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  1. WG Gore Def

  2. WG Gore Def

    Just gonna repost the one I've posted on the other thread:
  3. WG Gore Def

    I welcome thee! Your name seems familiar, but then again it has Cat in it, and let me tell you.. We have an abundance of those. >.> I'm sure you'll be more coherent than the rest (right Adult Cat?). Good luck!
  4. WG Gore Def

    3rd time is the charm, eh? Welcome back!
  5. WG Gore Def

    I think you know me well enough, try me!
  6. WG Gore Def

    Finally you reapply! Welcome back bud
  7. WG Gore Def

    Great another Aaight underling. You do know he jacks off to my little pony right? Welcome tho! Seen you around in the cc, you'll fit right in!
  8. WG Gore Def

    Clan vs Clan castle wars
  9. WG Gore Def

    I meant I won't hold any strong opinions on it. As in I'm not for it or against it, because I don't know enough about it. We need more information.
  10. WG Gore Def

    I'll hold my opinions till it actually passes.
  11. WG Gore Def

    Welcome mate, seen you in the cc, overall nice dude
  12. WG Gore Def

    Ty for the vid, time to pump put 77 rc next week now that my arm is healing.
  13. WG Gore Def

    I don't think I like this new trend of me being a character in these fanfics.
  14. WG Gore Def

    So much cringe in so little pixels.
  15. WG Gore Def

    Smithing dart tips. Fletching unstrung bows. Crafting - Glassmaking/cutting gems Maniacal Monkeys hunting Woodcutting in general Cooking fish (Sharks, karambwans are usually profitable, about 100k gp/hr or so) MLM Brutal Black Dragons Eh, I've probably done other stuff on mobile but I can't really remember, and it's probably not really efficient to do anyway. Farm runs and birdhouse runs are also easily doable, and have decent profit for the amount of effort/time.