. In my home state of NY, where one of the most strict assault weapon bans are in place, I can still own the exact same AR 15 that everyone else has, except it looks absolutely stupid and has a 7 round limit. Will that limit stop anyone from mowing people down who are defenseless - no, because a reload takes 4 seconds. Will that limit stop me from defending myself? Yes because I can only hold 7 rounds, even in a handgun. In any home invasion scenario I can tell you the perpetrators are going to have gotten their guns from Georgia or Virginia, and they will have the 20 round handgun mags. Now I am outgunned in my own home, a dangerous scenario when there is more than one perpetrator in the home with 40 rounds in their combined handguns and I'm sitting here with 7, and I can assure you I don't have time to get on my holster with a spare mag. @Ghost Sabre also does make a great point in that a deterrent to the US government moving towards too much control is the second amendment. There are countless high-ranking law enforcement officials who refuse to enforce gun laws, even in my home state of NY. The enforcement officials understand that the laws are perceived as tyrannical and people would quite literally fight off enforcement of overbearing laws. There would be nothing to stop bureaucrats from acting as tyrants before SCOTUS has a ruling on a law, because they can do damage without fear of harm. The original 2A interpretation did actually have a recent use - the Bundy Rebellion, renamed to the Sagebrush Rebellion. This is as recent as 2014 - https://www.hcn.org/issues/50.7/sagebrush-rebellion-celebrity-scofflaw. The fact that the ranchers had equal arms to the feds prevented them from tyrannically taking the cattle.
  2. The situation at hand is quite sad, and I pray for those who have lost a loved one to gun violence in any country around the world. While we can always offer condolences to the people around us and love one another, we cannot stop acts of hatred for human life. It is very, very sad, and I urge any of you passionate about this to contact your elected officials and ask what they are trying to do to stop the massacres - and if they are unsure offer them educated, realistic suggestions on what you think they should do. Representatives of smaller districts actually do listen to their voters sometimes. While I am personally of the belief that none of these measures polled would do absolutely anything to deter mass shootings, these are popular proposals in the usa to address the mass-shooting problem. To foreigners unfamiliar with the true issue at hand - the US has an exceptionally high number of firearm deaths, but most of those are suicides or homicides with illegal weapons purchased on the black market. The small subset of us murders that are mass shootings are frequently - but not mostly - committed with legally-owned semi-automatic rifles (one shot per pull of the trigger) with standard-capacity (20-30 rounds) magazines. The president released his plan at 10:00 am this morning to attempt to combat the mass shootings, and it includes policing the 4chans of the world, along with having tech companies gather data about potential extremists on their sites. It also includes a due-process hearing in which a report can lead to the temporary seizure of firearms - this appears to be different from laws currently on the books in some states where there is no due-process and the courts can just seize the guns without you having your day in court. The plan also includes a modernization of the process for involuntarily committing someone to a mental institution - exact details have yet to be released. So, aside from the mental-health based measures and radicalization measures that will be used to combat terrorism going forward, do you guys feel there should be any additional firearm restrictions in place set by the federal government? In the poll are popular ones amongst the gun-control circles, however the ideas are not necessarily "popular" with the American people when you look at true, unbiased polls not taken from the NRA nor from the Everytown/Giffords factions. While background checks are "popular" the other two options do not always reach 50% popularity in polls. So, what are your thoughts?
  3. @GurtJun definitely do herb until 90 if you raid. it is so fast and not that expensive. I would also recommend afking nmz for easy levels there with dharoks or with the maxed non-dharoks melee setup. @Vorki isn't runecrafting braindead levels of slow? As in it would be faster for me to get like thieving to 99 than it is to get RC even to like 87? and what level should I start black chins?
  4. wc is easy? and what would i craft for it to be not too expensive
  5. Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to 2k total from here? Trying not to spend too much money, but trying to do it in a decently quick time period. Any advice is appreciated!
  6. have you ever been a victim in the caves? welcome
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    welcome! don't get tempted to bot switches for pking
  8. @Bonegnasher only bought online once - online ammo sales are banned in NY. I really want a Garand too, but the ammo is quite rare from what I hear. I was trying to buy a Polish-milled AK too but I cannot seem to get my hands on a pre-1970 one (the requirements for semi-autos with "assault" features in NY)
  9. "favorite skill is runecrafting" - we have a psychopath in our midst
  10. yea that is a really cool major. future airforce operator?
  11. welcome! if you wrote your own bot scripts as a kid, bravo my friend
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  13. welcome! thats cool that your dad plays too
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