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  1. The grind is real, damn you're putting down some quests
  2. Welcome back to WG brotha
  3. Damn man came a long way. Hadn't realized you've been around for so long.
  4. Welcome to WG brotha.
  5. Welcome back. Throw that sucker in NMZ and come out pking when your levels are up.
  6. s m o k e


    Welcome to WG brotha
  7. Try to kill it with only range or only mage at first, to get the rotation and prayer switches down. Then incorporate mage/range gear swaps.
  8. s m o k e

    x Neato x

    Welcome to WG brotha
  9. Welcome to WG come out pkin
  10. s m o k e


    Welcome to WG We don't use the FC (old "wg cc" channel) much anymore with the new clan system out, we use the actual clan channel - that should be more active.
  11. Aye welcome to WG brotha, see you out on the PKing field.
  12. Welcome to WG, come PK with us sometime
  13. Welcome to WG, come out and pk with us fo sho
  14. Welcome to WG brotha
  15. Welcome to WG There's some avid POE people in here hit up Hatred Sabre and Misdeal. A new Baldurs Gate game? Hot damn
  16. Welcome to wg, used to love playing on maulers. Now dwh is a game changer.
  17. Aye welcome back brotha
  18. Huge gz man Don't tell Neigh
  19. Saw this in disc but gg again on cape dog
  20. Welcome to WG brotha
  21. Welcome to WG. Come pking with us.
  22. @Why Try Guy Need you round dog, one of the core members for sure. OGs still here even if the toxics come and go.
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