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  1. Willzy

    [Accepted] Cinnanoms

    Sums it up.
  2. Nope handles really good, mine has the performance pack and also has full air suspension, stick it in sport+ and handles like a go cart (Aslong as you dont turn traction control all the way off lol)
  3. Its awesome, the guy i bought it off had a c63 aswell and said the E63 feels alot faster and all around better than a C63. Would be better of with an E350 over an E63 i think, my E350 was quick and pretty good on fuel
  4. Theres another car post somewhere else on the forums, but as people keep asking me to post pictures of mine, here goes. Heres the new daily ive just bought, Mercedes E63 AMG R32 skyline around 700bhp Just finished building this, 2.0 zetec turbo mk2 fiesta Mercedes E350 (Its up for sale) And also have a daihatsu fourtrak off roader, range rover 4.7 v8 and a bedford camper lol.
  5. Willzy

    [Declined] WLLZY

    Nice try trying to be a snake and snitch, but ive already informed the staff.
  6. Willzy

    [Declined] WLLZY

    I wont be addicted again, only plan on playing a couple hours a day to PK
  7. Willzy

    [Declined] WLLZY

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. WLLZY What is your current RS name? WLLZY List any previous RS names: Willzington WG Willzy Willzy What is your total level and combat level? 1910 and 125 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Think i started playing late 2004, played all the way up until eoc then quit, came back the day osrs was released and played for a month or so then personal problems caused me to stop playing. Started playing again mid 2017 up till like 6 months ago and all that time i was in WG. Tell us about your clan history. Only ever been in WG on OSRS Tell us about your yourself. Well my names ben, but everyone calls me willzy (My last name is wills and its a nickname that stuck), from england isle of wight, im 25. Dont have a job due to health problems and being disabled, but i do live on a farm so i pretty much work here. My only hobby is cars and computers, mainly cars. I own about 7 cars atm but that goes up and down alot. Just bought an E63 AMG so currently i just go on long drives How did you hear about us? Been here before What makes you want to join us? Been here before and the community is amazing. Thought i would join back just for pking and to talk to people Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: As i said in my last app nearly 2 years ago, used to bot back before osrs but not since like 2010
  8. Willzy

    [Accepted] Lohow

    Dont let this swedish asshole rejoin.
  9. Welcome Good thinking mentioning you have a boyfriend straight away or @Huskington might have got you on voice and said "hey baby how you doin" like he did to @WG Fargorn's wifey
  10. YOU HEARD WRONG WHY ARE WE USING CAPS. I just check forums daily
  11. Best post ive ever seen on the forums.
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