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  1. 4474 gave me his power to get the Kraken pet at 10 kc gg
  2. its a setting in runelite, i forget which one though heh
  3. kinda a noob screenshot but got the head and the necklace at 50 kc (i know head is guaranteed, it just added to the stack) sucks i couldn't have rolled a bit higher for the visage but i'm happy with the 100k xd
  4. Usually at night time around (12-4am EST) the prices drop for botted items EX: yews and fish like lobbys and shark drop around 10 gp or so but it can be kinda tricky cause sometimes it happens earlier or later but eventually it does happen. I don't really rely on it too much because of how inconsistent it is but its something you can keep in mind if you catch it at the right time. It's definitely a thing but like i said can be hit or miss so don't rely on it. Thanks for the kind words man, if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  5. Thanks for all the nice comments to wake up to guys I really appreciate it all so much.
  6. Hello everyone and welcome to my (somewhat) in-depth flipping guide! I've been wanting to do this for awhile now since this is basically what i do best in OSRS. If you know me, you'll know that i basically live at the G.E. I've been flipping for the past year studying how the market works and the in's and out's of it. If you don't know what flipping is, its basically you buying an item(s) from the grand exchange for a certain price and selling it back for a higher price for PROFIT. I know that we are known for PKing and I've learned a lot from going on trips with you PK fiends, but hopefully now i can teach you a little something about something i love in OSRS. DISCLAIMER: THIS GUIDE IS TO HELP YOU MAKE AS MUCH MONEY POSSIBLE, HOWEVER, THE MARKET CAN BE TRICKY SOMETIMES AND YOU COULD LOSE MONEY, SOMETIMES A LOT DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION. (flip at your own risk) BEFORE YOU FLIP: Before we start talking about the juicy stuff, lets talk about the stuff you need to know before you start becoming runescapes richest man. YOU NEED MONEY Obviously, you need money to start flipping. If you want to make a decent return on investment (ROI) i'd suggest 10+ M, however if you don't have that much cash, a few Mill will do just fine. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY Yeah i know, why are you even reading this guide if you are gonna lose money? It's part of the deal, you have to live and learn, same with flipping. Sometimes the market shits the bed and that flip you thought was gonna be a goldmine shits the bed too. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY This is what you wanted to hear right? I GUARANTEE you that if you follow the guide, you'll make money. Flipping is one of OSRS least common things to do because people are scared to try or just don't know how to do it. Hopefully by the end of this guide you will give it a shot and make some big $$$. BUY LIMIT There's this thing called a buy limit in OSRS which prevents people from exploiting the Grand Exchange if there's a really good flip. The buy limit can vary depending on what item you want to buy. For example, if you want to flip runes, the buy limit is 12k but if its something like a Berserker Ring, its only 8. The buy limit resets every 4 hours, that means if you put in an offer for a berserker ring at 5:00 PM and it sells, your buy limit for the next 4 hours until 9:00 PM will be 7 since you already purchased one. If you have Runelite, it will show you the buy limit above the item you are trying to buy like this: RETURN ON INVESTMENT Return on investment is basically just fancy for the margin of money you will make. The ROI is calculated by subtracting the sell price from the buy price (margin) and then dividing it by the buy price, then you multiply it by 100 to get a %. This probably sounds confusing so ill walk you through it better. I bought the Black chin for 3,457 gp and sold it for 3,448 gp. It looks confusing because i just lost money but i was checking to see what i could flip it for and find out what the buying and selling rate at that moment is. That is called a PRICE CHECK! So now that we price checked it, we can find the ROI. To do this we take the price i want to buy it at (3,448) (THE PRICE I SOLD IT AT) and subtract it from the sell price (3,457) (THE PRICE I PURCHASED IT AT)which equals 9. After that i divide it by the buy price (3,448) which equals .00261, I then multiply this by 100 to get a %. The ROI is this flip would be .26 which is very bad. Normally I aim to go for a 1.0%+ ROI. THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF FLIPS There's two different types of flips you can do, there is the High Volume Flip and the High Margin Flip. Lets talk about the High Volume Flip first. The High Volume Flip is a very safe flip and great for beginners. The reasoning behind this is because there is a lot less room for error when you do this one because of the lower cost of each item. Items that classify as a High Volume Flip are consumables such as darts, logs, farming supplies, crafting supplies, anything that the G.E. sees an influx of every day. I personally love to do these because its basically like guaranteed money since its so safe. Another tip if you are doing this flip is to set your offers at night time if you are doing a flip on a heavily botted item such as fish or logs. The reasoning is because the bot accounts always dump their items at the end of their night when they are finished botting for that day. This will make a marginal difference but its a small tip i like sharing. Lastly, this flip is faster than the other one because of so many of that item coming in. If you are flipping an item with 12k buy limit and buy atleast a few thousand, it shouldn't take more than a few hours. The second flip is called a High Margin Flip. This flip is a tiny more difficult than the last one but can yield much more profit if