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  1. We should pin this somewhere in PK discussion. Does anybody know if the spear and bind cooldowns are one and the same now? (ie if I freeze, can I still spear?) And if they are, does that mean chain-spearing is not a thing anymore? Or is it just immunity from freezes for 3sec after spear runs out? Cause that was deperately needed in the single PK scene, but not sure if it'll matter much in clan fighting.
  2. Welcome welcome! Hope to see you come with us on pk trips, many of us have pures aswell to run around the wild with.
  3. Ah nice to see you rejoin; you're one of those chill unranked ones in the cc that I always see chat and hang around, didn't know you were a member before though. Hope leagues is treating you better than it has me so far!
  4. Kung Fu and ganja, claaaaaassic combination. Welcome to the clan!
  5. Oooo, another pure? If you already got your pure to a high standard I'd suggest making a different account to main on. I did the same thing for clan purposes and dont regret a thing! Nmz is your friend, easy combat training Many members here have pures of their own so u can still pk on your 1 def if you'd prefer that!
  6. Ive been firmly planted inside nightmare zone for like the last two weeks for this exact reason. But its worth it to push yourself those couple cmb levels more man, bossing is loads of fun! And you dont need the 99s to do GWD bosses, for example. Just hang out in discord / clan chat while you're levelling. If you find long grinds boring, just afk at nmz like me and a lot of others have done.
  7. Congratz! Very big accomplishment. Now you get to run around in 2k worlds and be all smug about it to us nonskillers.
  8. Welcome! Wasn't here when you were around but looking forward to seeing you at events and disc.
  9. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Ol Phantasm What is your current RS name? Ol Phantasm List any previous RS names: La Yinn has been my runescape name since classic but when I gave osrs a go I decided on making the sort of account I never played back in the day which is a 1 def members pker. It's still as fun as it was when I started the account, but its very limiting in terms of what I can do in the game so I've made a 'main' which I intend to use for clan events. What is your t
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