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  1. eyyy gl on entry:)
  2. a person can do a lot in two days a week. good luck!
  3. AlthorX

    [Accepted] Semb

    semb has run the core many a time now, very handy at corp
  4. nope, wrong again.... is mojo sick?
  5. AlthorX

    [Accepted] Azaethor

    interesting name you have there
  6. for the instanced boss rooms i assume you could reclaim lost items as long as someone is still inside?
  7. saw zemus today statistically speaking....mojo next
  8. AlthorX

    [Accepted] AlthorX

    *Update* because Mojo suggested it i tried another appeal and managed to recover Althor10 (now Althor rs3) and i now have 3 accounts, for 6 between rs versions. the oldest is almost eligable for a 15 year cape. sadly, my iron is still the highest and best of them all
  9. AlthorX

    [Accepted] AlthorX

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. AlthorX What is your current RS name? AlthorX List any previous RS names: Althor10, Ullr Ollerus, ZAAlthor, Althor What is your total level and combat level? Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. used to play RSC in 00 and was playing the moment 9/11/01 happened, had a few accounts that i lost the login for. in 05 or so i made Althor10 and played through EOC. when osrs came out i was happy to join, i missed my oldscape so much. OSRS ironman AlthorX was born the day Althor 10 got his ten year vet cape in rs3, and quickly surpassed all my other accounts, he is my main. i also have a ranged tank to be Ullr Ollerus who is still training. currently gearing up for bossing. Tell us about your clan history. Kitten Mafia, good people but i got frustrated when they couldnt rank my ironman main. been solo for a while since Tell us about your yourself. i'm Bryan, age 30, self employed contractor in the US. i like hard rock, classic rock, and metal music. I listen to audio books all day long at work. My biggest hobby is pc gaming, i prefer the old stuff like halo CE, ported FF games, and runescape. i especially love rpgs and tactical games. my biggest pet peeve is when people put in minimal effort doing their job. How did you hear about us? google "osrs wildy escort" led to reddit What makes you want to join us? i really like your view on not pking wildy pvmers. i miss being in a clan now that my old halo one has died out.after spending a couple days in the cc i think i would get along with the WG. I am most interested in high level PVM mechanics and learning raids, i think you are a group i could do it with. i got back good responses when i asked questions in the cc and on disc. I am also willing to share what knowledge i have with you (usually obscure). Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Althor10 was hacked, botted, then banned. an appeal has been accepted. it is somewhat my fault because i did not have the best security on the account (fixed since) no other mutes or bans across any account
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