done correctly. The reason i say that is because it is much more of a risk doing a High Margin Flip because you are putting all your money on one or a few items. Back to our previous example on the Berserker Ring, its fairly expensive which means the price will fluctuate in higher gaps rather than something like a High Volume item such as an Oak log. This can be a good thing but also a bad thing but most of the time good. The only reason it could be bad is if the market on that item crashes for some reason, such as a new update is polled and people panic buy the item. Also doing a price check on this type of flip is not recommended since the prices are so high and you will lose lots price checking it. Your best bet is to look the item up on one of the websites listed below and try to YOLO buy it for less than what its buying for or you can look on G.E. tracker and see what it recommends you offering for it. The last thing about this kind of flip is that it WILL take much longer to flip (possibly a couple days) this is because of the low influx of these items coming into the G.E., but if you are patient enough it will most likely end in your favor. HOW TO START FLIPPING: Before you do anything, you need to choose an item to flip. This is the hardest part of flipping and getting started. There are thousands of items in Runescape so you'd think picking one would be easy right? WRONG. Obviously its easy to choose a random item and buy it and sell it back for a few gp for what you bought if for, but that's now what were here for. We are here to buy multiples of an item with a decent ROI and sell it back to make the big bucks. There are a few ways to find the best items to flip. The Official Oldschool Runescape website The OSRS website features a grand exchange function which shows: Price rises and falls, most valuable trades, and most traded. These are all shown in Top 100. All four of them are great tools to finding an item but the most helpful one is the "Most Traded" section. This section is GREAT for High Volume Flips! It shows the top 100 traded items for the last 7 days, the reason this is so great because you can always count on these items to pay out since Millions upon Millions are being traded by the day. The second website I highly suggest is: G.E. Tracker This Website in combination with the OSRS website is phenomenal. Its a great website to look up items and see the price that its going for at the present moment. It also shows which items have a good ROI and which ones have a shitty one. Although i do not recommend trusting the ROI it has on the website because its not up to date by the second so i usually do the price check manually if its a High Volume Flip and wont cost much. I mainly use this website to search up prices of items i am interested in flipping. Another use for this website is that it shows you a general price on what you should offer which is good for High Margin Flips since you can ballpark it when you place an offer for one. DOING A FLIP: Now it's time to put everything together you learned and do a flip. Just to show you i'm not shit talking you, ill do a flip step by step of both versions. Lets start out with a High Volume Flip. First thing i had to do was choose an item, I went over to G.E. Tracker and decided to go into the new items list. Since its a few weeks after the Kebos update, the prices are beginning to settle. The item i chose to try to flip was the Hydra Bones. The first reason is because as you can see, the buying and selling quantity are very large. My next step was to do a price check in-game and figure out the ROI. I priced checked it and wowee, that is a big margin just looking at it, but lets do the math to make sure. 5,100 - 5030 = 70. 70 divided by 5,100 = .0137. Multiply that number by 100 and you get a ROI of 1.37%! Lets try it, ill put a buy offer in for 500 Hydra Bones for 5,030. They bought in under 10 minutes surprisingly, lets put it back in for 5100 and leave it in there and see what happens. About an hour went by so i decided to drop the price from 5,100 to 5,080, it took me about another hour before they sold. Although it wasn't a great flip, we still made money which is the goal and took barely any effort. In the end, we purchased 500 Hydra bones for 5030 and sold them for 5,080 netting us a 25k flip. This flip wasn't bad but also wasn't great. Lets do our High Margin Flip now. Lets head back over to G.E. Tracker and see what we have. I went to the "High Margin" tab and looked through the list and saw that the Dragon Defender Ornament Kit had a very high ROI. (It doesn't look great in the screenshot but i took the screenshot an hour or so after i put in the offer so the price changed) I placed an offer in for 1.385M and let it sit, It surprisingly came through in about 20 minutes. I immediately put it back in for around 1.42M and 5 minutes later it sold. I could have maybe priced this one higher since it seemed the price was going up but i did not want to be greedy. Lets do the math on the ROI for this one. I sold it for 1.42M and purchased it for 1.385M. If i subtract the two i get around 35K. I divide that by the selling price to get .024, multiplied by 100 to get a whopping 2.46%! 35K in about 25 minutes doing nothing sounds good to me. Both of these flips were done with less than 4M so they were very small, you can get large scale and multiply your money made by increasing the items flipped, I just wanted to do a small simple flip to show how easy it can be done. Well, that's about all i can teach you, I don't think I forgot anything but if you think i did let me know. If anyone has any questions or anything feel free to PM me in-game or on discord. If you made it this far, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed or learned something.
  7. Ive been to mexico, grand canyon, california, washington dc, new york, basically all the major states in the US lol
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