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  1. Good luck with the app
  2. ROFL
  3. Welcome and good luck with the app
  4. Looking forward to seeing you on the pk trips
  5. WG Fargorn

    [Accepted] 1 gf

    Welcome and good luck
  6. this
  7. To be fair, jason is cute and he could be anywhere from 16-50 years old
  8. YUP PICTURE CHECKS OUT. @Jason Is cute af @4474 cute pic numbers
  9. Kevin gates ridiculousness welcome and good luck with the app
  10. You wont be kicked from the WG CC unless it is warranted ie rascism/homophobic remarks etc. You are more than welcome to hang out there. If you want to join in and pvm or pvp events, I would suggest applying our events are usually members only!
  11. Welcome and good luck with the application Play on pc, the game gets substantially more fun
  12. Holy shit nice recruit Look forward to pking with ya
  13. Literally better than Fargorn @WG Fargorn
  14. WG Fargorn

    [Accepted] Beewo

    Welcome and good luck with your application
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