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  1. WINstanley94

    Good luck, I highly suggest you add more information! maybe go abit more in detail about what you do etc! Best of luck tho<3
  2. WINstanley94

    Welcome to our forums!! Nice to put a face to the name! -WINstanley24
  3. WINstanley94

    Reee crystal hally op good luck!! We need to speak properly in game
  4. WINstanley94

    Me and the missus both looking good I must say
  5. WINstanley94

    Hey!! Welcome to the forums, if you ever want to pvm hit me up in game! I’m always happy to help- winstanley24
  6. WINstanley94

    Ayee welcome brother!:) good luck!
  7. WINstanley94

    Welcome mate!! I respect that you’re in the RAF! Keep up the good work mate
  8. WINstanley94

    Good luck!
  9. WINstanley94

    Ayeee best of luck and welcome
  10. WINstanley94

    Ayeeee! welcome to the forums mate! best of luck! I'm a huge football fanatic and work for a club called Tranmere Rovers! I support Liverpool! git gud nub message me in-game any time:) - WINstanley24
  11. WINstanley94

    Orla! best of luck- any questions or anything in game feel free to message me - WINstanley24
  12. WINstanley94

    Best of luck and welcome to the forums
  13. WINstanley94

    Ayeeee best of luck! Such a nice person who gets involved with the cc regulary
  14. WINstanley94

    Welcome! Best of luck brother
  15. WINstanley94

    Welcome brother