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  1. Welcome to WG! Gz on the moolah from Frog
  2. s m o k e


    Welcome to WG brother
  3. Welcome back! Come tank nightmare like we discussed
  4. Hey man, welcome to WG. Does Green Bandits pk at all? Thought I had seen them out.
  5. Welcome to WG brother, see you on the Pk trips soon. Another 2k total world pker incoming Looks like Kobe Smash referred you, here's a tasty pic from the trip earlier.
  6. Welcome to WG brother, see you soon on some Pk trips
  7. Calendar bug with repeating events - for some reason on the second occurrence the event is extended across 2 days. See Revs PvM and Nightmare events below for next Mon./Tues.
  8. Welcome to WG brother. See you on a pk trip soon
  9. Welcome brother. Your cousin's a good dude.
  10. Welcome to WG my dude, come try out Pking with us soon!
  11. Welcome to WG brother Logout
  12. Welcome brother, if Yasti vouches you must be a good dude. Hope to see you pking with us soon.
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