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  1. So recently ive been playing a bit of minecraft again and rememvered we had a Realm back somewhere in 2019. Was thinking we could do that again if theres enpugh interest. Ill be paying for the realm if we decide to play. If youre interested, let me know. Also please vote on the type of realm, java/bedrock. Server will be survival, unless people want to play maps/minigames
  2. Level 89 is here and it's a juicy one. Got another megaspoon drop! With that being said, let's dig in. Main tab: Casket stacks: Boss KCs: Stats: Task streak and total slayer points: Highlights/TLDR: Hoooooweeeeee, what an update! i think this is the second best and spooned update after the vorkath pet post. Anyway, there will probably be another big gap between this update and the next. Thank you all for reading and as always: Happy slaying!!
  3. Right, you know the drill by now. Lets dive in. Main tab: Casket stacks: Boss KCs: Stats: Task streak and total slayer points: Highlights/TLDR: As always, thank you for reading and happy slaying!
  4. I know this is a lazy answer but the updates page on the wiki might be a good place to start, to see what big updates have since released
  5. Now thats a name i havent seen a good long while... Welcome back!! (P.S. might want to add a bit more info to your application :p)
  6. FYI: i always wear a ring of wealth
  7. Hello there. 87 slayer means its time for another update! Main tab: Clue stack: Boss KCs: Stats: Task streak and points: Highlights: Thanks for reading, lets hope for a kraken task and maaybe finally a whip in the tab! happy slaying!
  8. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. WG GurtJun What is your current RS name? WG GurtJun List any previous RS names: OSRSTotalnub DragonsSword x GurtJun GurtJun What is your total level and combat level? Combat 124 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Briefly played Runescape back in the day, 2007ish. Didnt play for a long time and started playing again in 2015 with the release of f2p, been on the grind ever since. im playing very casually, usually prefering afk training methods slayer is my fav skill because i like money :P Tell us about your clan history. Only ever been in WG Tell us about your yourself. Im Gert-Jan, from the netherlands. I really like gaming and tend to switch it up alot. Games ive played before and liked include: DOOM, DOOM eternal, Terraria, Minecraft, COD:BO3 (specifically for the "roll the dice" mod and zombies with friends), RS3, Deep Rock Galactic, Rimworld, Skyrim, Stonehearth, Minecraft:Dungeons and of course, OSRS. recently added to the list is Elder Scrolls Online :). If you want to know more about me that im comfortable giving away, just pm me on discord How did you hear about us? I was previously in the clan, but original referal was AdultCat. What makes you want to join us? Community and events :) Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
  9. in my case its Elder Scrolls Online lol
  10. I like to think im quite minimalistic, even with the old bank spaces id be fine
  11. Hello hello people, back with another update. Level 86 slayer has been reached! Lets take a look at the tab and other stuff like caskets and stats! The main tab: The clue caskets Boss killcounts: Stats: New section; Task streak and points! And now for some highlights/TLDR: That's it! Thank you for reading and hopefully there will be atleast 1 whip and maybe a pair of d boots in the tab, who knows? Happy slaying!
  12. big boi grats! good luck on (/in?) the inferno!
  13. Wb? Didnt realise you left (maybe not offficially?) Ah well, good to have you back
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