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  1. I realised while I was wiking and training herblore that I only need 2 slayer levels to boost and complete the Morytania Elite Diary, which would give me 50k more rc exp. Going to go with a really gimped setup because I already bought the herblore exp and I planned on rebuilding my cash stack from the zalcano grind.
  2. Hey guys! I know no one would really care, but I decided that my next pet I 100% want to grind for is Zalcano. You might be wondering "Well, why are you posting that in here instead of just doing it?!" Well, that's because I want to be 100% efficient at ole Zalcy, which requires: Prospector Outfit with Varrock Elite Chest (Counts as prospector when you have the set, has a chance of double ore) A Crystal pickaxe (Which requires crystal shards to create, the components besides that are ez, but I repeatedly blew my shards on potions before) For Varrock Elite diaries I have to go from 75 to 85 herblore, 79-81 fletching (boostable I guess), from 76 to 84 smithing, and 70-73 RC. To obtain the crystal shards, I'll be running on the Priffandis course and getting shards through the portal, because this is the fastest agility exp/hr and I need it anyways. After obtaining the shards, I'll do ZMI(Or astrals, those are fun. Probably not lavas cuz no OPRS/RL+) to wrap up my 3 runecrafting levels (then boost for the 100 earth rune task), grind out Herblore/Fletching(If I don't make enough darts while doing agility), then finally tryhard smithing. When I finally get my Varrock Chest, I'll slam the free exp on RCing, craft my pickaxe, and start no-lifing Zalcano until she gets me that sweet sweet pet drop. So, my task list is: 73 Runecrafting 85 Herblore 84 Smithing Crystal Pickaxe
  3. A title in Guild Wars 1 for completing every title.
  4. Welcome back fellow GWAMM
  5. It's pretty common bait to claim that LGBT people consider themselves "special" to dismiss their suffering. Especially when phrases like "I feel I'm oppressed being a white male" get passed around. Either way that debate doesn't belong in the medieval cookie clicker, people in this clan come from all walks of life and deserve respect. To note, you were warned to stop and got a temporary kick because you wouldn't.
  6. WG Logout

    [Accepted] WG Nice

    Get out gamer girl rEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Add more info to your app maybe btw
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    Oh shit it's that Phails cosplayer
  8. 0 prayer? smh. jk and welcome
  9. Welcome back. You still owe me for Edge Spawn >~>
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