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  1. Thanks @WG Gore Def for inspiring me to use the screen name Logout. My screen name before I played OSRS again was from League of Legends and was a pun off of my real name and I didn't find anything else that fit. Also @Mask for coining the term "loggy boi" Been playing a lot of other games recently and it's nice to have a screen name that fits
  2. It took me this long to figure out that you're 1800Ragfish. GG, welcome back homie!
  3. When Jagex was initially approached over 3rd party HD clients, they explicitly said that they're not working on one, but if they did in the future, they would have to shut down other projects in order to protect their intellectual property. They're working on one now and now they have to shut down others. Third party clients in general are on the back end of existing, Jagex is going to switch us all to the C+ client to help combat botting in the future and we aren't going to be allowed to modify it outside of the configurations Jagex gives us.
  4. The grind for zana feet pics continues
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