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  1. Very fun to do nightmare with you just now, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you more and do events in-game with you!
  2. Welcome! Excited to get to know you more in-game and on discord
  4. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Frog Wiz What is your current RS name? Frog Wiz List any previous RS names: Next Baller (name changed to fit the Next Caller name change, but going back to Frog Wiz whenever I can) WG Froggy - 2nd Main (126 combat) Gorilla Wiz - Med (107 combat) Cabybara Wiz - Zerk/Med (90s combat) Echidna Wiz - Pure (78/80s combat) Aardvark Wiz - Gmaul Pure (73 combat) Slug Wiz - Baby Pure (60s combat) Crab Wiz - Obby Mauler (50s combat) Elephant Wiz - Iban Blaster (30s combat) 1800RagFish - Def Pure/Scout (20-40s combat) What is your total level and combat level? 126 Combat 2025 Total Level Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing in 2004, unfortunately missing the party hats, Halloween masks, and santa hats that I definitely would've kept. Funnily enough, I really enjoyed mining back then, and didn't care about XP rates or optimal training methods. Like most of us, I'd get back home after middle school, log in, and play with my school buddies without caring about XP waste. Eventually, I fell in love with PKing, more specifically clan warring. Tell us about your clan history. I've been in many clans since I first started playing RS in 2004, but they weren't really in the popular/warring scene. Demons of Runescape and Warhazard were the most prominent for me, but again, you may not have heard of these clans. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Dan, and I live in Iowa with my newborn baby, my wife, and am pretty close to Yasti, Crae, Skeet, and Smoke. I like to do a bunch of things, literally too much for me to list out. Generally anything outdoorsy, motorcycling/powersports, working out, and gaming. I recently graduated with a Kinesiology degree (Exercise Science) from Iowa State, and am taking a break from school before next year (probably med school or some variation of that). My dream job is to become an Astronaut! Oh, and Iowa is in the United States, right in the Midwest. Apparently, there are a bunch of WGers in Iowa (Atheist, Duhyaih, Jensen to name a few)! I've even met up with Atheist IRL. I'm pretty chill and get excited easily, and just want to be on good terms with everyone. How did you hear about us? I actually don't remember. I think I either searched the OSRS forums, or googled something. What makes you want to join us? I previously joined last year in July, and I remember that I wanted to find a clan with a long history and story. Coming from many other games in the past, that was the one thing I always looked at. When I was in a hardcore raiding guide in Guild Wars 2, I joined a clan that had a long and successful history. Same goes for WoW and FFXIV. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I am friends with many ex-WG as well as people from PvP clans that WG routinely fights in the wild (DR/PD). However, I've never and never will PK a WGer, regardless of my friendships with them. ALSO, I WAS GOING TO APPLY AFTER MY VACATION (September 12th to October 3rd), but I said that I would re-apply immediately if Pento made a Freg emoji on discord. Because of this, just know that even though I am applying today, you probably won't see me in-game or actually "back" and active until October. Also, I'd prefer not to be considered for or be given any Officer, Eventmaster/Staff roles in the future. I think all Officers and Staff have earned their roles and we have plenty of each to go around. I'd hate for me to have to step down like before because of IRL and cause turnover/changes in that hierarchy. I just want to scape with my friends. This doesn't mean that I'll help any less than before though!
  5. This is legit one of the best threads on the forum lol. Question for Ghost, what's a common misconception about Hawaii and what's one thing that's 100% accurate?
  6. Yo welcome back Roll out! OG PKer back in WG
  7. I can drink liquid very fast. Yep XD
  8. Hey Ox! Welcome and glad you decided to re-join. Tons of things to do in the clan with events that aren't PvP or PvM related, so you're gonna have a great time here. Excited to get to know you more in-game, and that's pretty sweet that you're that close to maxing. Obviously you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, but if the time comes where you DO want to PvP or PvM, there are a lot of people that are eager to help you learn and provide a fun atmosphere. See you in-game.
  9. Welcome back! Fun to talk to you for the first time
  10. Hello Knight, Welcome to the forums and glad you posted an app! Compared to back in the day, there definitely is more communication done via other avenues than just in-game. We do PvP, PvM, skilling, basically everything here in WG, so you'll hopefully be able to feel like you can do things with the clan. I joined this clan a while ago because I also had so much fun PKing and warring in the old days, just like you did. For discord, you can either download it so it's a program on your computer, or you can launch it from a web browser (you can also just have it on your phone like a normal app and download it from your app store). To join our discord, just click the green plus sign on the left of whatever discord system you use, click the bottom option that says "join server", and type in discord.gg/wg From there, feel free to post in the WG lobby so you can say hi to us and us say hi to you!
  11. Oh man... I used to use pre-workouts like Jack3d back in the day, that shit was so crazy. Then I transitioned to soda/pops and coffee every now and then without really needing the urge to caffeinate. After a while, I started trying out different energy drinks, but I quit that too (just wanted to know the taste). Getting ready for a long vaca on the road, so I figured I'd pick up a few bang energy drinks, drank one the other day just to see what it would do, legit thought I was going to pass out lmao. No more caffeine for Frogo
  12. welcome, tell us secrets about Broc! @SRT-4 ACR
  13. Seeing WINstanley's team up there makes me wonder how he's doing these days
  14. Still can't believe I didn't beat Figo, willing to try again though!
  15. OMG this is amazing especially the ending
  16. No worries at all. I know nothing about Macs, but I do know that FFXIV has a Mac specific version (idk if that makes a difference).
  17. like a lot of MMOs, it has a way of sucking you in unless you make sure you commit only an hour or two a day to it (if not less). The cool thing in my opinion coming from someone who has played WoW and GW2 and dabbled in mythic raiding as well as "hardcore" raiding with GW2 is that FFXIV has the best PvM content out of any MMORPG. The sub price shows in the amount of PvE content both end-game and as you level up from level 16 onwards. The free unlimited time trial gives you access to the first two expansions and level 50 for free with very few game-breaking restrictions, so it's a great way to get your foot in the door. PvP is NOT a focus in this game though, although I play a lot of it. It's clearly PvM focused and has an amazing story like most Final Fantasy games do. As it is with almost any game, however, it's fun to play with friends but EQUALLY as fun to play solo through the content. Also, unlike WoW or GW2, the "fun" PvE content doesn't come ONLY from the end-game. Once you unlock your first dungeons at level 16 (takes like 10 minutes), it's fun right from the beginning content wise. WG is a free company (basically FFXIV's version of a clan) on the world Exodus, on the Primal Data center (basically data centers are servers and Primal is one of the North American ones).
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