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  1. Oh shit, Suffud! Welcome back!
  2. Seen you in a few event recaps, welcome!
  3. I doubt you pick up bones or ashes tho
  4. 500! wooooaaahhhh we're halfway thereeeeeee! wooooooooooooooaahhhhhhh livin' on a prayer!
  5. Nice! any rift guardian in specific you like? The red ones; fire, blood or wrath
  6. 1. Hellpuppy 2. Dusk/Dawn 3. Final Phase Hydra 4. RC pet 5. Youngllef (not CG)
  7. Perhaps a vanity discord rank similair to chat level? I like the idea
  8. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. WG GurtJun What is your current RS name? WG GurtJun List any previous RS names: OSRSTotalnub DragonsSword x GurtJun GurtJun What is your total level and combat level? Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. When I was younger, at the age of around 10, my classmates showed me the game. Instantly got hooked although I couldnt play much as my parents wouldnt allow me. I went over to my neighbours to play like 1 hour a week. At the time I was SOOO happy I got my first 3000gp from killing goblins. At the time I also didnt know the concept of trading. Not being able to speak english was also kind of a barrier for me to get into the game. Later I got an account from a friend and the account was litterally 10x better. After a while of not playing, I simply forgot the game. Dont get me wrong, the first few weeks of playing runescape were absolutely amazing! Then I moved on with life. Fastforward a few years (to february 2015): I heard about the release of free to play osrs a few weeks before actual launch. I waited around and my inner child from long ago got out. I was over the moon to be able to play the game again. I played f2p for a decent while, decided for myself that i would get about base 50s (except runecrafting, cus i dont like rc as much :P) before i would go to members. I played members for a few months, then the grinding was getting to me (even tho levels went by fairly quick) i stopped playing for around a year and then created a F2P only ironman (IronGainer). After i got bored i kept playing on my main, and ive been playing fairly consistently so far. When i got my first time members, i INSTANTLY went to go do slayer. Its currently my favourite skill. my least favorite skill is agility although it is very useful. Tell us about your clan history. Only ever been in WG <3 Tell us about your yourself. Im Gert-Jan, from the netherlands. I really like gaming and tend to switch it up alot. Games ive played before and liked include: DOOM, DOOM eternal, Terraria, Minecraft, COD:BO3 (specifically for the "roll the dice" mod and zombies with friends), RS3, Deep Rock Galactic, Rimworld, Skyrim, Stonehearth, Minecraft:Dungeons and of course, OSRS. If you want to know more about me that im comfortable giving away, just pm me on discord How did you hear about us? I was previously in the clan, but original referal was AdultCat. What makes you want to join us? As ive been in the clan before, its the people and the activities :) if it wasnt for this clan, id have quit the game by now Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Botted just to see what it was all about. that was long ago and used a fresh account. didnt trade the money over or used it for personal gain
  9. For people that do use the same password for almost everything, on the site haveibeenpwned you can check for possible leaks I also think Chrome nowadays notifies you about possible database leaks. It never hurts to check every once in a while this is not just runescape related but general internet use, stay secure people!
  10. Yesterday there was a little bit of peanut on GurtJun's Elbow and what did he do? He called his fingertips to fight the evil overlords
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