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  1. WG Gore Def

    Good luck mate!
  2. WG Gore Def

    Honestly there's a big difference between RL and OSB. This is due to the nature of open source and anyone allowing to edit it as they please unlike with OSB. This makes it hard to curate which plugins are being used and/or are allowed. Even back then there were a lot of controversial non-official RL plugins floating around and they were very detrimental to the game integrity and very hard/impossible to detect. This scene has only grown, and now we have even crazier plugins going around that can do very questionable things such as one-way-safespot highlighting/overlays, PVM plugins for new content (hydra, vork, zulrah, cox, tob and even some inferno ones). I was in the same boat and didn't understand at first why RL was being targeted over OSB when they seemingly did the same thing. But I'm more inclined to side with Jagex nowadays after learning all of this. I feel if they improved the official client or bought over OSB and then banned all 3rd party clients, this would be a non-issue and the right way to do it. It's not a simple issue and it doesn't have an easy or cheap fix, so it's hard to judge them based on this. I feel like they should have communicated better with the community back then, and now it feels hard to go against the wishes of the community. I only have respect for Mat and I believe he has always wanted what was best for the game.
  3. WG Gore Def

    I hope so as well. He was a big speaker against MTX for us. Regardless, we've quit before, we'll quit again if necessary and I think they know this.
  4. WG Gore Def


    I was there, so was Bong and some other WG members. It was at an odd hour of the day so makes sense you didn't see it. Anyway, Vio might've left the clan but he's still been showing his face here and there. I'm sure he misses being part of the clan and didn't decide to leave easily. I like Vio and maybe someday we'll see him back in our ranks, no need to hold grudges when he hasn't done anything to wrong us(no, leaving isn't wronging us). Also gratz on the big 126!
  5. WG Gore Def

    Little more effort would be nice if you're planning on promoting, no?
  6. WG Gore Def

    Welcome back FLUX! Missed seeing you at barbarian outpost handling that big rod (;
  7. 2nd d chain this task, but the first one was before the competition
  8. WG Gore Def

    He's actually a pker at heart, I think once het gets his bank built up and his stats at a decent level he will joining trips in no time, heck, he might even get me into it. But ye fuck your luck, 16kc zenyte, 19kc vorki. 3 b rings in less than 100kc. Jesus christ mate, ofc I'm salty.
  9. WG Gore Def

    Took a couple of years but here he is
  10. WG Gore Def

    Maybe we should just pick a date and see how many people show up, even with two people it's fun to play against AI on harder difficulties.
  11. WG Gore Def

    Ya I do, hit me up on discord, havent played in ages though
  12. WG Gore Def

    D scim pure with Mith gloves and zammy book achieved, just gotta get 99 strength and it's finished. Somewhat of an oldschool build I revisit it once in a while when I feel like doing some BH.
  13. WG Gore Def