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  1. Fuck no keep it old school enough new gay shit has been added. If they add summoning to old school I quit once and for all. Should've been fucking 2006scape and no updates. I only play old school because all the 2006 private servers are dead and gone. I miss you Moparscape.
  2. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. TylorWenzel What is your current RS name? TylorWenzel List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? Combat 81. Total 650ish. Working soley on range and defense right now. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started Runescape in 2004. This account was formed in 2006.I'm a range tank who spends all of his time in the wilderness. I barely ever leave the Zamorak altar or deep wild. I'm always on the hunt stalking, looking for my next prey. Clans have been instant killing me at reveants and I need revenge. Tell us about your clan history. Never been in a clan but I'm looking to join up in a gang now to find fellow pkers that won't backstab me. Tell us about your yourself. I'm 22 and a convicted felon. All my charges stem from marijuana. I live in a bogus ass state. I am a martyr for marijuana. Just did 6 months solitary confinement and got out of jail about 2 months ago. I'm out on bail right now and am going back back to jail in a month or 2. It won't be that long that I'll be locked up again. Just caught a minor case for weed this time no distribution bullshit. Got no job and play runescape all day. When I get out of jail this time I'm going to attend a trade school. I had 1 week of college left in the semester then I went to fucking jail so now I owe them a bunch. They let me go 10 days later because insufficient evidence but it was too late. The semester and finals had ended. I only pk. I will never pvm. I'm a range tank that loves to crush pures. I fucking am sick of these reveant clans so I want my revenge. My name irl is my username. I listen to trap and freestyle sick rhymes nobody can beat me in a 1v1 rapping trapping or pking. Pussy skids always run from my mighty account. I am enlightened. My love for cannabis and psilocybin allows me to meditate and take a step back from reality to be in my own world. When I die I want my heaven to be a castle in the sky resting on a mountain of clouds. How did you hear about us? Forums What makes you want to join us? I pk every damn day and need a trustworthy team to help me out. I love raw battles and clan wars. I used to pk in those massive pink skirt vs chef hat f2p wars. Was the most fun I ever had pking. I want to relive that experience. I need war. I need blood, rage, and tears from my dropped foes. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Going to jail in a month or 2 but ill be back within 45 days or so. That ain't shit. I'm pking everyday and will stay loyal and look for potential recruits in my confinement. I'm a good PR person and can help this clan grow. Also I'm a little fucking crazy. Spent 6 months locked in a cell and couldn't get out except for twice a week to shower. All this jail time over fucking weed. Fuck Wisconsin! Forgot to mention I only play Old School. Rs3 is a fucking shit wannabe wow rip off for retards.
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