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  1. Do some PvP against eachother after a few months and let noobs pick up our loot.
  2. I'd be down for a WG group ironman :3c What's the minimum/maximum size?
  3. In here before Mojo locks the thread for necroposting.
  4. I don't even think Mojo smokes, he's pretty straight edge. He doesn't even stake. Weed is gross and legal most places anyways.
  5. If WG had a non swearing policy I'd be screwed
  6. I brought a summer pie to run through there but forgot a bracelet
  7. WG Logout

    Smite Scapin

    Joining a real clan I see? :3c
  8. No audio so I selected a royalty free song from the youtube library without listening to it first.
  9. Are you re-applying or are you trying to do a Graduation post?
  10. Jagex is preparing a statement for third party clients, hoping to see them get no-no'd to help combat botting, mostly.
  11. I hate slayer with a passion, mostly nmz I completely forgot about it personally haha
  12. I now have a maxed out 123 combat main, thanks to @N3WB for letting me boop him to 99 ranged, finally finishing my 99/99/99/99/81/99 account. Will eventually max out prayer to 99 but not for a while tbh
  13. WG Logout

    WG Doc

    >Mentions AAIGHT in his app. He doesn't evewn go here.
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