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  1. WINstanley94

    ayeee nice! grats!! my mother is proud of you!
  2. WINstanley94

    @4474 I. Think mojo is trying to sommon one of your siblings
  3. WINstanley94

    Best of luck! really good app!:D
  4. WINstanley94

    @ChrisYeah such an incredible guide! Well presented!
  5. WINstanley94

    Since ya’ll doing throwbacks @poiuyt415
  6. WINstanley94

    Hey! We spoke in game! Best of luck! You seem like an awesome guy - winstanley94
  7. WINstanley94

    I play civ 6 I think it is on steam Not sure if it’s 5 or 6
  8. WINstanley94

    Ridgy didge my Aussie mate good luck
  9. WINstanley94

    does it cross platform between xbox one and computer?
  10. WINstanley94

    Hey Man! Great app! Hopefully I see you around in game -winstanley94
  11. WINstanley94

    Happy birthday guys!!!
  12. WINstanley94

    Best of luck mate!!
  13. WINstanley94

    I have xbox one for anyone who wants to add me - winstanley94... just know ill beat you at any game.. js
  14. WINstanley94

    Welcome mate!!
  15. WINstanley94

    nice man! its coming along very nice:D<3