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  1. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums. Nice app, looking forward to seeing you around.
  2. WG Twiz

    Welcome welcome, looks like you're already active in our pvm scene.
  3. If she is truly your best friend, you're making the right decision. I've been only married for nearly 2 years now and the first year was definitely an adjustment. We had a lot of fun but definitely had our fair share of disagreements. But after year 1, something seemed to have clicked. Everyone says that but now that I've been through it, I can actually agree. Year 2 has been a lot more smoother and because I did marry my best friend, I have zero regrets! GL my man and congratulations!
  4. WG Twiz

    Lol I like the honesty in your app. Welcome to WG!
  5. WG Twiz

    Nice name, I figured you would be a baseball fan. Assuming Rockies? Same with me, I live in south Denver.
  6. WG Twiz

    Welcome dude. Still a little surprised that HQ2 ended up in NYC but meh. I can't imagine rent going up more than you're already paying.
  7. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums.
  8. WG Twiz

  9. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums! Very well-written application. Between your maturity and love for PKing you’ll fit in well in this community.
  10. WG Twiz

    Nice well everyone else seems to be moving to Colorado (population is growing crazy fast) and we could sure use more people like you to watch over the parks.
  11. WG Twiz

    Welcome. I like your positive mindset as I feel like I strive to be the same way.
  12. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums! Sounds like a busy schedule irl.
  13. WG Twiz

    Welcome to the forums. Could always use willing TBers.. I am working towards 85 with only a few more levels to go to be one.
  14. WG Twiz

    Ah I see. Well that’s really cool. I live in Colorado and always hear about stupid people thinking it’s funny to deface some rocks in a park or whatnot. Or people who don’t understand that they need to stick to the trails due to erosion.
  15. WG Twiz

    Welcome. So you are majoring in criminal studies but your dream job is to become a National Park Ranger?