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  1. Good to meet you, but..
  2. Nice to meet you, Stoke. Seems you're an old member - hopefully you fit right in again with us new ones. Also, hopefully you learned from you ban. Best of luck to you in the future!
  3. Valaias

    [Accepted] Effayy

    Damn, nice 99 Hitpoints! With stats like those, you'll fit right into our PKing teams once you become a member.
  4. To be honest, my mediocrity is also videogames. Always feel like I'm never getting better and bound to be cuffed to silver for the rest of my life in pretty much every game.
  5. You're a chef? That's incredible man, I always loved everything culinary but did not decide to go into the profession myself. It's good tomeet you, K0B3ast - good luck!
  6. Hey Andy, good luck! If you go for WT Phoenix, let me know! I love to do Wintertodt. GL pet hunting!
  7. Valaias

    [Accepted] WG Mana

    This is a dope name. Big congratulations on the Quash - hope you don't make the same mistake twice. This is an honor clan, don't forget it! I also believe there is a few members from the Netherlands currently active in WG, so perhaps you'd fit in quite well.
  8. Good to have you, Mamba.
  9. Nice to meet you. Whenever you join, seek out Father4skin and AgroDwarf. They'll be able to give you information about PKing!
  10. That is a.. uh.. interesting name . Anyways, great to have you here. Hope you enjoy!
  11. I think it's dope that you've come clean and decided to straighten up. Here's to a good time in a good clan.
  12. Good to have you on the team, friend.
  13. Looking good, @Yasticaki. No staking until it's over, haha!
  14. It's great to meet you Robin / Bobby! Everyone here, for the most part, is very well-humored - we make jokes and laugh even while killing Corp. Though we do not do revenant protection, we do protect the revenants at the minimum. Happy late Birthday!
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