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  1. @GurtJun definitely do herb until 90 if you raid. it is so fast and not that expensive. I would also recommend afking nmz for easy levels there with dharoks or with the maxed non-dharoks melee setup. @Vorki isn't runecrafting braindead levels of slow? As in it would be faster for me to get like thieving to 99 than it is to get RC even to like 87? and what level should I start black chins?
  2. wc is easy? and what would i craft for it to be not too expensive
  3. Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to 2k total from here? Trying not to spend too much money, but trying to do it in a decently quick time period. Any advice is appreciated!
  4. have you ever been a victim in the caves? welcome
  5. Pen Fifteen

    [Accepted] lDux

    welcome! don't get tempted to bot switches for pking
  6. @Bonegnasher only bought online once - online ammo sales are banned in NY. I really want a Garand too, but the ammo is quite rare from what I hear. I was trying to buy a Polish-milled AK too but I cannot seem to get my hands on a pre-1970 one (the requirements for semi-autos with "assault" features in NY)
  7. "favorite skill is runecrafting" - we have a psychopath in our midst
  8. yea that is a really cool major. future airforce operator?
  9. welcome! if you wrote your own bot scripts as a kid, bravo my friend
  10. Pen Fifteen

    [Accepted] Lavic

    Welcome! Biggest fish you've ever caught?
  11. welcome! thats cool that your dad plays too
  12. Me: Wow that was the best ice-cold milk I've ever tasted Everyone else at the sperm bank: ...
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