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  1. I think i spent the most hours on my game boy color. I used to speedrun the original mario game as well and could beat the entire thing in 5ish minutes
  2. HMU anytime you're struggling man, its hard but its easier together
  3. WG HugBoat

    February Fab

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. WG HugBoat

    Generic Kemp

    Hope to see you at some events soon
  5. WG HugBoat


    Be careful with that casino! Seen to many players leave after losing it all. Welcome to the forum
  6. WG HugBoat


    Great app, seems like WG could be a great fit so I hope to see you around soon
  7. WG HugBoat


    Hey drizz! Welcome to the forum
  8. WG HugBoat


    Welcome to the forums! hope to see you around in the CC soon
  9. WG HugBoat

    [Accepted] Dymer

    Welcome to the forums! Great application and hope to see you around soon
  10. Got my favorite pet extremely early. THEN GOT IT AGAIN! Trident, tentacle, and first pet were all under 180kc
  11. WG HugBoat

    EVO 2

    Hope to see you at some boss events soon
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