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  1. I write commercials at an ad agency
  2. Finally hit my skilling goal and reached 2k. I'm not sure what my next big goal will be but no time to think yet, me and @IreWar23 have a race to base 80's now :0
  3. Damn I wanted the fishing boss! fuck QoL i want to fight a fish
  4. We're not super hardcore so im sure you can still hang with your IRL friends Awesome application, can't wait to see you in the cc!
  5. welcome to the forums jack
  6. Hey pro, welcome to the forum!
  7. WG HugBoat

    Ez Pet

    11 KC for my third pet, perfect for WG fashionscape
  8. great name, truck daddy was great too. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Big welcome back! Hope to see you in the cc soon
  10. Glad you're giving it a second go. Hope to see you around soon!
  11. WG HugBoat

    [Accepted] Vutton

    Staking bad, welcome back!
  12. Might have been a misclick but checking, is there any reason you replied "no" to our honor clan rules? These are extremely important and are definitely mandatory if you're interested in any PVP content with WG. Hopefully that's not a problem, and welcome to the forums!
  13. WG HugBoat

    [Declined] 05BB

    Welcome to the forums
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