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  1. Hi there guys! So some of you may or may not know I am currently rebuilding my bank. Currently my bank value is showing at around 327M on Grand Exchange Tab. It's probably inaccurate however, so I'm guessing it's about 270M. I will check what this value will be at the end of my Vorkath Session and seeing the difference will be interesting! How I woox-walk: https://imgur.com/a/cHPjZ3x So starting off, I set off to buy the supplies for 300 Vorkath Trips. My inventory and setup is as follows: Thus, the required supplies would be: 300 x Range potion(4) 300 x Anti-venom(3) 300 x Extended super antifire(2) 300 x 3 Prayer potions(4) = 900 Prayer potions(4) 300 x 18 Sharks = 5400 Sharks Bringing Total Supplies at 37M. Will hope for some visages maybe!! Perhaps an improvement in my pb? Current PB is 0:51!! Will be interesting to see the final loot tab!!! UPDATE: This Vorkath Grind has now ended! So my final loot tab for those that are interested: Final Loot tab of 227m. I have inserted 6K plat tokens to represent 6m of loot that I sold off for something I had to buy. Overall, I had approx 2.4m of bolts left, so the total profit was 227-38+2.4 = 191.4M Pure Profit. Key Info: Starting KC: 4470 Ending KC: 6208 PB: 0:51 End PB: 0:51 Uniques: 1 x Jar of Decay, 2 x Dragonbone Necklace
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