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  1. Welcome bud, good luck and good seeing you again
  2. this was 70 mining btw got spoonfed though ez game
  3. Have we done this before? I'm having the strangest sense of repetition. now mining then SOTE
  4. Goal: Base 70's, after base 70's its base 75's ect. maybe some random 99 somewhere aswell and some hard diary's and some pets Sara pet jad pet olmlet any big pvm drops i'll post here aswell for lulz CURRENT STATS CURRENT DIARY PROGRESS LAST BIG SAD RAIDS DROP too lazy to give it a nice format rn will do later
  5. dont worry the sabres that are still around will surely take the name, if they dont i will on my zerk
  6. big question m8 good question m8 good
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