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  1. banner not resizing correctly on retro https://gyazo.com/b8fe4421d2c3939b2463b875e9f72f0e
  2. open rs only i think and its called multi lines
  3. Yea both are doing good and they both might be coming home tomorrow
  4. ye 1st girl and all went ok was a bit all over the shot but we got there
  5. Hi as most of you know my partner was due in October with our 3rd lil one but she decided she wasn't waiting around and come 5 weeks early so last night at 0.08am (GMT) my lil girl Faye was born Mum and baby doing ok
  6. I lots of history vids n stuff for WG but what about now like we should document the past few years and how we are still going and such like the NL split and all that sorta stuff I know that most of the clan world knows but I think it be cool just for like an update vid n shit also use for recruitment to show we still smashing it
  7. gzzzz now do mine?
  8. welcome back be nice to get some more pkers coz you can never have enough
  9. welcome I was in corruption back in rs2 many good times
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