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  1. Hey man, Welcome to our forums and I'm glad you found us! Would love to hear some music that you've made. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing you in-game.
  2. Frog Wiz

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    LOL, did Why Try Guy really smite you for your AGS? Your interests align with mine (mainly PKing, an occasional corp event or two), and if Try Guy recommended you, you've definitely got my vote.
  3. It seems to be out of stock in the UK Amazon store, but I've been using a Logitech G710+ for 3 years and have been happy so far. The custom keys on the left are fantastic for me as well as the volume scroller on the top right. I bought it for $82 USD in 2017, so it definitely not the most expensive but gets the job done for me. I'm sure there are better ones out there and people who have bought keyboards more recent than me though.
  4. Frog Wiz

    chop city

    Hey Kevin, Welcome and great app! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  5. Frog Wiz


    Hey Xavier! So you're the guy that's been killing all those cows in lumby... Gotta pay for your crimes before you're accepted here man. Joking aside, welcome and I'm glad dug told you about us. He's a good guy, and anyone with his recommendation is top notch in by book. What's the best food in Korea that you've had so far?
  6. Show us your d(p)ic(s) dug!
  7. @d ob Tattoo Artist Would eventually like to get both shoulders and upper arms done, but waiting. Got a nice old Indonesian script Kris (based off of a Kris that we have at home) on my left forearm and an olive branch on my right from a study abroad in Italy a while back. German eagle with my dad's city's coat of arms (I'm half Indonesian, half German).
  8. Frog Wiz


    Hey man, Glad you got a taste of PKing with us! You'll definitely have opportunities for more as well. Cool to see someone from Spain; I have a cousin that lives in Ibiza.
  9. Lol, she probably paid you to say that. No jk, welcome Kelly! I wonder if you'll be as big of a hunter as affect. Thanks for coming to the fashionscape event today, and we're all happy that you decided to apply! Looking forward to seeing you at future events as well.
  10. Hey Mike, Glad you found us, and welcome to the forums! Lots of PvM and PvP (and crosses between both in the same event) as well as fun events to do here. I'm always a fan of @Baites's Callisto events, and you've caught us right in the middle of a PvM competition, so we're all trying to get drops from various PvM monsters! Hope you enjoy it here and looking forward to getting to know ya. What are you studying at the moment? In my final year of Kinesiology & Health myself. How's COVID been affecting your classes?
  11. Welcome back man! It's nice to see all these OGers come back. I agree with your outlook on country music. Hoping to get to know you better and I'm sure you'll see a lot of the old crew around here
  12. Frog Wiz


    Welcome man! Glad you hopped into our CC and found the forums and applied. Looking forward to getting to know you better and I hope you enjoy your experience here.
  13. Hey man, I absolutely remember you from that PK trip at revs. We have a lot of big music fans and people who play instruments as well! Glad you applied and I'm looking forward to PKing with you.
  14. Welcome back! Perfect time to do so since we're in a PvM competition at the moment so a lot of us are doing GWD non stop
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