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  1. WG Fargorn

    Short app, but good luck
  2. WG Fargorn

    Good luck with the app
  3. WG Fargorn

    Hallo and welcome Isn't Bombardier a Canadian business? Oh and sorry if we killed ya
  4. WG Fargorn

    So close to max, what are the plans after that? Good luck with the application dude
  5. WG Fargorn

    Only 99?
  6. WG Fargorn

    Welcome back and good luck getting in
  7. WG Fargorn

    Good luck with that application
  8. WG Fargorn

    Welcome and good luck
  9. WG Fargorn

    Cyka Blyat.
  10. WG Fargorn

    Big if true I would call that an ingrown hair btw, not a pimple
  11. WG Fargorn

    Runescape is rather cheap entertainment, a movie costs roughly the same about as a month of the game. And in all likelihood you get many more hours out of Rs. Runescape was one of the reasons I always found school so fun and easy as a kid. But, Eoc was very well timed, and gave me many years to get my shit together and facefuck life.
  12. WG Fargorn

    Dude just DGAF.
  13. WG Fargorn

    Hi Sam you seem like you would be a good fit! Good luck with the application!
  14. WG Fargorn

    A little scanty
  15. WG Fargorn

    Good luck with the application