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  1. WG Gore Def


    Pollie! Welcome back maat
  2. Heya Warner nice to meet ya, heard a lot about you from Ghost! Looking forward to chilling with u & ghost at CoX
  3. Mask, hi! Welcome back
  4. He namechanged, same account different name. I have the same, my name's changed as well since the bingo started.
  5. He asked for items to flip, that website I mainly use to pick out item ideas in an easy format. I wouldn't blindly follow the trade prices on the website as they usually list most recent trades, and those can be outliers.
  6. I'd be down, have played jackbox before, I only don't like the drawing minigames, the others are great fun with the right group.
  7. Leaving this here for people that are near maxed combat and have Monkey Madness 2 + Bonecrusher. Good post though Yasti No excuses to train your combat stats now, get on it.
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