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  1. Willzy

    Doesnt affect multi pking, just stops single teams from spec trading
  2. Willzy

    Didnt play much over the weekend but still got a few levels.
  3. Willzy

    Havent played today but got some progress yesterday
  4. Willzy

    Bit more progress today, did a quest and got some levels.
  5. Willzy

    Pretty much just been at sand crabs today so just attack and str gainz.
  6. Willzy

    Did a shit load of quests today and skilling. Completed my 2nd goal of getting mith gloves.
  7. Willzy

    First goal done on the account, now its time for questing and melee
  8. Willzy

    Thought i would join in with this trend of pures Goals 60 attack 80 strength 80 range 85 mage 52 pray Avas Monkey madness Another slice of H.A.M Mith gloves B ring (i) Current stats (Updated daily): 28th Jan Posting the first 5 days here before i made the thread. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3+4 Day 5
  9. For the past 3 months or so only game ive played is RS. Get bored of other games so easily or complete them and then never play again lol.
  10. Willzy

    Welcome, 2415 total? OSRS only goes up to 2277 total dude
  11. Willzy

    new phone who dis
  12. Willzy

  13. Willzy

    First try and i even boxed jad to make it interesting, its nothing special, lost like 5 f capes in the wildy How about you @WG Fargorn
  14. Willzy

    Well done mate