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  1. WG Twiz

    Welcome. As Mojo said, make sure you fill out an application so you can get access to our events.
  2. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums.
  3. WG Twiz

    Welcome. Enjoy the training grind!
  4. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums man.
  5. WG Twiz

    Welcome, good to have you.
  6. WG Twiz

    Excellent app! I'm sure you will fit in well with us at WG. FYI- I believe (could be wrong?) that you can be in more than 1 CC however not multiple pvp clans. But there's no hurting you hanging out in another CC provided you remain active in WG. And seeing as you seem to be joining WG primarily to pvm, it shouldn't be a problem.
  7. WG Twiz

    Yes make sure to add more beef to your app, take a look at some of the Accepted apps in this forum for an idea. Btw I think we already have a tree surgeon in our ranks. Can't remember who it is but I remember reading their bio not too long ago too.
  8. Man why don't I get lucky like that... prob because I never farm....
  9. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums.
  10. WG Twiz

    Welcome. As mentioned, try to expand out your replies to more than just 1 line to give us a bit more depth.
  11. WG Twiz

    Welcome! Curious- what is "adventure style photography"?
  12. WG Twiz

    Welcome. I remember the Rune Raiders. Was a similar-ranked clan to WG back then I think. Cool you're a firefighter. I have a friend who is one and I'm jealous of the 24 hour shift thing, but then when I hear the war stories I know that the profession is simply not for me.
  13. WG Twiz

    Welcome. Own 2 gym franchises huh? Pretty cool.
  14. WG Twiz

    Welcome back, glad to hear that you’re healthy. Sounds like a scary experience.
  15. WG Twiz