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  1. Delete. I was duped.

  2. Welcome to W.G your app is a little short but its nice to meet you
  3. That's the best thing ive ever read roll out Banner credit goes to @Baites
  4. Welcome To W.G, I fully understand the not a clan type of gamer, I never really liked clans, I joined here about a week ago. Its like a giant family in all honesty. Im almost positive your gonna love it here ! Looking forward to seeing you around the cc! Banner credit goes to @Baites
  5. We are the farthest thing from toxic IMO, the pking crew is even respectful is 99.99% of the time. Great to see another female joining in <3! looking forward To Talking to you here soon!
  6. im not even gonna lie frog I like yours lol
  8. They could Possibly be busy give it a few hours an try again!
  9. Welcome Home, Looking forward to seeing you around
  10. HEY!!! Glad to see you finally came to the darkside! Looking forward to seeing you around tonight Just remember its your reasonability to ask for a review!!!!! Banner credit goes to @Baites
  11. I played hockey most of my life, but I grew up in Canada so not knowing how to skate was super frowned upon lol, I deft miss it
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