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  1. ChrisYeah

    Welcome and Goodluck !
  2. ChrisYeah

    share some rng with the rest of us
  3. ChrisYeah

    Good luck, nice name btw
  4. dude i remember those days
  5. ChrisYeah

    congrats man
  6. ChrisYeah

    Goodluck man
  7. ChrisYeah

    Hooooly shit man, i dream of this day. Huge congrats to you buddy.
  8. Sounds like the best and worst day you've had in rs all in one Thats a feelsbadman
  9. Man you were hustling back then huh? damn dude you were really out here flipping pies
  10. Mine was me chopping yews underneath the flax field in catherby. For some reason i thought that was so much fun to do, but then again I was only like 10. What's your earliest memory?
  11. ChrisYeah

  12. ChrisYeah

    Man, wish i could have posted on this missed out, but very cool concept
  13. ChrisYeah

    I got to 95 before they nerfed it, now im stuck opening pouches every 30 seconds, send help pls
  14. ChrisYeah

    I've always loved the defense and ranged cape, particularly the colors of the defense one. I was thinking about going for untrimmed hp cape but i wasn't dedicated enough that cape looks sick though, good choice. Sweet, thanks!