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    Welcome back I see you pop in and out of discord time to time.
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    Welcome to Wilderness Guardians! Saw you in discord :) We will help you in anyway we can thanks for applying. Don't forget in 48 hours to message a app manager on discord :)
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    It took me three time to get the wording right but I got it. Congratz on 99's and I'm glad I got to be the one to help! So proud we are growing together
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    Do you feel better? Since I am now on this topic I feel as if I should care about your health. Maybe you should go to the doctor. Maybe just maybe you should go out into the sunlight.
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    So I got a notification for this post? What kind of bleeping sorcery pimple was that?
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    I'll take half.
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    Thank you very much friend!
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    Welcome George, Let me know if I can help you. Don't forget after 48 hours join discord and message an App Manager!
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    This is my life, I really relate and love this song!
  10. Its so worth buying it when they do that! I love when they add little perks like changing character colors.. I still have a account that is green. But the part I'm really digging is Should it be "sulfur" or is it my spell check or an American thing? If you want you can to bottom to read a summarized version of the Adderall and optimism. A farming guild is going to be super cool. I've always hated farming until about 3 months ago thanks to Lait Choco taking the time to show me. Now I do it a few times everyday! By fair the easiest skill to gain profit. It can be expensive to start if you wanna fly through it and buy everything instead of making everything yourself but it is still worth it. Plus you can set and forget it for a while and come back to it later. Its not a constant thing you have to sit there and do like cutting trees or fishing. So my honest opinion this is going to be one of the best updates they released in a while.. Next to sailing of course Muwhahahahahaha Then a new Slayer Master, Monster!!! I am happy to see this also, since slayer should be constantly updated monthly if not more. Not everything has to be a boss or for high level slayer participants but just the skill in general. This will not only fill the gap in between levels and make it more worth training hopefully because new monster drops. Its a skill that works so many different fields and helps with just about every skills from drops to type of combat and requirements for that particular MonsterNPC. I don't really think their is anyway I can be let down by this addition. The quest addition is a good thing in the long run for the community. Personally I think quests are toxic poison that make me want to cut open my stomach and eat my insides. I can never do them right away because I suck at getting motivation for quests... But its always nice to see the new land and NPC's that come with the territory of additional quests. Not to mention gear, weapons and rewards galore! I probably won't be able to do the quest for another 2 years but I'll just live off of Lait's description of the quest. "Warding, A new Skill! Including: New Magic Armour!" I am sorry to say but this worries me. I would love to see new skills but sometimes they make stuff sound like it will be amazing to let us down. Then next thing you know they will add in a new combat system over night and make another Falador Massacre and forums full of rants about change is scary. The final part is creating a private server pretty much and making all the veterans who played the game with there blood, sweat, tears, life, broken relationships because xp is life and did I say the relationships ruined by "People trying to help because your spending to much time on a game, AKA Intervention.. ) But I will stay Glass is Half Full and be positive. " Warding revolves around the production of magical Armour using Runic energy and lots of new resources. " We defiantly could use some better higher tier magical armour that degrades and doesn't. Also maybe something that is affordable to reasonably pk with. Either way the new armour has me excited, I am not going to let old lets downs ruin this for me. So its time to grind and make money so I can afford to train and get the new items when they come out! So in all I think this could really do some good. As long as they don't false advertise and trick us with the old 1-2 EOC, Ability's, Charms and a private server for the real MVP's that have to start all over because fuck them for not liking our update! If I wake up when this is put into place and end up seeing any kind of ability bar I will fly to UK and hand them a finely worded letter with lots of grammar mistakes. But seriously this is something that will make the community grow and help since they released mobile and people are getting XP and leveling like crazy because fuck work and anyone around no XP waste. Can I get a "NO XP WASTE"!!! I hope some of you are as excited as I am for this! All in all it should turn out to be a pretty good add-on to the game! Then rs3 will copy our style like always. Overview of book, instead of making you all ready my back and forth with myself basically this is very bright looking future. Farming is getting some much needed attention with a farming guild that also including area add-ons. This is the thing I was most excited about personally. Also new quest!!! Grand-Master which is deserved for people with higher account overalls! Then they are also adding onto slayer (which I think should be done at least monthly if not bi-weekly). I am very excited because new Slayer Master and New Monsters are what motivates me to get the levels I need. It also helps fill in the gaps around Slayer like levels and gives better chance at not getting shit tasks 24/7. A new Skill (not as good as sailing) will be added! Warding will help with the lack in magic gear lately. We have gotten so many new weapons high and low tier also a good bit of new gear for Melee and Ranged. I know there has been some new Wizarding gear but I am talking about like higher tier like Bandos but for magic. Also something affordable/reasonable to pk in and hybrid with. So I guess we will wait and see what happens. I hope no sneks like Mod Jed get there slimy, scaly and just plain toxic hands on anything. He is very good at fucking over people that aren't his friends. That was a joke clearly he will be helping with the code. I hope some of you agree with me!
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    Currently working on fixing Image Archive for my accounts :) Will post updated links later

  12. Brandon

    Finally today after forever I got my first 99! Strength has always been my first 99 but this time was different. I was so burnt out of skilling and combat that it took me forever. I trained at NMZ finally got 98 and I was just done. I wanted nothing more to do with strength or NMZ. Finally I got my butt back in gear and decided to finish. I could of had 99 strength way before I did but since I'm a lazy bum that is sick of training it took a while. Genghis Bong was nice enough to come and take pictures with me and some random kid saw me get 99 at clan wars and followed along. Everyone was at 24 hour event so no one wanted to come plus I have no friends. Anyway now since I broke the barrier its time to get my cape trimmed. It might also have to do with the strength cape being ugly and most achieved combat cape. I guess it could be cooking cape ;) Also thanks to WG Luk1n for teaming up with me at NMZ making it a little more bearable. I only got two crappy picture sorry! Thx again Genghis Bong aka Droville and WG Luk1n Now I am poor please donate 99 gp's pixels to me. Please and Thanks!
  13. Brandon

    Welcome to WG Forums! Hope to see you around. Don't forget 48 hours message a app manager on discord.
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    Hello Jeron ! If thats your real last name I would delete it just because privacy your choice though. Hope to see you around don't forget 48 message a app [email protected]
  15. Brandon

    Welcome! The game of nostalgic and times you ditch your friends/girl friend to play on online with people you've never meant! Hope to see you around in discord and such!