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  1. Misdeal

    Nisse P

    Welcome bro, nice raiding with you earlier
  2. only got a few kills cause ggs are painful to do
  3. starting kc with big brain play to get all of them
  4. Misdeal


    welcome back my dude, reminds me i should make some agility events sometime.
  5. makes you wonder if its better to win nothing at all
  6. Had chat on clanmode so second picture as proof incase anybody wondered. Put the price back into clanbank, i'll deposit another 1mil for this mutagen --from Kratjeuh
  7. can we add nightmare and gwd, maybe put tob with olm as well? and what are youre thoughts on a daily bounty item too, like say you rolled zulrah, and you chose to make a bounty item of a magic fang, then whoever gets the item first gets the prize
  8. Welcome dude, you said you like pvm but where do you like to go usually?
  9. Welcome mate, what pets were the ones you were after?
  10. Too bad were a foot fetish clan
  11. Misdeal


    snip and sketch on windows 10, windows key + shift + s works as well, copying it to your clipboard and you can ctrl + v that on discord and on the forums
  12. welcome flyfish rick, glad to see some others here who also climb, hopefully the national parks open up again soon, snows finally starting to melt here
  13. Misdeal


    sometimes images can be too big for the forum, especially full screen screenshots, people usually use windows key + shift key + s for screenshots if the image is still too big try uploading it to imgur.com or something like that
  14. Welcome back, good luck with the wedding dude, hopefully covid won't cause too many issues
  15. Pretty good idea for an item sink, every time you high alch something your inventory gets scrambled
  16. Misdeal

    [Accepted] Batfire

    Cool stuff. WB
  17. staking? green ring place bad!
  18. kodai isnt included but ive gotten sick luck at hitting purples lately, olmet in no time
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