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  1. poiuyt415

    reeeee duo ely reeee
  2. poiuyt415

    i would absolutely rub my ankles all over your sexy kneecaps, damn boy you getting me excited also i love the last picture, its cute that you have two dogs
  3. poiuyt415

    lost more plus ones then all of WG has had hot dinners
  4. poiuyt415

    Sold my emblems as they started to crash a lot!
  5. poiuyt415

    last I remember I think I'm on 1300kc at vorky, I am planning on starting up a grind there again soon, maybe when I've finished venny Another pickaxe to the collection, coming dangerously close to pet kc without What do you guys think will I get it?
  6. poiuyt415

    https://gyazo.com/99d7e7176f10bf746e1149e7b31ced4a second from last kill of slayer task! i been getting all the big boy drops this task!
  7. poiuyt415

    not bad not bad... getting closer to pet drop rate with no sign of it tho
  8. poiuyt415

    well, I just got my first ring drop at 1610 kc lol .... I hope I have better pet rng!
  9. poiuyt415

    Dragon pickaxe's sold at their high point
  10. poiuyt415

  11. poiuyt415

    to make it worse Jared informed me that today he got venny pet at only 114 kc
  12. poiuyt415

    Today I got hit right in the RNG, a sad day indeed brothers in 1360 kc I am yet to see my first ring drop which is a 1/512 drop onwards and upwards though!
  13. poiuyt415

  14. poiuyt415

    Well a little bit of this and a whole lot of..... god damn it, won’t let me upload holiday photos from my phone rofl
  15. poiuyt415