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  1. Pen Fifteen

    how does pvm work on a range pure xD? good luck!
  2. Pen Fifteen

    Any update on the tab?
  3. Pen Fifteen

    One afternoon a cat called CVS
  4. Pen Fifteen

    Holly - a hound mix. Mine is the brindle dog on the right
  5. AT 4474's recent DKs event, one of the people attending left about half way through. The first half of the trip was dry, but then the EXACT KILL after he left. This highlights the importance of not leaving events early, or even extending events by one kill. That one kill can make the difference of a 100k split or a 3m split. It is the difference between losing GP and making gp. It is also important not to end trips right after a loot. You can easily get another, as drop rates are independent. The second item in a back-to-back is just as rare as the first, they have no influence on eachother.
  6. Pen Fifteen

    Is that with corp defense lowered to 0 though? @aaight
  7. Pen Fifteen

  8. Pen Fifteen

    I have tested this myself, and it appears that with my testing, Crystal Halberd does in fact deal full damage at Corporeal Beast, despite rumors that it does not. With that said, do you think it is a fair weapon to bring to the boss during a mass? It is obviously inefficient in small teams.
  9. Pen Fifteen

    Thanks for all the welcomes! (part 2 lol) @Black Fist fellow tar heel? or a fan?
  10. Pen Fifteen

    thanks for all the welcomes!
  11. Pen Fifteen

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. AbyssalHiney What is your current RS name? AbyssalHiney List any previous RS names: Pen Fifteen - Will likely switch back BBERK - want to switch back but is taken or glitched What is your total level and combat level? Total Level is 1835 Combat Level is 116.3 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing a long time ago, probably around 2007. My name is just a pun on the abyssal whip, and the old name Pen Fifteen is funny if you replace it with numbers. I usually play League and afk in farming guild but I enjoyed solo pking chaos altar people to make the activity dangerous. I really do enjoy PVM but my friends have phased out of the game so I need people to pvm with. I would like to learn raids better as I have been struggling to run olm solo. A long, long time ago I enjoyed luring (think 2012 or 2013) in the red portal but I do not like doing that anymore. Tell us about your clan history. No clan history. I joined some random clan that I cannot even remember when citadels first came out in rs3 to see what a maxed citadel looked like but I left after that. Tell us about your yourself. Brandon Male 22 USA - NY/NC/NY Graduated as a Tar Heel Business Analyst for a bank starting in August Investing /real estate/ politics and law / being active in communities I don't really listen to music I can body board decently well and know a lot of random things I like video games (obviously) and learning about intriguing things I do not like people who play victim cards too much and blame everyone else for things that are nobody's fault How did you hear about us? I googled "osrs PVM clans" and eventually found yours What makes you want to join us? I like that the clan is old and will likely be here for a long time. I also like the initial goal of the clan was to keep the wilderness food chain alive and leave skillers and pvmers for the solo pkers because it is really annoying to be killing Vet or Ven and then get taken out by a clan of 12 for my food, salve amulet, and mystic robes. I also like that there is both PvP and PVm because even though I will mostly do PVM I like that there is a quick way to swap off to PVP. I also like the members rights where you can speak out if something is wrong because other clans will just ban you for that. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I used to lure in the past 2012/2013 under the name BBERK. I have not lured in a very, very long time.