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    chop city

    He's a good dude. Known him since before middle school and been a bro ever since. Love LAN-scaping with him, definitely got him interested in the clan after always mentioning the fun I have here. GL m8
  2. that's exactly what i was looking for! thank you and to the others who mentioned camping nmz, i'll be sure do stay here and keep grinding then. hopefully base i'm almost base 80s so hopefully that should open me up to a tad bit more content. Thanks for the tips guys
  3. Alright so, where my fellow lvl 90s-sub 100s at? im 97 cb right now and looking for other players around the same combat to do some random activites/skilling whatever with. I'm not quite ready to raid & boss and i've never really been into pvp. Most of the guys i've noticed in here are way above my combat and doing content i cant. With that said, where my fellow noobs of WG at?
  4. Finished fremmy exiles today, quick shout out to @Qufo for guiding me thru dks caves for my first time and helping find a very sneaky npc. Also thanks to @ranger420 for some assistance on figuring out how those mastermind puzzles work. i appreciate ya both for dealing with my noobness. I definitely over anticipated the quest and slayed the jorgunmund with ease. Now, i'm looking forward to slaying the basilisk knights and finding a jaw. If anyone goes on a jaw hunting trip please include meh, i'd like to tag along and learn the ways
  5. howdy folks, a very late introduction on my part. i probably should've done this after being accepted as an initiate but here i am, still trying to earn my stripes. I've been here for (i wanna say 2 months now?) and definitely has been a great clan experience. Just wanna thank everyone who's been super helpful. I come to play rs mostly for the social aspect and connecting with ppl around the world. It's really cool learning from you guys and getting to know ya. I apologize if i clog up the chat sometimes in game for shitposting sometimes but i like to think it takes the edge away from the mono
  6. thanks for the warm welcome all
  7. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. whyte rose What is your current RS name? whyte rose List any previous RS names: Dr0d0 What is your total level and combat level? Total Level: 1536 and climbing Combat level: 96.5 Quest points: 196 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Started playing at age 6 back when the game was brand new, took a break for a while after getting hacked/cleaned two or three times. Came back secured my account completely and have tripled
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