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  1. Im a bit late to this party but anyway..... a few things to keep in mind are: do you have a spouse/kids/roommate/etc that can hear it? if so then avoid mechanical...you will be shot. I bought a corsair k55 specifically because it is moderately quiet...i can type at 4 am without the person sleeping 14 feet away getting pissed
  2. ive seen low effort apps insta rejected before....they had more meat on em than this one
  3. mmm turns out i really like raids...and im really really bad at it
  4. welcome! we have another who is working on a low combat quest cape, he may have some pointers for you
  5. 90 at, 90 str, 89 def, 81 pray, 94 mage, 95 range, 97 hp got me 115 finally!
  6. is it called snip? im on win7
  7. no worries, i almost exclusively pvm, no problems yet XD
  8. you do get around dont you? welcome
  9. all this talk of pizza making me hungry. my fav has to be key lime cheesecake
  10. i play halo mcc on steam as well as many other games steam:{FC}[ZA]Althor
  11. yeah, pretty chill people here. i'm sure you will find several to hang out with
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