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  1. Why hello there (Twizlers300). Lots of good folks in this thread.
  2. Christianity means following Christ. But then you say Christianity is about having a relationship with God. Why is God the same as his son Jesus? I never understood the trinity and it simply doesn't make sense.. the word Trinity is not in the Bible, it is clear that God is God and Jesus is his son, and Jesus even prayed to God... so did he pray to himself? Why did Jesus say no one has seen God and lived, yet Jesus himself was saying those words to people on Earth. But yes I believe in God and believe in Jesus- both mutually exclusive.
  3. IT recruiter that works for an agency that has clients across the US. So if any of you all who are in IT, and I noticed quite a few in this thread alone, then let me know when you start looking for other jobs.
  4. So glad we have folks like you Vio who have recorded so much history. I remember Rick Hamm well. He and I did not get along. At first I respected the hell out of him but he had this conceited ego that he was better than everyone else simply because he was a full-fledged adult playing a game with a bunch of teenagers. I truly despised that man and I'm glad his clans failed. No idea why he was given so many chances. BTW- Axe Man Jack.. didn't he also try to create a breakaway clan around the same time ish?
  5. Who needs new shows when you can just watch The Office and Parks n Rec on repeat?
  6. Lol I like this dude. Welcome.
  7. Already has an in with an app manager- has to be conflict of interest??
  8. Welcome dude. 2 for the price of 1 I see.
  9. Welcome to the forums.
  10. Welcome. May want to expand a bit in your RS account and history.
  11. Welcome. A good career path maybe with your degree and experience should land you a job at a background check company, then you'll get some relevant experience.
  12. Welcome back. Love ultimate and bball (but I suck at bball).
  13. People still use Teamspeak? Lol Welcome to the forums.
  14. Welcome. You may want to beef up your app (like in the about your section) to better you chances of being accepted.
  15. WG Twiz

    [Accepted] xTrezz

    Still better than mine. Welcome dude. Looking forward to seeing you out there.
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