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  1. Welcome back. I remember being 7 years old playing with my friends back in 07 good times, we were clueless. Remember the day that Dungeoneering came out and my brother and I were fighting for the PC to play first, also good times.
  2. Sorry if this is not relevant but I want to post my pain and suffering into crippling depression. I will kill inferno and escape prison with hostage jal-nib-rek Day 1 ———————— Kill Inferno - Completed Get pet - Failed Day 2 ———————— Kill Inferno - Completed Get pet - Failed
  3. SUPPORT THE VENNIES!!!!!! I SUPPORT, DAVID GOT ME MY "Ah... Tzhaaaaaaar..."
  4. Welcome bro, I see you lurking around W373 GE join the 373 GE gang with me and those bankstanders that are absolute beasts, soon to be us innittttt
  5. Welcome bro! You'll fit right in here man we chill people just gayming and pking
  6. Hi hi welcome back nice to meet you
  7. They aren't forcing you to do anything, however. It's your game, you choose how to play it how you want. The game for those who don't want to participate in this boss hasn't changed at all, and it is invalid to say they are at a disadvantage - a disadvantage to whom, and about what exactly? What is this "disadvantage"? There is no fun way to play the game, what makes the game fun is defined by you as a player. "Efficiencyscape" is also a dumb idea and should be thrown in the bin. No one needs to play to maximum efficiently, and "every skiller" does not need to do the boss for the r
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen in the vicinity. Bare witness to the tob speedrunner, the inferno god among men, cox speedrunner, the guy who doesn't raid with anyone without an infernal cape, bout to get a 5man CM world record soon, legend absolutely POPPING OFF and showing us why he is GOD AMONG MEN at guardians. Rematch TBA soon, an event will follow. I didn't think it was enough to prove his worth, so he took it further. Man struggling to flee some flying pixels on a screen 25 seconds later, dying to..
  9. Studying from home is really shit, not a fan of it and this lockdown that we (United Kingdom) have just entered again for another month until Dec 5th is absolute trash. Been stuck inside my room since March - December now. Really sad.
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