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  1. To be fair, RoT was around in 06 but they were considered NH along with nMe (although nMe were the first NH clan I think) so the vast majority of the clan world didn’t include them in rankings. VR was borderline it seemed. Didn’t know VR was still around though.
  2. I was looking through my hard drive the other day and found a document I made when I was a teenager in the mid 2000s. I was really into the clan scene back then and for some reason I saved a document outlining what the clan world looked like from a rankings perspective for 2 consecutive years. For those who were around RS back then, enjoy the nostalgia. If not, I'm sure you'll recognize a few names. (FYI WG isn't in the 2006 list as I'm pretty sure I created this shortly after "d-day", but iirc WG was around #12 in late 2006). 2005 Average combat/numbers for RS Clans 1. Dark slayers (???/???) 2. Gladiatorz (112cb/282mem) 3. Damage Inc (120cb/183mem) 4. Runescape Dinasty (119cb/194mem) 5. ‘The’ (110cb/237mem) 6. Anarchy (???/???) 7. Corruption (109cb/188mem) 8. Mystic Knights (112cb/134mem) 9. TRWF (110cb/177mem) 10. Sacred Templars (112cb/149mem) 11. Followers of Malkav (???/???) 12. BlacKnights (110cb/170mem) 13. Echo of Silence (107cb/146mem) 14. Rune Raiders (???/???) 15. Wilderness Guardians (99cb/229mem) 16. Demonic Empire (107cb/155mem) 17. Fear (99cb/162mem) 18. TMRD (???/???) 19. Black Dragons (102cb/183mem) 20. Divine Forces (103cb/114mem) 21. Dead on Arrival (107cb/113mem) 22. Valor (101cb/134mem) 23. The Futures (95cb/195mem) 24. Phobia (84cb/382mem) 25. DeathRow (102cb/120mem) Mentions- -Chivalry of Legends (107cb/107mem), timezones -Lithuanian Forces (???/???), timezones -Exercitum (108cb/69mem), obviously fell a whole lot of power after the victory against Mystic Knights 2006 Average combat/numbers for RS Clans 1:: Dark Slayers (123cb/174mem) 2:: Damage Incorporated (123cb/119mem) 3:: Corruption (119cb/193mem) 4:: Divine Forces (117cb/131mem) 5:: ‘THE’ Clan (116cb/224mem) 6:: The Runescape Warhunger Federation (119cb/155mem) 7:: Runescape Dinasty (122cb/116mem) --- Insert Lithuanian Forces --- (116cb/172mem) 8:: Eternal Honour (117cb/126mem) 9:: Violent Resolution (116cb/137mem) 10:: The Gladiatorz (118cb/142mem) 11:: Chivalry Legions (117cb/132mem) 12:: The Mighty Red Dragons (117cb/126mem) 13:: Anarchy (???/???) 14:: BlacKnights (116cb/143mem) 15:: Collision (114cb/102mem) 16:: Red Devil Clan (115cb/106mem) 17:: The Futures (106cb/121mem) 18:: The Titans (119cb/84mem) 19:: Moriquendi (???/???) 20:: Echo of Silence (119cb/84mem) 21:: Runescape Elites (113cb/98mem) 22:: Adelais (103cb/100mem) 23:: Exercitum (117cb/65mem) 24:: Mystic Knights (118cb/80mem) 25:: Master of Dragons (110cb/109mem) Mentions- -Rune Raiders (116cb/80mem) – Do not wished to be ranked
  3. WG Twiz

    I've been grinding in NMZ for like the past 2 months straight. Aiming for 99 strength myself but going for a more balanced approach there so currently doing attack till like 95 then will take my 96 strength to 99 (or maybe do defense.. idk). Did you ever make your 99 str/82 con goal?
  4. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums, as others said try to put some more effort into your app.. easy place to do it is talk more about yourself and what you do for work/hobbies/etc.
  5. WG Twiz

    Welcome. Did you google "pvm clans" when you came across WG or some other way?
  6. WG Twiz

    Welcome. Don't worry, I've got you beat with the fire cape timeline..
  7. WG Twiz

    Welcome. GL with the barrows gloves.
  8. WG Twiz

    Don't see many recruits coming from Facebook. Welcome man!
  9. WG Twiz

    Welcome. If you're a Netflix binger then you may already have watched You but if you haven't, that'd be my suggestion.
  10. WG Twiz

    Welcome. RoT even back in the day is a very different environment/culture than WG is so I hope you're fine with that.
  11. WG Twiz

    Welcome! Don't forget- message an App Manager on Discord so they can approve your app!
  12. WG Twiz

    GL with your major! What do you want to do with it, just curious as I don't know much about philosophy.
  13. WG Twiz

    Max recruiting a max.. nice. Welcome to the forums!
  14. WG Twiz

    Welcome. So you produce music, what instruments you play?
  15. WG Twiz

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your app to join soon.