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  1. respect, good luck bro! you are more patient that i am fcape is enough for me
  2. EightyFives


    welcome to forum ! gl on the app
  3. hey man, gl with the app!
  4. master @Baites with the recruitment finess. welcome to the forum dawson good luck on your app.
  5. welcome jason, GL with the app!
  6. chocolate bomb sounds good and I'm a sucker for fruit so summer pie in 2nd. if chocolate bomb passes do you have to dress as a gnome
  7. Welcome to forums. gl with app mate
  8. Welcome, nice granite ring
  9. I’m using a Corsair k55 does me good
  10. Welcome Xavier gl with app !
  11. Welcome Kevin, good luck on your application !
  12. congratulations to you and the family @Mask
  13. never did the first one. my knowledge of kourend isn't good lol is this worth doing?
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