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  1. 1/3 of the way there 3/27, had to steal all the loot that wasn't bstaves/runes/bars to fund my MG tab on the main.
  2. I ruined my pure and turned it into a zerker. Maybe ~20 hours to get to his point.
  3. to note, I won't be super active on him for the next few days with the move (see my inactivy post) but yeah that dream cash stack tho.
  4. Current b0nk If any of you have seen me in CC you'd know I"m obsessed with my wyvern alt. I'm able to grind them out during online lectures along with Blood RCing so I'm doing that for a while. My goal is to get a 10m cash stack before his bond runs out in 9 days. This is my 3rd day on the wyvern alt.
  5. Welcome! I didn't even know you applied, but I saw you in the CC
  6. we have one, that we use to fund events (Misdeals Missed RNG and the skilling events) A system like Path of Exile where you can deposit/withdraw from it as a member (with customizable withdraw options) would be great. The way Path of Exile works is that tabs can be Open or Private, where officers (star ranks in osrs) can take items out of private but anyone can deposit into either. There's another level where ONLY Officers/star ranks in Path of Exile can use certain tabs but each tab is customizable. You should have to pay for each tab in your clan bank as a gold sink, in PoE you have to pay irl money for it
  7. I've gotten wayyyy more than 5m worth from edge respawn in the 6 months I've had it.
  8. A way to skill as a group. I think RS3 has something to do with clan citadels and skilling but I don't really want clan citadels. A way to track exp gains for your clan would be sweet too so we don't have to rely on third party stuff, I think RS3 also has this?
  9. Nope. Mojo this time for sure.
  10. Welcome! Mask is baby.
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