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  1. poiuyt415

    The issue that lays with using the Crystal Halberd during masses is not only about the damage it outputs or whether the mass is a FFA or Split. Arguably yes it can do nice damage and yes it can speed up kills HOWEVER, more often then not the people who are using the halberd are using it instead of a defence lowering weapon, not in combination... the more people use dps spec weapons the less people using defence loweing and this ends up being longer kills etc.... on top of this those using dps weps are taking advantage of those using the def lowering weps and have an increased chance of snagging pet.
  2. poiuyt415

    I got an imbued heart from a marble gargoyle on my 68/69 kill whatever the exact drop rate is for accessing the superior creatures unique loot table i got it exactly on that kc!!! luckily for me it was the best unique
  3. poiuyt415

    but...but... but you didn't get an ACB clickbait title
  4. poiuyt415

    my ELY buddy
  5. poiuyt415

    So after a long break from venny ive decided to do a couple of trips today...... and well.... its offical boys i am now dry for the pet drop RIP
  6. poiuyt415

    GRATZ man! been seeing your attempts on discord glad to hear you finally got it!
  7. the only item im currently flipping is ely shields
  8. poiuyt415

    yeah i think i have civ five layign around in my library somewhere
  9. who do you main baby?
  10. poiuyt415

    NO U!
  11. poiuyt415

    yes.... so when you said how long ago and I said 8 months ago I was correct? would you like a lesson on how the calendar works and how many months are in a year? or do you think you understand now?
  12. poiuyt415

    @WG Fargorn
  13. poiuyt415

    so rip for ps4 players then? reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. poiuyt415

    I wanna ask the same as Stan because I have it on PlayStation 4 and it would be sick to be able to cross platform it, I would also just want a vanilla survival server , creative it’s for lil bitches and @WINstanley94
  15. poiuyt415

    Little big planet was such a classic game, i loved it ahah! first played it on ps3 as it came with the bundle! Those be fighting words, PS4 for life!!!