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  1. Ray and Gore are going to be a STACKED comp. Also I just noticed you dropped me
  2. Just curious to see people's slayer logs.
  3. I lost my 11mm a few weeks ago, have no idea how
  4. BRB Having Gene do a feature on the track amirite @Ghost Sabre
  5. Some tips: Probably should never go for it/ get it but Corp can be done with a crossbow with ruby bolts, and you can help your team with Arclight or BGS specs no problem Most GWD bosses can be done with range or whip on accurate stype TOB/CoX pets are probably out of the picture, but plenty of pures do in fact do both. DKs should be done in a group and attempt to snipe the pet. Pet Penance queen should be relatively obtainable, but huge GL on that. Overall, good luck on all the pet grinds, keep us updated
  6. Almost halfway through the month and I realised I forgot to post. Have been extremely inactive,but overall with16 total levels on a "bad" month I can't complain too badly. Picked up some construction levels during the comp then flopped, picked up a single RC level, but most importantly wrapped up my first 99 of the current grind. It's an easy one, but at least I finally got Cooking. I don't remember training crafting but I think I had a cutting amethyst kick for a bit there. As noted in the original post, it's most efficient for me to grind RC, and I'm genuinely curious how long it will take me now. 10m exp in a month is about on course for maxing, (takes ~300m exp total to max, I'm at 187m. I'm not going to be going hard on Farming until I have ~6 months left, because that's how long it takes to max farming. Hoping I actually get off my ass on RC so I can unlock mining and crafting, because I really want the crafting cape. As you can tell, I've been wanting some more prayer levels but I will go from 98-99 prayer AFTER the slayer grind, most likely. I got a small stack of dragon bones in the bank and hopefully might start doing the Bonecrusher Daily for some nice exp and to hella charge those ecto-tokens for slayer.
  7. Bois and Grill I'm going to call this next boss the last one, so it'll run until Sunday night, where I'll tally up scores and see who won Get some Dark Fishing Bait for the extra 10kc!
  8. Special item is a Crystal Weapon seed. Love you all!
  9. "I really appreciate it when you guys thumb me up" UwU
  10. WG Logout

    [Accepted] Chv0tic

    Big ole welcome! WG is the best place to learn pking tbh
  11. Spirit seed is the bonus item btw jajajjajaja
  12. I have no idea, probably cuz they haven't heard you.
  13. Almost all the way through the week boys! Good job everyone
  14. Poll for the best voice in WG. If you have a different person you want added post below! https://www.strawpoll.me/20254155
  15. Hey guys! Today is Barrows chest. Your chase item is collecting two weapons! Due to my late post, barrows will go on for twenty four hours after the post you're reading now
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