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  1. Damn solid progress Need to show these 109-119 noobs to max if you only been playing a month
  2. s m o k e

    [Accepted] Semb

    Welcome back m8 Nice history section
  3. Welcome back brotha
  4. Welcome to the clan
  5. Welcome to wg Friend of Myl is welcome fo sho
  6. s m o k e

    [Accepted] fl loko

    Welcome to WG
  7. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. s m o k e

    [Accepted] Fir

    Welcome to WG
  9. Welcome to WG brotha
  10. All I do is go outdoors, hiking, backpacking, dirt biking, jeepin, camping, etc.
  11. Welcome to the forums, throw in an app I'm sure you'll have a good time.
  12. Welcome to WG As professional as they come
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