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  1. Yes, make him post his feet pics again Welcome to the forums, and if you're a friend of Kiwi, then we know that you're a solid individual! Best of luck with the rest of your University career; It goes by so fast once you're at the tail end of it.
  2. Hey, glad you found us, and welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll find people that will be up for doing things no matter your interest (PvM/PvP/Skilling/Etc.). Lots of friendly people in the clan with many different fun personalities. Looking forward to seeing you around!
  3. Hell yeah Duhyaih! Keep up the great work, and I'm excited to follow your progress. FYI, if you want to build a decent house, definitely make it 100% dirt like mine
  4. Welcome back! Great to see so many of the old guard coming back. Hope to see you in-game and on discord!
  5. Hey man! Been seeing you pretty actively in lobby, and I'm glad you rejoined and I'm looking forward to hearing stories of the ol' days
  6. Welcome! COVID also reignited the runescape bug for me, and it's great to see that there is another that can take a positive out of a negative situation. Looking forward to hanging out with ya!
  7. Welcome back! Time to show everyone what a mobile PKer can do Excited to have you back and start PvMing with ya
  8. Hey Waterproof! If you could, tell us a bit more about yourself runescape wise (explaining why you like that style of PKing, or what you like to do when you PvM, that sort of stuff) in order to beef up the application a bit more. Nothing too crazy, but we'd really like to learn more about you. I'm looking forward to PKing with you in-game, and chatting with you on discord.
  9. WELCOME BACK! I've heard alot about you, and am very excited to get to know you and talk to ya. Can't wait to hear stories of the good ol' days
  10. Hey Triamid, That's pretty cool how Cons in OSRS may have gotten you excited about Cons IRL haha. Solid app, a lot of good information and history as well. I myself am usually very busy during the workdays, so weekends are when I game the most as well. We do a bunch of PvM/PvP and just skilling and social events, so you'll fit right in here. Looking forward to getting to know ya better!
  11. Welcome back man! I'm one of the newer members, but I'd be down to hear stories of the good old days haha. You thinking of applying fully and come back to WG?
  12. Hey man! Great app, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know you more and hanging out with you in-game and in discord. I'm also a huge Kid Cudi fan and live in the Midwest (Iowa) myself haha. Perhaps we're neighbors. See you around!
  13. Play that funky music white boy (lyrics)
  14. Hey man! Glad you found us on the forums. We tend to browse the LFC post, but we've been getting quite a bit of people finding us as well. Your IRL and OSRS hobbies match up with a lot of our members as well, so I'm sure we'll get to know each other real soon! Hope you see you in-game and in our discord.
  15. Welcome back man! Yeah, idk if Final has ever seen a cat before... Anyways, looking forward to getting to know you more and getting some of that good ol ardy knight training in.
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