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  1. If Frog got you into this clan he'll take good care of you lmao, welcome and hope you can change your mind on the size of the clan, we don't bite
  2. Welcome, im sure you will enjoy your stay, glad to have you
  3. Fam I told you before, low combat won't be a reason you don't get accepted, as long as you show progress you will be fine and accepted hell even if u don't just be friendly and respectful which you are and u gucci, good shit on applying looking forward to being clanmates officially
  4. Froggy do I need to reiterate that Kpop literally stands for Korean pop so its not Japanese LMAO
  5. Asian cuisine makes a bad day better and a good day better, just can't go wrong tbh
  6. First of all thanks, second of all there are so many different cuisines I love depending on the mood I'm in when im depressed I prefer hispanic dishes when I'm happy I prefer asian dishes (generalizing them since there are far too many cuisines on this planet)
  7. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Fifficiency What is your current RS name? Fifficiency List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? 104 Combat 1635 Total Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Welp, since I have to write another novel or else I'll dissapoint y'all, this account used to be something special aswell, I used to be a Native to the Morytania Swamps and damn was I the best native out there, assisting the barrows brothers left and right, making sure the Myreque were save, being the person who SINGLE HANDEDLY took out Treus Dayth, Ranis Drakan, Damien Leucurte and last but not least Vanstrom Klause, my companion Swampletics and I used to rule the lands of Morytania and we had a clan filled with Natives to make sure we could take on the Theatre of Blood, many tried but many failed eventually there were too many people that left us, which is when I decided to leave the swamp in order to conquer the rest of Gielinor, once stepping foot outside of Morytania I knew what I had to do.. many tales have been told about the Recipe for Disaster, hearing these tales made me determined to complete every singular thing that had to do with the Recipe for Disaster untill eventually it was completed and I had obtained the Barrows Gloves, after that all of Gielinor opened up, but most importantly, people would finally not call me incompetent anymore eventhough they didn't know the story behind this account, they did NOT care and proceeded to insult me for not having Barrows gloves, knowing this I knew my next step would be to defeat TzTok-Jad, many thought this was impossible but I for one was never scared, killing it my second attempt after failing to understand how the damn healers worked the first attempt I was victorious and achieved the mighty Fire Cape, feeling better than ever I had tough decisions to make, what shall I do next? Become one with the Gods of Runescape? Pursue a life of Peace and join the Monks? NO, I decided I wanted to become a Monkey and did Monkey Madness 2, Glough had no idea what kind of unit was coming for him so I took my Rune Crossbow and shoved it up his..... nose (Ya fell for it). The love of my life Nieve sacrificed herself so I could defeat Glough, her death will never be forgotten and Steve will never replace her since I am not into men and Steve just doesnt hit the same. Now.. once again looking for something to do, recently having lost the love of my life I was so empty inside killing these tedious Demonic Gorilla's just didn't fill the void, so.. I hit up my boy Vorkath and was like WADDUP, Vorkath replied and called me a pussy, so after that there was no way I could let him live, I spoke to Zorgoth and was like.. yo wtf is the issue with your creation and he was like, man im sorry I fucked up.. i added a few too many chromosomes and I was like dw fam I gotchu went to Vorkath and used my friends Dragon Hunter Crossbow to show him wassup. After Vorkath died I could finally live in peace, showing people how I was a true PVMer capable of the most impressive things, people finally respected me as a player, the next chapter is Zulrah, which I am currently learning on the Trailblazers League, a league for people not patient enough to play the main game. What will the future hold? Which boss will call me out next? Find out next time I go MIA and I have to make another application. -Fiffy Shakespeare Tell us about your clan history. Rest of the application is gonna be copy paste and im sorry for that but its been a few months nothing has changed in my life. Tell us about your yourself. Hey I'm Ferdi, Male, 23, The Netherlands, I studied Accountancy on HBO level (I have no clue what it would compare to in other countries to be honest), Currently unemployed, looking for work as we speak but COVID is making it really tough atm, Hobbies are gaming and spending time with loved ones. Music comes down to so many things, It is very much mood dependant if I'm emotional I'll listen to Evanescense, Avril Lavigne, My Chemical Romance etc and if I'm happy I generally listen to KPOP (I am not one of those spammers on twitter that posts videos, just wanted to clarify since i've had to in the past..), Talents are I guess I can understand several languages (not speak), when it comes to liking things.. it'll come down to food, being comfy, in an environment without any stress whatsoever and just a good atmosphere, things I dislike (I am a positive person most negative things are game related).. griefing, crashers, skull trickers and lurers, even though I understand its part of the game! I just don't like to do it or experience it :D How did you hear about us? Googled wilderness clans What makes you want to join us? https://gyazo.com/51573ca9f92908006a93d77123c9a459 pretty damn self explanatory isnt it. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: nothing this time, just hoping I don't have to wait 48 hours again since Corb forced me to apply again, yes he bullies me.
  8. Good shit Corb will be happy, welcome.
  9. Welcome, looking forward to playing with you.
  10. 1 Million - Paco Rabanna, its such a nice perfume
  11. Same as what ricenoodles said, kobe was such an inspiration to me, he motivated to better myself and push myself to the limit. I will never forget what he did to me and he will always live on in my heart.. R.I.P. Legend
  12. My favorite food has to be Lasagna, so much that goes into one meal, its so delicious.
  13. Welcome Phill, just wanted to throw in a random thank you for your service and hope to see you out on the battlefield!
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