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  1. WINstanley94

    Good luck!! - winstanley24
  2. WINstanley94


    Ayeeeee good luck!!
  3. WINstanley94

    Hey! Best of luck brother!
  4. WINstanley94

    I love this app the banter is top
  5. WINstanley94

    Nice! I personally think you should make it a requirement to be level 100 to join the clan, makes life easier for everyone pvp and pvm related- the guide it’s self is very well thought out and I like the way you have the different text and points in different colours to show the most important stuff, you should keep making these little guides
  6. WINstanley94

    Ayeeee welcome
  7. WINstanley94

    I was messing when you said “you dislike children in adult form” that’s basically what I am, I’m just a huge piss taker
  8. WINstanley94

    dislike children in adult form... don't think we will get on but good luck!
  9. WINstanley94

    Welcome back brother
  10. WINstanley94


    Yeah markki is a top lad gzzz
  11. WINstanley94

    Ayeeee welcome brother!!:)
  12. WINstanley94

    ayeee best of luck brother:D - winstanley24:)
  13. WINstanley94

    Yeasss! Good luck brother!! Awesome person
  14. WINstanley94

    Git gud kid