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  1. Welcome to the party
  2. Come a long way since the start of this topic, stats lookin sick Koods!
  3. Welcome back man! Always good to see familiar faces make a comeback.
  4. A little progress update on things so far; I put the prayer goal first and knocked out 1750 total along the way so that's the first 2 goals done. Since the fishing competition was going on I decided to spend some afk time fishing but it kinda spiralled out of control, especially since a few days ago I was dragged into a hcgim group. Wasn't gonna take it seriously at all, but ended up being so much fun. That entire gamemode has been one giant meme so far I swear. So I ended up playing that and kept afk fishing on the main. And fishing, and more fishing.. ended up getting 7 agility levels so far and kinda figure I may aswell afk my way to 70 agility since I need that for song of the elves anyway. Gonna play the HCGIM in the meantime. Current stats: Also this happened bout a few hours ago: Wasn't planning on filling out that collection log anytime soon but ain't complaining about being spooned!
  5. Siiick, had no idea this grind had been going on for so long but looking through the post dates in this topic I'd say you earned it for sure mate Very big gratz!
  6. Hello folks! So most of you know I joined WG when my 'main' (ol phantasm) was just a starterup that I made so I could enjoy more of the game other than just pking on my pure. But to be honest, I haven't done much actual scaping other than getting my combat to 120 in nmz and pking a bunch with you guys or being somewhat inactive otherwise. Well recently I've been a lot more active in scape and I actually feel a bit of a resurgence in my passion for the game outside the wildy. So I've set some short and long term goals for my account that I thought I'd share. Starting out, these are the stats / achievements: Lets be real, it's not very impressive My short term goals are: - 92 pray - 99 mage since I literally stopped at 98.5 and then forgot about it 6 months ago - Kandarin Hard diaries, since what the fuck why did nobody tell me it increases your bolt crit % - Wilderness Hard diaries, so I dont have to ask for taxi's to/from ferox enclave anymore - 1750 total, so I stop missing all the good fights in total worlds lol - Song of the Elves, cause everybody keeps telling me the unlocks are super legit and it will keep me busy for a bit - Elite Void set - A pet. Any pet. After that, I'm looking at steadily grinding towards some real longer term goals: - 2000 total - 500m / 750m / 1bil bank for PvM gear - Quest cape - 500 / 750 / 1000 collections logged - 1,000 clues completed - 5 PvM pets Eventual end game goals are basically max stuff as far as it can go aslong as I feel the desire to play the game. But I think realistically I'd want to accomplish the following: - All diaries completed - 2200 total - The inferno. Maaaaaybe. This topic is essentially just a place I can post some cool or funny stuff I find along the way. I may post a bunch at times and not a lot at others, but will try to keep some progress posts flowing. So, hope you enjoy seeing me clown about in Gielinor!
  7. Welcome! Be good to have you on the pk squad. Plenty of raiders in here too. Hope you enjoy your stay in WG!
  8. Welcome welcome! Hope you'll enjoy your stay in WG. No hard feelings for earlier hopefully Will be good to have you pking with us!
  9. Cooking guild? Account complete, ez clap So, wildy lock when?
  10. vote yes to varrockman mode if you're gonna go forward with this, be sure to take lots of pictures for updates. These accounts end up with the coolest rs stories
  11. Was legit confused at this app cause I never even realised you left haha. Welcome back!
  12. I came to write something witty but I can't top this
  13. Never knew that cape was that good looking lol. I never see any around! Big gratz, thats one hell of a grind
  14. Im sure there's people who'd do anything in game for mil/hour lol. Thats how essence running etc came to be in the first place after all BIG gratz on the double 99!
  15. Consider the shenanigans at chaos ele a hazing ritual. Welcome! Come hang on disc, join some events, I'm sure you'll like it here. I never played 1.6 much but played the hell out of later cs games. Still do!
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