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  1. how would you owe them money if u get a free trial before they charge u.
  2. Wagered

    [Declined] geke120

    Welcome and good luck
  3. I think thats actually cat, he just hasn't revealed it yet.
  4. Multi pking: 100 combat is basically a must if you aren't a maxed pure. We have a guide on the discord for setups etc. Having high magic(around 82 is what we recommend for ice blitz) and Desert Treasure is recomended. Singles Pking: Literally every combat level. Although it helps to have a special account for singles pking (if you aren't maxed). Questing always comes first. Don't be that pure pker that has to wear a combat bracelet and risks 5x more in their gloves slot. Don't be that berserker pure that doesn't have barrows gloves, or that doesn't have vengeance. 1 defence (all of these should be using mithril gloves from Recipe for Disaster): Defence pures: these accounts should always have vengeance. For most accounts you also want to do: Dwarf cannon quest. Just in case you decide to get low hp. one small favour. For guthix's rest (highly advised when fighting people with 75 attack). If that didn't cover everything, look up some guides on the account build you want.
  5. This is the best game ever made. If you haven't played this game it is worth getting. its not as popular as it used to be, but there are still full servers on peak times. Literally my 2nd favorite game. Its multiplayer skyrim without magic and more realism. Who else has played this?
  6. Welcome! Do you have 99 mining? I still need prospector for falador hard diary and I can't be asked to afk mlm lmao just kidding mate, i dont trust anyone with my account
  7. I go backpacking with friends occasionally at Allegheny National forest in Pennsylvania. I went to the grand canyon in july. Yeah fun times.
  8. Wagered

    [Accepted] Ezrue

    welcome. We do prefer high combat so train up even more if you wish. like 95% of WG is mains so youve come to the right place =D
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