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  1. You're doing great @GurtJun!!!
  2. Farg you beautiful insect thanks alot brother, still waiting on this god damn engineer but can't wait to be back
  3. Thank you thank you Hahahaha, thanks alot my mate, hope you're okay! Miss you, you Scottish bastard Once I've set up my pc set up etc ya'll best know I'll start PvP Thanks alot jase! Hope you're still doing the pvm proud
  4. Gurtttttt Same place I found yo mommas knickers... On the floor ohhhhhh hahaha jokes
  5. App manager! Nice Thanks alot mate! Hope you are well! Still going strong in the clan I'm fixing it I like you
  6. Hey guys and girls!! The long awaited return of your old neighbourhood crime fighting machine will be soon! After everything that has went on I am finally in a stable place! Just waiting for the internet engineer to come and sort this land-line out in about 2-3 weeks! I hope everyone is well, WG I love and miss you Not sure if you are still here but special mention to: Poiuyt415 Xavier Crimson Genghis Slump Adult cat Sorry if I have missed anyone Miss you slag faces If anyone wants to personally contact me here's my snapchat- Skwinstanley94 Please feel free to add me. WINSTANLEY 24
  7. ayeee nice! grats!! my mother is proud of you!
  8. WINstanley94


    @4474 I. Think mojo is trying to sommon one of your siblings
  9. Best of luck! really good app!:D
  10. @ChrisYeah such an incredible guide! Well presented!
  11. Since ya’ll doing throwbacks @poiuyt415
  12. Hey! We spoke in game! Best of luck! You seem like an awesome guy - winstanley94
  13. I play civ 6 I think it is on steam Not sure if it’s 5 or 6
  14. Ridgy didge my Aussie mate good luck
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