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  1. just started wathcing season three of Designated survivor, its so good! also other shows ive enjoyed on nwetflix are: Kingdom The happy place All marvel stuff rofl
  2. poiuyt415

    [Declined] WLLZY

    oh shit jared did willzy dirty
  3. It was a killer yeha as much as i could, doing it on bh world was just such op money
  4. @WG Fargorn this better be your display picture ^
  5. omfg even when i purchase i new headset... this is all i shall be remembered for
  6. demonic gorilla's eat ass, im 900 kc with no zenny and like 12 ballista springs Solid money makers i go for are slayer and bossing, venny camping safespot is also very profitable
  7. Hell no, but now daddy mojo will message
  8. nope! 100 percent fargorn about to comment on this
  9. im actually sub 2k, id be laughed out the office
  10. is it true you don't have barrows gloves? it's just word on the street is you still roll in wielding mithril gloves #pleasedontshoothemessenger
  11. Was just wondering if anyone in WG currently works as an accountant or in finance? I have a job interview in two days and wouldnt mind comparing notes so to speak!
  12. The issue that lays with using the Crystal Halberd during masses is not only about the damage it outputs or whether the mass is a FFA or Split. Arguably yes it can do nice damage and yes it can speed up kills HOWEVER, more often then not the people who are using the halberd are using it instead of a defence lowering weapon, not in combination... the more people use dps spec weapons the less people using defence loweing and this ends up being longer kills etc.... on top of this those using dps weps are taking advantage of those using the def lowering weps and have an increased chance of snagging pet.
  13. I got an imbued heart from a marble gargoyle on my 68/69 kill whatever the exact drop rate is for accessing the superior creatures unique loot table i got it exactly on that kc!!! luckily for me it was the best unique
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