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  1. WG Fargorn

    Low cost items still exist and are very feasible. Please see my above post
  2. Sorry can't help you with pvm stuff, I happen to be a cold blooded killer
  3. WG Fargorn

    Hi Jake, Authority is Little Cards. They are a rag open cc that that can pull anywhere from 20-80. The vast majority of their membership is ballista rags. Sounds like WG would be a good fit for you. Our membership, particularly the greasers (our pk squad), are mostly highly educated no toxic people The pvmers tend to be a little less high functioning, but just be patient with them and there are some gems in there also Good luck with your app
  4. WG Fargorn

    Good luck with the app dude
  5. WG Fargorn

    Welcome and good luck with the app
  6. WG Fargorn

    Another dutch Good luck with the app eh :P
  7. WG Fargorn

    love you brother, you will get in, i know it. Good luck with the last interview eh!
  8. WG Fargorn

    Really good app man Make sure to follow up with the app managers in 48 hours to get initiate status
  9. WG Fargorn

    Welcome and good luck
  10. WG Fargorn

    Welcome and good luck
  11. WG Fargorn

    Good luck with the dental school apps
  12. WG Fargorn

  13. WG Fargorn

    All elites?!?! you mean maxed? lol
  14. WG Fargorn

    Holy shit the grind is real! Didn't realize your total level was that high tbh
  15. WG Fargorn

    It so cheap now. Could have saved myself 3 ags @WG Lohow Oh grats btw noob